Recommendations for Posting a Gaming PC to a Buyer

Hi. This is my first post here on OzBargain and totally new to any type of forum but I would really appreciate some guidance on how to mail a Gaming PC to a buyer. It is up on eBay as pick up only from my house but I have had requests for possible mail out.

Problem is I no longer have the box it came in with all the packing etc. (I know I should have kept it but limited space) I am also concerned that it may get broken or knocked around while being delivered and I don't want to end up with problems afterwards. The PC is a 6 month old Alienware pc - which doesn't make a difference to my request for advice but as it is near new it would be an absolute shame if it was damaged in transit.

I would really appreciate some advice from people that may have used couriers/Auspost and their experience. Or should I just stick to pick up from home. Thanks for your help.


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    Step 1: Remove graphics card and ideally wrap in anti-static bag and plenty bubble wrap
    Step 2: Remove any watercooling components or extra large heat sinks that may get damaged with rough handling
    Step 3: Remove any glass side panels
    Step 4: Find a suitable box and padding
    Step 5: Get quotes from AusPost and usual couriers based on dimensions and weight

    • Got a quote from pack and send - $415!!

      • Where are you sending it, Japan?

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      These are all excellent. However, I can also foresee that some buyer's will not be savvy about putting it back together.

      • Haha - I doubt I would do it right in the first place.

      • However, I can also foresee that some buyer's will not be savvy about putting it back together.

        Yeah, and then you get the 'not as described' complaint if they screw it up and potentially have lost your money and your rig. It can get super-messy

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        It's a must though. A large cooler can easily come loose in transit and wreck the motherboard or CPU. And the graphics card is highly likely to come loose on a gaming PC. Same goes for the glass, I had a number of mates receive a thousand little pieces of glass in their box where it wasn't properly protected.

        All the pros will do as Hybroid said, you're asking for too much trouble not to. Some basic instructions and the reason why will give comfort to most buyers. Many will be hoping this is how it's shipped.

        And if you ship, it goes without saying that you must have it insured.

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      Please don't forget to place a floppy disk in the disk drive and lock it down.

  • can you buy those airbag things that you smack them and then quickly put them inside the case and they basically fill with air to surround all the space?

    • Yep, got some of them. Oops sorry - I was thinking of the air filled pockets.

    • Yeah it's called Sealed Air Instapak.

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        Thanks. I'll look into it.

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          How much have you been offered?

          I would stay with pickup only.

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      • Nearly every time a seller has packed something using some kind of air-type padding it's arrived damaged.
      • Nearly early time I've received things just in a box they arrived ok.

      Just put things into a box correctly sized to the item. i.e. Cut the box down if necessary. With a computer though, box it, then sheets of styrofoam outside it. e.g. Out of the bin of an appliance store. Then another box. Or put the styrofoam between the computer case and one box. But make sure to cut the box down to the right size. Do NOT use packing peanuts, air bubble wrap, etc. I don't know why my first two points above apply but they frequently do.

      But in this case, when a computer is priced sensibly, I don't think it's worth the risk. There will always be another buyer nearby who will buy it. People jump too soon when someone far away or 'difficult' offers appear, thinking they might not hook anyone else. Just price it correctly and wait. There will always be another buyer along shortly.

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    I'd stick to pickup from your home to be honest.

    • I'm thinking that too especially after the quote and the effort.

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        That quote is ridiculous. Look for another courier. There's one that's often cheaper than the others but I forget their name now. Just type cheap courier, etc into the search box here or on Heck I once got a quote to send 5x mag wheels WA to NSW and it was about $260. "E-go" maybe it was? (Not sure.)

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        Oh and some are cheaper again if you pick up yourself from their nearest depot to you instead of them delivering it.

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    Too many things could go wrong and it would be a bit of a hassle. If you don't mind the hit to your market audience, I'd stick with pick-up only.

    • That's my concern too. I really don't want the trouble down the track and from what I can see here most think the same so I think I will stick to pick up from home.

  • Have you got the money yet? don't sent anything until $ has been received and can't be charged back.

    or you and the buyer are still in negotiation stage?

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      I knocked back the offer so it's still up for sale but I just wanted to see what you all thought of posting it off. Yes I agree, no money, no pc. I think I will only offer pickup but give a second location as another option for pick up.

      • Your local library is always a good option. If anything goes wrong everyone will look if you make a noise. THey often have power points available to demontrate and free wi-fi…

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    Thanks everyone for your advice. I think I am happy with my decision to keep it local.

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      good call! Too many variables at stake here, I think you made the right decision

  • go see local computer store if they have a box spare and some packing foam…

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    My recommendation will be simple two words


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    Problem with this is, that if it is damaged or the buyer is not happy with something and wants his money back for whatever reason (let's just say he claims its randomly shutting down - classic excuse) then he/she can ask for their money back & you are liable to give a full refund and pay for shipping to get the item returned. 99% of the time the buyer gets their way on eBay, so yeah… unless you state special strict terms and conditions & the buyer agrees, then definitely not worth posting.

    • Interesting. I better put more terms and conditions into the ad. Thanks

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