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Nokia 2.3 Unlocked Smartphone 32GB Charcoal $128 @ Officeworks and Amazon AU


The Nokia 2.3 Smartphone is a great way to stay in contact with friends and family, as well as browsing the web and taking photos. It has a dual rear camera for taking stunning shots on the go. It also has adaptive battery technology, ensuring that your phone can last for up to 2 days on a single charge.

  • It has a 6.2" HD display with a resolution of 1600 x 900.
  • It has a dual rear camera with a 13 MP lens for taking high-quality photos and videos, as well as a 2 MP depth sensor for measuring distance and keeping focus.
  • This smartphone has a 5 MP front camera for taking selfies, group shots with friends and video chatting.
  • This phone features 2 GB of RAM which ensures that you can effectively multitask between apps.
  • It has a 32 GB story size with the option to add an additional 512 GB via microSD.
  • It runs on the Android 10 operating system.
  • It supports connections via 4G, Bluetooth 5.0, 4G, WiFi, a 3.5 mm headphone jack and micro USB.
  • Simply connect to the network using a nano-SIM.
  • A 2 year warranty is included.
  • It comes with a Micro USB cable for convenience.
  • This phone is unlocked so you can connect it to the Australian network of your choice.
  • This phone is a genuine product, is brand new and is not a refurbished model.
  • It comes in a sleek, charcoal design.

The link above is for charcoal colour. Sand colour

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Full specifications from Nokia

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  • It comes with a Micro-A USB cable for convenience.

    I've never seen such a thing except in obscure technical documents. It would be extremely inconvenient.
    You probably mean a micro-B.

  • Does this model have a 'simple mode' with big icons and less clutter for old people etc?

  • Not that I have seen on mine. They only phone I can think of that I have owned that had that feature was an Huawei Y6 from around 2017. Perhaps their current cheaper phones still have this.

  • Not a bad phone. Nice clean Android experience. I have one as a spare and used it for a few weeks when my phone failed and I waited for a new phone.

    I found the the ram the most limiting, with apps often having to reopen entirely rather than being usable instantly.

    Moving up a tier gets you some nice to haves such as usb-c, NFC, finger print reader, more ram. However, if you're budget constrained, worthwhile for the price.

  • The Officeworks price is in USD?