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Free delivery on selected products until 27/1/21. Postcode exclusions apply.

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  • Is it only Metro ?

  • Also I think they have $20 on first order if you subscribe the newsletter.

  • Probably one of the worst companies I've ever dealt with by far.

    Ordered a bed frame from these guys in early December, website advertises in stock, 2-10 day delivery. Nothing…

    Given its Xmas time frame and everyone's busy but honestly the most important thing for an online business is transparency, if its not gonna come, just let us know..

    Anyway, made heaps of follow up calls. Every call is just answered with lies to get you off the phone.

    Delivery tracking showed it was delivered in 5 days, lol.

    No one had any idea really where the item was. Was always told will get an SMS when delivered. Finally got one on 31st Dec, and it came! Two of Five boxes, lol.

    Early Jan, still waiting… and following up. Keep in mind I was just sleeping on a mattress for over a month now.

    Finally decided to get a refund, called up, easy enough, got refund processed, advised someone will collect the item.

    Next day, item 3/5 gets delivered. Told the delivery guy I'm getting a refund and, he was like just keep it.

    Waited for someone to collect, over a week now. 3 gigantic boxes in my garage. Called them up again, turns out they had to organize it? Sent me some labels to attach etc.

    Organized a date and thankfully the items were gone that day, didn't even know someone came.

    • Why are you being negged? This is a helpful comment, relevant to the deal.

      I find that T+W sell the same stuff as other places but they slightly change the brand name and model to make it difficult to price compare and charge 30% extra

  • they sell a lot of stuff which i would call landfil

  • Already overpriced so the price of shipping is already factored in essentially

  • Currently looking for a cheap dining table, funny how every table with reviews is 5 stars, not even 1 review is a 4.5 stars.