Cordless Impact Wrench Recommendation for Home Use

Could any of you blokes recommend a Cordless 1/2 drive impact wrench skin + battery for home usage (non commercial)

I do things the old fashioned way still with the Torque Wrench but lately i found it would be nice to save some time and effort on doing the basics and wanted to invest in a quality tool that will last me.

At the end of the day you get what you pay for so i was hoping there might be some people on here that can tell me what is good and what is not.

Ideal budget is around $350 total , i was looking at this at the moment just for the skin and figure it might be enough for what i need it for (tyre rotations / general maintenance).

I will be using my own wheel protector socket set so i just really need the tool and battery.

Appreciate any input from you guys.

Thank You


  • Whatever you choose make sure it has decent warranty.

    Ryobi have 6yr warranty and i've replaced things without fuss.

    Otherwise the makers of Ryobi have semi trade AEG tools that also have 6yr commercial warranty but at double the price. My AEG stuff hasnt broken yet and i've built a couple of decks with them.

  • Have a look at the tools each platform has and figure out what platform best suits your needs (i.e. Makita, DeWalt, Milwaukee, Bosch Blue…etc.). Best to stay within the same platform because batteries/chargers are generally what's expensive. The skins are usually pretty cheap once you're invested into a platform.

  • Look at the ecosystem before deciding unless you'll never have another battery powered tool. You'll need the tool, a battery, and charger if you have nothing. You probably want 18V brushless as it has been around for awhile and is well-tested. Make sure the tool you choose can deliver the unfastening torque you need. I guess any name brand 18V 1/2" brushless impact driver would undo wheel nuts so you have some flexibility.

    My 1/2" Makita DTW700Z has undone everything (including harmonic balancer bolts) it has been pointed at. You might get a used Makita driver + charger + battery for your budget. Makita make a lot of 18/36V brushless tools, I haven't had any failures yet (5y+) so I haven't tested their warranty.

    Don't do wheel nuts up with an impact driver, use a torque wrench (even the old "elbow torque wrench" is fine if properly calibrated).

  • It really depends on what you want to do with it. Compact impact drivers (like the Bosch you linked to) don't really have a lot of torque. They're OK for long screws etc to save time but for large and/or tight stuff they don't have the power. You mention wheel socket so using that as an example I have a Bosch Blue driver and it struggles to remove wheel nuts from a 4WD, cars are mostly OK unless they've been rattled on well above the torque they should be. I also have a larger Bosch impact wrench (double your budget) and it'll spin them off no trouble at all. It'll also snap off anything that's really stuck as well.

    As others have said, look at the what else is available in the same battery system if you think you might want other tools as well. I almost always recommend Ryobi for home use simply because they have unmatched range of tools and warranty.

    Whatever you buy, it won't replace your torque wrench.

  • Pick an 18v range and commit.

    I fell into a Ryobi wormhole and have the impact wrench among a bunch of skins. It works well, but the Makita stuff I’ve used at work is definitely more powerful. Although the Makita misses out on the handy battery meter and magnetic base on some tools to hold screws etc.

    • Thanks alot darshu for the reply , i realised that particular one (same as the one i originally posted) is not really meant for automotive applications due to the lack of torque.

      I will continue my hunt.

      • I see. I had no idea whether it was suitable for you, but when I saw the deal, it reminded me of your forum post. Good luck with the hunt.