JB Hi-Fi $500 Discount on Port Offer Returning Soon?????

Hello OZBs

Just wondering if someone know about return of famous JBHIFI port only offer where they offer $500 discount on buying iPhone?
Looking to buy iPhone 12 Pro Max 256GB !

I am currently using XS Max with Boost Prepaid - never considered buying iPhone on a plan as normally get outright and then combine it with Boost or Aldi prepaid.

Any suggestions or tips to save money on upgrade????? altho I know there is not much upgrade from XS Max :D

Costco has it for around $1949 i think but seems too much money to pay upfront… :( any tips to do a payment plan for 24 months with any credit card offer free of interest?

Please fellows help me!

Thanks :)

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  • I'll get out my crystal ball n let ya know.

    Get the previous gen iPhone 11 pro max instead for better value. You ain't gonna get any "good deals" with a relatively new released Apple product.

  • My tarot cards are telling me late 2021 we will see a return. I turned over the Apple card.

  • similar, hoping the razr phone drops another $100 and deal starts. be good for $200

  • YES !!!!!!!!!!!

  • If you're reading this Mr JB Hifi, can you please bring this offer back soon? Thanks.

  • 1) $500 deal is long running and always there … https://www.jbhifi.com.au/pages/jb-mobile-instore

    2) $600 was offered instore to one of fellow OzB (instead of $500) as per this comment … https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/9985620/redir

    3) $800 deal off any iphone was the real game, if you can wait, wait for that or call JB and ask i need to talk to Telstra guy instore and ask him if he can grab you this deal … https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/584475

    4) Or i bought it for $1884 yesterday as per below method:

    $1000 GC from Suncorp at 5% off = $950
    $1000 GC of TCN via Shopback at 5% off (excl gst) = 955
    $19 cash to make 2019 full price
    $40 discount … Asked Jb hifi to price match Costco, which they refused but gave $40 discount.
    2019 = (950 + 955 + 19) - 40 = $1884.

    Suncorp GC takes 1 minute to buy from app hardly and appear within Suncorp app to be used in 2 minutes.
    Same for TCN cards via Shopback and I selected option for Digital and they sent email leading to sms, which gave a link and cards were loaded in Samsung Pay like my usual debit card to be used as tap and pay
    Talk to manager takes 3,4 minutes.
    All in all, 10 to 15 minutes to save $135 (2019-1884) isn't bad.

    • Thanks bud. really useful

      • My pleasure. Was in same boat in last week :)

        3brothersmobile has just posted a deal on iphone 12 pro max 512gb on ozbargain, $150 discount. You can try your luck with JB or OW (if they have stock) to pricebeat that along with other perks to be used in above comment.