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2000 Points (Worth $10) with $100 Swap Celebration / Entertainment Card (Redeemable on eBay / EB Games + Others) @ Woolworths


Greetings everyone, seems like a great deal starting at Woolies this Wednesday :)

Includes Swap Celebration, Restaurant Choice, Swap Entertainment, Swap Adventure & Leisure or Gourmet Traveller Gift Cards

  • Swap Entertainment: Xbox, Hoyts, EB Games, Binge, Kayo Sports & Adrenaline
  • Swap Celebration: Sephora, eBay, Foot Locker, Dymocks, The Iconic, City Beach, Lorna Jane, Red Balloon, Barbeques Galore, iSubscribe, Marley Spoon
  • Swap Adventure and Leisure: Accor, Webjet, Drummond Golf, Sofitel, Novotel, ibis, Adrenaline, Anaconda

Link to Catalogue Offer

As always, enjoy :)

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  • Great to stack up with Dell eBay 20%/22% off promo

    • Curious what's that?

  • You can only get the bonus points only once is that right ?

    • Should be up to 10 gift cards per Rewards account (20,000 points in total) going off previous promotions.

      • +7

        "Should be up to 10 gift cards per Rewards account (20,000 points in total) going off previous promotions."
        nope, it is 10 gifts per transaction .. can do it multiple times.

        • No way! Wow! Does use of Wish cards affect points accrual?

          • @clx: Just remembered can't use Wish cards to buy gift cards. Answered my own question

      • True, Thinking of Coles

    • +4

      That's normally the case with Coles and flybuys. However, Woolworths Rewards normally gives you an unlimited amount but 10 per transaction.

      • Coles and flybuys normally gives more discount like 2000 points for $50 gift card

        • Coles and flybuys usually limit that more generous offer to one per account.

  • +1

    Makes sense to get some Everyday Rewards points for a Nintendo Switch I was going to buy anyway!

  • So how does this work?

    • I'm with you. I'm not sure how it works either.

      But I'm guessing that with $100 spent on the things in the offer rewards you with 2000 Woolies points, which is worth $10 cash.

      Edit: "things in the offer looks like specific gift cards"

      • So if I bought 10 *100 cards, I would earn $100 in woolworths credits?

        • +3


        • only 10%

  • +11

    I saw WAP on the thumb and came in for a look.

    • Yeah, was expecting a Wireless Access Point to be somehow purchasable.

    • lol, “there some … in the house”

  • Cool for eBay

  • +1

    Never used a Swap card for eBay before……does it work just like a physical eBay gift card?

    • +3

      No, you need to swap it online.

      • is it hard once you swap to then get the ebay card and just peruse that? worth the trouble?

        • +1

          Very easy to redeem, you just put the Swap card number and PIN into the redeem page alongside your email and it emails you the gift card number for eBay very quickly after you select the eBay card you'd like.

  • Had trouble with these last time with Kayo. Not sure if it was just Kayo. Took about a month to sort out.

  • 10% off ebay isn't too shabby. Was the old uber and ebay ones that were a yr or two back going for cheap also 10%? or were they like 20% or something ridiculous form memory? I remembe rstocking up heaps then as they were too good to be true. finally nearly run through them.

    • +3

      9.09% off.

      • Ebay was 9.09% off?? i thought it was a round figure at one stage?

    • Use to be able to get 20% off uber/eats at coles… worried I had too much… then munch through them all during covid

      • You can never have too much, especially since interest rates if you put the money in the bank is 1.2% max.

  • can you use woolworths points to buy gift cards? example you buy 1000$ of cards and get 20000 points,can you redeem the 20000 points for a $100 gift card?

    • +3

      No. Rewards can not be redeemed on giftcards any more.

    • +2

      No, this option is no longer available. I use the points on petrol now.

  • +2

    Saw WAP and got excited

  • What about using this to shop at Woolies (is phone sim plans)?

  • How many of these can you redeem on ebay?

    • Strictly max 8 giftcards with 1 coupon now.

      • What does it mean by one coupon? So 8 giftcards in total?

    • +2

      7 + discount code

      • Just used 8 giftcards with 1 code today. I tried to use more low value cards first. If add the 9th giftcard, it'll say "Use too many giftcards" or "We ran into a problem. Please try again later".

        • So you can only redeem 8 on ebay. heard someone mentioned you can redeem a total of $1500.

          • +1

            @nightelves: If you have $200+ value giftcards.

            • @Neoika: But the $200 doesn’t give you 4000 points does it?

              • @nightelves: No such stock. Max $100 in the supermarkets. You are limited to $800 redemption with one coupon code.

                • @Neoika: Sorry I’m still confuse about this coupon code. Is that when you enter in the promo code at checkout?

                  • @nightelves: Yes, like code for the dell ebay deal now.

                    • @Neoika: Ok makes sense. Thanks and sorry bit noob about this. But don’t worry there’ll be a question that I’m sure you’ll ask that I’ll know.

  • Tried to purchase $100 swap celebrations card and was not recognised by the system. $50 swap celebrations card scanned fine. Hope others don’t have the same issue.

    • +1

      When you say not recognised what do you mean? I'm in Woolworths Leichhardt Sydney right now and the banner only shows 1000 points for a $50 Swap gift card and makes no mention of the $100 gift card. It has 2000 points for the gourmet and restaurant choice gift cards.

      Edit: I just tried the $100 ones and they scanned at 2000 points. I took the last ones at Leichhardt so you'll need to ask if there is anymore stock. There's lots of $50 ones.

      • The system would not recognise the card ie didn’t recognise it was a $100 swap celebrations card. I went to another store and got 2 without any issue. Maybe a bad batch of cards.

      • The only issue is that it's now an hour later and the points still aren't showing in my rewards account despite it normally being instant.

        • It shows "dollars off your next shop" in my account.

        • Are the points printed on your receipt? If so, then nothing to worry about.

          • @unity1: They are. I just realised that they are going to my Christmas account!

      • I saw the banner at Woolworths Greystanes if buy $50 gets 1k pts and $100 gets 2k pts.

        But it didn't mention any limit max cards purchase either single transaction or single rewards card.

        Probably their T&C will have more info

    • +1

      Just bought 2 $100 swap celebration cards at Woolworths Winston Hills, got 2000 points for each card.

  • Can anyone explain briefly how the swap celebration cards work? Do they work directly with their retailers or you need to convert it basically to the shop you intend to use it at e.g. iconic, ebay?

    Also does anyone know what the expiry/use date is for these gift cards purchased through woolies these days?

    • Convert, pay.

  • i racked up over $600 in woolies rewards because of these gift card promotions.
    Ended up using them all to buy a ps5 recently when it went up on big W last week.


  • Can we use woolly gift card to buy those swap cards?

    • +1

      No. This ship was sailed a long time ago.

      • Thanks

      • Does Coles allow buying gift cards with gift cards?

        • Yes. I and others here have done it many times. Easiest is to do it at the assisted checkout and have full balance on one GC. Some stores enforce the terms and conditions, which do not allow it other stores do not seem to care. Just in case I do not let the assistant see that I have a GC when the system requires them to come and enter the expiry date.

  • Can I use multiple swap cards to redeem one big value ebay gift card?

    • +2

      not that I am aware of
      Just $100 ebay vouchers

  • Did this go for 1 or 2 weeks?

  • +1

    Anyone had issues converting these to a card? It says invalid pin, it's asking for four digits but there is 9 in the pin section…

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