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$800 off Any iPhone on $99/Month 150GB Plan (for 12 Months) @ JB Hi-Fi (New Customers)


Cairns JB Hi-Fi today. Doesn't appear to be listed in the usual spot -
$99/month for 150GB/month for 12 months duration.
New services.

Mod Edit: Users reporting a $10/month credit, to make it $89/month. See comments

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    Need 12 pro max the cheapest I believe $1849? How much is the early termination and total? $1600 something?

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        Incorrect. Just have to pay ETC

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    Early termination is 594. So basically 206 dollars discount. Does the plan apply if you buy an iPhone se?

    • How does the max early termination work? If I cancel 6 months into the plan (ie 50% through the contract) do I only pay $297 (50% of $594)?

      • Not sure of exact amount, most likely what you said - yes it goes down each month and you can see it in the app

      • Yes that is correct. The ETC will reduce to about $297 but you will be paying $99/m for 6 months.

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        You're essentially paying 50% of whatever is left of the plan. So $49.5/month remaining

      • The ETC goes down on daily basis. Telstra app will show the exact ETC amount

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      SE 2020 are now sub600 at Cash Converters, and 650 for gray imports.
      Not exactly a bargain phone to use this deal on.

      • Why not? It's normally $679 for the 64GB version and will come down to $473 with this deal.

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          How will this work? I would imagine $121 will be wasted since they are giving you $800 to spend and you didn’t max it. Or do they give you store credits you can spend on whatever?

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      Doesn’t work. If you cancel before the contract expires, you also need to pay back the gift card.

      Was explained when my other half got a similar deal through JB & Telstra.

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        And if you've used the gift card? Pretty sure its fine..

  • can we change to the $45 month to month plan and cancel for free via the telstra app or that doesnt work anymore?

  • Do you need to pay the first month $99 even if you terminate within the first month? And can you pay the early termination fee with the TNC gift cards? lol

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      First month is pro-rated. And ETC payment is made to telstra, not JB, so cannot use vouchers to discount.

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      Doesn’t work. If you cancel before the contract expires, you also need to pay back the gift card.

      Was explained when my other half got a similar deal through JB & Telstra.

  • Arent you paying an extra $35 a month more than the current deal of $65 for 180gb?

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      Yeah but $800 gift card.

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        $380 gift card since you're paying an extra $420 for the plan over 12 months.

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          To get the most value, I stopped my nbn plan and just used this plan for my internet instead. Not even a month in but since I didn't watch videos at 1080p anyway, it's going well so far!

        • Is it even a gift card, or just a discount?

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            @ely: Just a discount. It should directly apply to the cost of the phone when finalising the sale.

            • @kronk: Thanks - much less appealing then, from a salary sacrificing point of view.

    • I don't think the 180gb is 65 anymore

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      $50 credit off $115 (bringing it down to $65) ended on Monday.

  • Is this nationwide or store specific? And anyone managed to get the $10/month discount on this?

    • Guy I dealt with yesterday was going to do this for me, but his colleague indicated it was no longer available.

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    Good deal if you get mobile plan reimbursement through work.

    • Thinking this as well use new service as eSim. iPhone 12 Pro Max 256GB $2019 - 800 = $1,158.05. Sell the phone for approx. $1500 for $300 margin

  • Am I missing something? The $99/month plan only comes with a $500 JBHi-Fi voucher.

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      In store often have other deals

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    $99 x 12 = $1,188
    iPhone 12 256GB = $1,599 - $800 = $799

    Total 12 month cost: $1,987

    Is that right?

    • yup, essentially $800 off the bundled $99/month phone plan + phone. You need to buy both to qualify. Ios fans may be good with this.

      • Do we have to pay 1st month bill of $99 as well if we want to cancel right away?

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    Can you stack (at least partially) with the 15% off gift cards from Coles?

  • -1

    Optus offers the same with Apple on their $85 plan but for 24 months.

    • +13

      24m vs 12m isn't the same at all, is it?

      • -2

        Same voucher.

    • +3

      Double the cancellation fee, ouch

    • Which one is better value?

      • JB indeed!

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    Just came back with 12 pro max 256G with 800 off 2019. They're also doing 0 upfront for note 10+ just in case someone is interested:

    • what's the contract terms?

      • +1

        Same as above ($99/m for 12 mths)

    • Good deal too

    • clicked on this and it changed to $500 on their website ?
      Is this deal still on?

  • Says switching to Telstra. So not new services?

    • I think you are right. Similar offer no long
      Ago too

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    99/mth that's very expensive

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      If you are buying to score iPhone @$205 off rrp is not. Buy this, get $800 off. Cancelling is $594 so you get $205 off iPhone 12

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    Can we get $10/month credit like usual as well?

    • i want to know this as well!

    • Yes you should

      • +1

        people say you cant?
        ill check later if i have time.

        anyone know stocks levels of the 12 pro?

      • How do you get this $10/month credit?

        • It’s the port in discount speak to the rep

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    To qualify for this plan, the store must have stock (or is able to order it in).
    I wanted to sign up but could not as they did not have the iPhone I want in stock; neither is it available at any JB in WA. Does anyone know any way around this?

    • This deal is a sim only plan. If they don’t have an iPhone in stock, you can apply the gift card to the order when they do and just use the new sim in your current phone.

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    Can I pay the upfront with gift card?

    • +1


    • If you mean for your telstra bill, no

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    If anybody knows please kindly suggest me. If I buy 12 pro max 128 GB, currently priced $1850, with $800 off comes out $1050. Then cancel the plan and ETC $594 plus $1050, that should come up to $1644. Is it correct?

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    The $59 ($69 with $10 credit) with $500 gift card is a better deal this as you'll save $180 over the first 12 months.. this deal pops up randomly every few weeks lately…

    IPhone 12 256GB = $1599

    $59 x 12 = $708
    $1599 - $500 = $1099
    Total over 12 months = $1807

    this Deal
    $99 x 12= $1188
    $1599 - $800 = $799
    Total over 12 months = $1987

    • +1

      Not if you’re planning to cancel

      • Can you apply the $500 gift card against the price of the iPhone though? Don't you have to pay for the iPhone in full first then get the $500 gift card?

        • Nope, I did the $500 deal at JB, and managed to get $500 GC towards a pre-order for iPhone 12 Pro Max without problems.

    • This plan will likely also have the $10/mth credit. Also not better if you are actually going to use the extra 70GB/mth

      • How do you go about getting the $10/mth credit?

  • Boost customer here.

    Could I sign up to this deal with a new number, then at some point later, convert my Boost number to Telstra and attach it to this plan and remove the old number?

    • Check the screenshot, current Telstra, Boost and Belong customers not eligible

    • Technically possible, but they're never going to allow you to do that.
      If you're on Boost and you want this, you basically have to port out to another Prepaid service for a couple days, and then port back in.

      As noted by others, this is a good deal but not phenomenal.
      It's soured by the poor value/price of iPhones as of recent, and by other deals that are better (ie the $59 deal, or my favourite but missed deal the $69 one.)

      • +2

        It has been documented in previous deals this is indeed possible. Process:

        • Sign up to Telstra plan with new number, or activate $2 Sim with Optus with new number and port that over if port in required
        • Once service provisioned, contact Telstra and ask for a 'Change of FNN'
        • Get them to disconnect your old phone number then perform a change of fnn order for the new service.
        • When selecting the number, there will be an option to search for number. Search for the old number and select
        • For quarantine override reason, choose customer previously held number
        • Complete order

        Not all staff will know how to complete the process, might take multiple attempts to find someone. Might make a wiki on these jbhifi deals at some point as the same questions pop up every time these deals are posted

        • Thanks, that summary expanded upon my point.

          I think most people have had trouble with this procedure (my suspicion is Telstra's training), so it's been easier and simpler to just port to a $2 Prepaid service, and port back in. See samsal46's comment below. Though I want to note Telstra now treats Boost Mobile like they're a different company, but boost customers are still locked out of these "port-in" deals without doing these workarounds.

          • @Kangal: The issue with porting out and in is that JB hi Fi are supposed to check it has been more than 30 days since you were last with Telstra, so if they do this check then this method will not work

    • +1

      I did this literally 2 weeks ago. I was with boost.
      Took a lebara Sim for 12$ and ported in 5 minutes.
      Went to the good guys. Told them im with lebara and need to port to this plan. They will do it in a hour or so if the server is not busy.
      (Technically you have to wait for 1month after porting. But they don't have any way of checking that)
      Have fun

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    what's the easiest way to terminate contract.. just via telstra chat? or visit their store?

  • +1

    People seemed to planning the cancellation here. I still dont get it. How the scheme works please enlight this noob..

  • hi sorry i'm new to this scheme. i was wondering if i were to purchase the iphone 11 -$800 gift card and sign up to the 99/month plan (port out of my current plan), will i have to port in to a new provider before paying the early termination fee to cancel the plan in order to keep my number?
    aand if i were a current telstra customer, can i do this scheme just with a new phone number and lose my current number?

    • You can get same offer on new number.

  • -2

    Just came out of DFO Homebush store.
    The rep told me that there is no iphone 12 PRO MAX available in any size in any store. He said that the purchase order with Apple is yet to be placed by JB and his ETA is 4-6 weeks.

    Why run an offer if you don't have any stock or no signs of it in near future.

    What can I do to get one ? My phone is near dead and would like to available this offer or similar.

    • Apple stores have huge stocks without any offer.

    • It’s not that they ‘don’t have any stock’, they just don’t stock the specific model you’re after. This offer applies to all iPhones, so if you’re ok with something ‘similar’ you could go for the non-Max version or consider the 11 Pro Max.

    • Oh I’m so sorry to hear that.

  • When does this promo expire?

    • +1

      01/12/20. Says so in the screenshot

  • +1

    I can use a throwaway sim for this?

    • +1

      Wondering about this to. $2 Voda started would be nice

  • Can you pay the plan with gift card?

    • NO

  • So they ask the question how long I have been with optus. Does it really matter? They can’t find out anyway right? 2 weeks or a month.

    • I work for JB and it's easy to check how long you've ported out for as the number still shows in the system and has the date when it was cancelled. You may get a staff member who doesn't check, but if they do their job, they'll see it's been less than 30 days.

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