Lottery Winners, What Type of Tickets Did You Buy?

Hi everyone,

For those that have won large amounts of money (Division 1-4) via the Lotto, whether that be Oz Lotto, Tattslotto or Powerball, what type of ticket did you buy? Eg. Quickpick, system etc, did you find that the winnings more evident when you chose your own number or when you used quickpick.
Did you find you had more success when purchasing tickets through store or via the app.

Just curious to know what seems to work and what doesn't

Look forward to your answers.


  • Lottery Winners, What Type of Tickets Did You Buy?

    The winning ones.

  • For those that have won large amounts of money (Division 1-4)

    yea all hundreds of you speak up… LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • There is nothing that works more than anything else, it is literally a game of chance. The more games you play, the more chances of winning. Look up the odds before wasting all your money on lotteries.

    • Just remember, what they don’t tell you.

      The more games you play, the more chances of losing more

    • buying two lottery tickets increases your chances of winning by 100%

      but given the odds of winning are already very low, its basically no real improvement

      reminds me of how bad individuals are of prediciting risk

      for example eating meat increases your chance of cancer by 40% but again what is the original risk

  • I'm sure that if there was a way to win lotto that really worked the secret wouldn't be posted on the Internet, let alone OzBargain.

    Plenty of scams that can be found with a quick Google DuckDuckGo

  • I pick 1,2,3,4,5,6 with powerball 7 and tend to win every few weeks

    • just as much chance of winning with those numbers as winning with last weeks winning numbers or any other 7 numbers

      • Don't chose last week's numbers as they are statistically more popular hence a lower prize if you win.

        • Really i would have thought they would be less as people would be inclined to think they've been used to won't happen again

        • For the same reason picking numbers 32 upwards means you won't be sharing prize pools with people who play their (and their family's) birthdays

          • @CrowReally: Haha that's a whole area of strategy I've never thought about. I don't buy lotto anyway but I guess if you did, it would increase your chances of getting more money if you did win.

  • I chose my own numbers. Division 1.

    Not sure of the numbers as I can't read in my dreams..

  • There is no what 'work and what doesn't'. That's not how lottery works.

  • The percentage of big winners is extremely small and I would imagine repeat big winners would be a minuscule percentage of that!

    Each winner story says what ticket was bought and where. Go "DYOR"…not that it will help you win.


    The life-changing 50-game QuickPick was purchased at Cameron’s Newsagency, 315 Bong Bong Street, Bowral.

  • There is no winning strategy.
    They’re mostly all losing strategies.

  • I play every now and then. I find I only ever win on a system entry and they're normally pretty decent wins.

    • agreed, i play the same numbers weekly and have won division 5-6 wins about 4 times in the last 3 months…

      I know it's a tax on the poor, but it's the only tax I'm happy to pay.

  • A simple way to win is to purchase all ticket combinations. 100% guarantee you'll win!

  • from a probability pov, you dont want to randomize it, since there's a chance you double up on the same numbers.

    Obviously if you have 2 tickets the probability is insanely low, but as n grows, so does the Pr

    You can also min-max it by buying single tickets, which can be cheaper than multiples.

    Anyway, you will most likely lose money so go in expecting 0

  • The odds of winning the first division of any major lotto game in Australia are astronomical. I had to have a look - eg:
    Saturday lotto = 1 in 8 million
    Monday and Wednesday lotto = 1 in 8 million
    Set for Life = 1 in 38 milllion
    Oz Lotto = 1 in 45 million
    Powerball = 1 in 134 million etc.

    For the optomists out there, here's a different perspective - I recently read that last year there were about 340 first division winners in all forms of lotto. When compared to the Australian population, that's 1 in 75,500 people…every year. It's even lower when you discount those who don't play any form of lotto.

    Good luck!

  • As the saying goes: Lotteries are a tax on those that are bad at maths.

    • Yes, but it is also buying a ticket to "dream" it is buying into the possibility of a future life that might happen - even if the chances are very low.

      For some that is enough to get them through the drudgery of the daily grind.

      So people get something in exchange for the tax.

      • I get that intangible, I really do. I often daydream about scooping a major lottery prize and how I would spend it etc. then when I stop daydreaming I calculate how much money I’ve saved so far that year by not playing the lottery and then go out and treat myself👌

    • yep and some tickets are like $20, old pensioners buy them every week, so thats like 1k.

  • no point having 'lucky' numbers - everything is the same as anything else. but yeah the more games/rows the more chances.

  • The research done by mathematicians showed that system players win less big prizes than multi game players.

    I don't play that often only play when the they jackpot to large amounts. I won over $8,000 on a 24 game auto pick.

  • I have the secret strategy, I will tell you what it is for a small fee.

  • syndicate with 200 games

    I love getting a bag of tickets and then winning 5 bucks lolz

  • I dunno, every time I have won the lottery I just pick rando numbers at the last second, or got the cheapest quick pick. After about the 3rd or 4th time winning I just get my mum to buy whatever she thinks will win, she has been lucky a few times, might pass the touch down to some other relos soon.

  • Division 1 Winner AND an Ozbargainer… That would be a classic (a TRUE ozbargainer)

    Perhaps we should have an ozbargain syndicate

  • If an OzBargainer won lotto, s/he won’t have left us 😆

  • I don't see any useful comments here… but there are some strategies, not necessarily to increase your odds, but to manipulate the wins to make them more satisfying.

    First of all, one person did mention this, try pick a reasonable number of square of 32+ because many people use dates. So if you are lucky and have winning numbers the share of your division is likely to be a little higher as less people won with these higher no day/month numbers. So pick 31,32,33,34,35,36 and powerball 38 for instance to not increase chances, but to increase your win.

    Then even though the chances are no different of winning I like buying system games, usually sys 8 or 9 because 10+ becomes way too expensive for us cheap OBs. If you buy a system prize your prize value goes up tremendously because you win multiple divisions each time. It means you dont win as often, and you qont get $10 wins, but when you do win they tend to be at peast in the hundreds, much more satisfying.

    So for optimum value and fun get a sys 9 like this 32,34,36,38,40,42,44,46,48 or something weird. You wont win often but chances are no less, and if you win you win a more satisfying amount.

    I never expect to win but spend about 400pa on tickets to ensure i contribute to a system that puts smiles on peoples dials!

  • Div 2 win - picked the numbers myself. Lowest Div 2 payout that year! No online purchases then.

    I ran a few syndicates over the years. One of them had several wins over $100. I think we had 7 people who each picked a number and we had a Sys 7 with those numbers every Saturday. You only needed 6 numbers in those days.

    That is the thing about systems - on you have enough numbers come up you win more.

    Nowadays, the divisions have changed à lot. Things that for you a prize no longer do. It is definitely worse IMHO.

  • I was born in Australia. That's winning the lotto in my books.

  • I cannot find it but I remember reading that majority of winners are from "quick pick". I guess it's human nature, I want to play but cant be bothered to select 7-8 numbers for 10 or 20 lines.

  • Won div 3 just a standard quickpick for Saturday lotto

  • I never pay more a ticket than the lowest prize on offer. IE. If a lotto prize for 3 numbers is $13. I will only buy a ticket worth less than $13.

    That way, even if I only win the worse prize, I'm winning!

  • The only winning method is not to play. The odds are so terrible you would be better off taking your lotto money to the casino once a month and putting it on the roulette table. having said that there are better numbers to choose, i.e. numbers that pay more, you want to avoid 1-12 as more people will have those due to use of special dates. So at least then if your 1 in 30 million chance comes off you will win slightly more.

    • better off taking your lotto money to the casino once a month and putting it on the roulette table.

      Lump it all on red, black, or other?

      • any, hell drop the money randomly on the table. Hell even the pokies have better payout rates than lotto.

    • +1 vote

      Return % for these games are roughly:

      Roulette ~98%
      Poker Machine ~88% - 95%
      Tattslotto ~60%

      i.e. for every $1 put in Tattslotto, $0.6 is returned to player over long term. Player NEVER wins. Government/ATO ALWAYS win and they are the major beneficiary of gambling, believe or not.

  • Pick the right numbers. Shocking I know, but picking the right numbers means you win Lotto everytime.

  • You could buy every possible combination

  • Many years ago, I worked in the industry.

    Anecdotally (from the prize payment department) the most common winning ticket on Saturday draws was a 24 game quick pick, as that is the most common ticket sold by far.

    FWIW, if you're a div 1 winner, you're also more likely to win a larger amount on a smaller draw - for similar reasons… There are far fewer tickets sold, so the chances of multiple winners is far lower.

  • I don't think Div 1 winners are on Ozbargain.

  • $GME

  • Could you buy all possible combination? I know in Nz they capped the power ball at 50mils because at 53 you can buy every possible combination and guarantee a win?

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      You could, but there's a chance someone else will win and the prize will be halved (or less)

  • To add to my prev comment: if you want to minmax your chances, go all out on exactly one lotto draw, and never touch that shit again.

  • Mine was on paper, printed out at my local newsagent

  • Would you buy a ticket with the numbers: 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 ?

    If those numbers were drawn, would you think the game was rigged?

    That sequence is just as likely as the numbers that you choose when you buy your ticket. Just shows how lucky you'd have to be to get your numbers picked.

    • It's happened. A recall a story recently about a lottery where sequential numbers came out and they had to check that it wasn't a malfunction.
      If you were going to rig a lottery, why would you rig it with sequential numbers?

      • Of course you wouldn't rig it that way. But my point is most people wouldn't believe it if they saw it, and as you described, they had to check it wasn't a malfunction.

        Given there are lottery draws around the world every day, and there are many different combinations of sequential numbers (e.g. starting from 1, starting from 2), it's bound to eventually come up.

        If you choose the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 you have just the same chance of winning as any other choice, but most people wouldn't choose this sequence, because they think it's not gonna happen. They're probably right; such is the odds of winning the lottery.

        • Funny you mention the sequential numbers. My partner picks these numbers for Keno when we go to the pub for a meal, and she has won $$ regularly! Evem $800 once. We only go 4x pa or so, meaning the odds can't be that different compared to other numbers. But to win a div.1 in lottery where only 6 numbers are drawn… nah, i wouldnt use them personally.