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St Remy Authentic VSOP Brandy 700mL $35 (Was $48) + Shipping / Pickup @ Liquorland or First Choice Liquor


St Remy Authentic VSOP Brandy 700mL down to only $35. Also consider cashback with Cashrewards for even more savings

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  • AAA-A

    What do the extra two As stand for?

  • Is it any good - reviews seem ok - anyone tried it against others

  • A nice drop with a lingering aftertaste of cherry notes.

  • Suggestions for easy cocktails?

    • 1 small glass, 30ml brandy.

    • Kick-your-friend-on-the-head and coke (brandy is notorious for making making some people aggro).

    • A sidecar would be the first classic to take a look at if you have Cointreau around. I usually only use about 5ml to 10ml of Cointreau in it, but some people use 15 ml or 30ml, depends how you like the balance. A brandy old fashioned is totally doable. "Champagne cocktail" is a champagne and brandy drink, but I honestly prefer other champagne cocktails to this one.

      And you can take any good sour recipe and make a brandy sour (try 60ml brandy, 25 lemon juice, 20 simple syrup, knock down the lemon and simple to 15 and 12.5 if you want to taste the booze more, use equal amounts of lemon and simple if you like stuff on the sweeter side).

      Another popular thing to do is to take recipes meant for american whiskies like bourbon and split them 50 / 50 bourbon and brandy. A manhattan is a good place to start.

      Check out diffords for the recipes, eg: https://www.diffordsguide.com/en-au/encyclopedia/506/cocktai...

      Shameless plug, click on Brandy then "Suggest" here and you'll get some suggestions: https://whatcocktail.today/suggest.html - in general Diffords will be better because it's so easy to wander around the site finding cool stuff, but hopefully that will give you some to get you started.