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[VIC] Wagyu Korean BBQ / Yakiniku Meat Delivery - $20 off Your First Order ($60 Minimum Spend) @ Meat Mama


Get $20 Off Your First Meat Mama Order!
- Deal expires Tues 3pm
- $40 min spend ($60 before discount)

Melbourne-Wide Delivery

Melbourne's Finest At-Home Korean BBQ / Yakiniku Experience
- so simple to cook, ready in minutes
- marinated + unmarinated Wagyu / angus / premium options
- authentic Korean sides and sauces available

Grab Your Mates and Get Cooking!

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  • Minimum spend $60 plus $14 shipping, should probably be somewhere in the title.

    Most places already have a spend x (usually $49+ and get free shipping).

    Not really a deal imo as these prices are basically on par with high end kbbq places that will cook the meat for you!

    • +1 vote

      Hey there, thanks for taking a look!

      Yes that is correct re $60 min spend (although after discount this comes to $40), apologies I can add that to the description.

      Note that vast majority of customers get $8.95 shipping, are you located in the outer suburbs by any chance?

      Agree that we aren't the absolute cheapest option, but we stand by our products and definitely offer much higher quality than you'd find in any Melbourne restaurant :)

      Hope that helps, thanks again!

      • I popped my home suburb in which is Berwick, so i guess that would be considered outer suburbs? Can't say i have had to pay extra shipping for just about anything else i've had delivered over the years.

        And when comparing prices, i was comparing a ms9+ oyster blade, so strictly on marble score an on par or higher quality product than what you offer, and that is at inflated restaurant prices.

        I'll pass but good luck.


    No worries, thanks for taking the time!

    It's definitely worth noting that marble score is one indicator, but individual cuts of meat also have a separate quality grade (which often can be more important).

    We do hope you'll consider giving us a shot, but can definitely appreciate your thought process. We're truly passionate about meat and know that you won't be disappointed!

    Thanks again