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[WA] $200 Perth Hotels Voucher - $400 Minimum Spend + Min 2 Nights Stay, on Sun →Thu Inclusive


$200 off a mid-week hotel stay on offer for Western Australians

The discount is available when your package is worth at least $400, on a minimum two-night stay, Sunday to Thursday inclusive. Bookings can be made from this Friday, January 29 until February 19 with travel up until the end of April

Promotion supports accommodation sector in the Perth region

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  • +9 votes

    Though a bit help, but accomodation price has gone up since covid

    • Hotel prices have gone up due to this and we’ll see reduced availability. Get in quick.
      Wonder how hot it’d be though in Perth…

  • Shame its mid week but I understand the promotion

  • Is it me or has every state given vouchers to support local tourism except QLD?

        • Funny how people in WA mostly support McGowan and his efforts to keep us covid free for 10 months, while those outside call him names.

          For 35 years of life I'd only heard how shit Perth is from Eastern States people, now suddenly they all want to get in?
          Or is it jealousy?

          • @putshan: Nobody outside out of WA thinks about WA. It really is irrelevant.

          • @putshan: We Easterners enjoy all the Fed resources that you work hard getting subsidizing nearly every emergency/welfare needs for the country .
            I thank you guys and keep the hard work up tks :)

            Cool its states funds covering this as we don't want to waste the Fed ones lol

          • @putshan: politics and things aside, NSW has proven you dont have to close up your economy and lock ppl up like animals over covid, what WA and QLD are doing is LAZY governance and now QLD is crying poor and wants job keeper seeker extended
            not to mention NSW puts itself at higher risk by taking A LOT more overseas covid 19 passengers then any other state
            this year politics has really sucked and its sad to see how it was handled by states

            • @botchie:

              NSW has proven you dont have to close up your economy and lock ppl up like animals over covid

              Hold up…

              So NSW had more lockdowns than WA, you've had more recent community transmission, yet WA didn't handle it properly?

              Try again.

              We've been visiting restaurants since May, can you say the same?

              • @spackbace: we only had one lock down mate, back in March, I dont know what your thinking of? maybe recent one in Northen beaches?
                and while you boast about your achievements, know it was done by limiting ppl in the state and pretty much having no overseas quarantine
                you only take a 1/4 of what NSW taken in EACH month
                over 9 months now
                so yes we are bound to have outbreaks due to that,
                if we close ourselves up and don't allow anyone in we will be in the same boat

                • @botchie: You're all kinds of special…

                  It's ok, enjoy the GST earnt from our booming mining sector


                  People in NSW are living under Australia's toughest coronavirus restrictions

                  The only lawful reasons to leave the house are to work, study, to shop for food or other essential items, access medical care or exercise alone or with one other person.

                  But wait, you said March…


                  You will now be able to eat inside restaurants and cafes, but only 10 people at a time will be allowed, not including staff.

                  Lol 10 people?! We were having awesome times in May


                  The NSW Government announced that it would be further easing restrictions from 1 June, including by allowing:
                  travel to regional NSW for a holiday

                  So you could only see the rest of the state in June? But you said you hadn't had lockdown since March?

                  Now, contrast with WA:

                  10 May 2020
                  The WA Government released its roadmap for easing COVID-19 restrictions, with Phase 1 having commenced on 27 April, and further restrictions set to ease on 18 May. Changes included:

                  indoor and outdoor non-work gatherings being lifted to 20 people
                  people being encouraged to return to work, unless they are unwell or vulnerable and
                  cafés and restaurants reopening for meal service with a limit of up to 20 patrons.

                  So 15th May, you could only have 10 people per restaurant, but we could have 20… Yet NSW did it better?

                  Ah huh…

                  • @spackbace: mate, NSW doesn't need your GST :)
                    your as important to us as SA

                    as I said
                    only way we can get the virus is through overseas arrivals
                    just look who is doing the heavy lifting and who is hiding away from it and whining

                    i literally had 3 weeks of work from home in March/April like the rest of Aus
                    the rest has been pretty free
                    no different to WA - and we haven't locked up Australians that come to visit and made them quarantine like animals after an outbreak that was no where near them

    • Do you think it would help much in Queensland? It seems people are travelling within the state and from interstate (where allowed) already. Do you think a subsidy would increase local tourism? The biggest part of the market that’s missing is from NZ, China, US, UK etc, which vouchers won’t help with. Hopefully NZ will start allowing people to return home from without quarantine soon which is a decent part of the market.

      I guess every little bit helps. I’d probably take it up if something like this was offered in QLD.

  • Classic gov subsidies pushing up prices.

    Same thing happened to the builder's grant.

    Yes it looks good on paper but really the only winners are those providing the accommodation.

    • Wait… isn't that the point.

      • Well to some extent yes.

        It's just more they'll take advantage of the increased subsidy.

        Much like the developers (who really didn't need more cash anyway) jacked up their prices nullifying the initial subsidy anyway.

  • Great initiative from WA govt but…..

    Thanks to another WA govt initiative, I'm currently stuck in home quarantine after my return to Perth from Victoria.. Only another 10 days to go til freedom and by then I'll likely be more interested in outdoor adventures than a hotel stay..

    Thankfully, got to use my $30 Uber eats voucher plus took advantage of various OzB grog specials. That combined with re-runs of Bald & Bankrupt, Harald Baldr, Michele Ponte and others on YouTube has helped me cope while trapped in the twilight zone!

    • Does your home quarantine provide you with fresh air from a window to breathe and a swimming pool for your fitness? Or perhaps a box of kleenex tissues by any chance?

      • Hey wasn't whingeing about my quarantine..In fact I'm a strong supporter..not a huge sacrifice if we can continue to enjoy the lifestyle we've had for the past 9 months.. BTW don't own a pool but I'm gonna need more than one box of tissues..just renewed my Pornhub account..

    • Not going to get any sympathy from most people in WA, we saw what Victoria went through and what NSW went through when they let Victorians in too early. Be glad it is home quarantine, my brother did it in a hotel after coming from Victoria.

      • Wasn’t looking for sympathy..I went to Vic to see my ageing parents who suffered during their lockdown.. I travelled there prepared to do home quarantine on my return if there was another outbreak, which there was.. Believe me, spending time with my family is of far more value than isolating for 14 days.

    • +4 votes

      Can you pay hotel quarantine with this voucher?


    • Harald approves !

  • I am sure hotels will be putting packages together to attract the punters and this subsidy will provide the incentive to take up an offer or two.

    • Hardly anyone was interested in visiting WA before covid but now all of a sudden the FOMO effect is in place, they want to visit? lol

    • And we couldn't be happier ;)

      No covid, mining going crazy, spending going crazy…

    • And we overwhelmingly support him

    • TBH Mcgowan has a record high approval rating for a reason and will more than likely solidify his already strong lead in the coming election. I literally would have no problems voting for him, especially when the WA liberals were hell bent on opening the borders pre-victoria 2.0.

      Pretty hard to argue against him when you post economic growth, a surplus and 0 community cases.

  • Perfect timing cheers!

  • what are the hotels that are included ?

  • Gonna be a bit hard since school starting and kids need to be taken out of school so they can enjoy the hotel stay….

  • WA Residents only? How do they check

  • Any recommendations?

  • Hopefully this doesn't impact the 40,000 Australians still left stranded overseas.

  • WA why not just open your borders a bit and allow some 'rona in instead of trying some internal tourism boost.. people want to visit their familes

  • Hi fellow ozb , quick question?

    So this is not necessarily to register for voucher but book hotel and voucher/discount auto apply once finalising the payment?

  • Anyone knows when the website will be updated ?

  • Waiting……

  • The options aren't very family friendly. Its $350 when you add children to the Duxton package.

    • Agreed. Only for couple. There is a 2 bedroom apartment offer but free breakfast for 2 instead of 4 at sorrento.

  • Also is the Crowne plaza deal charging right?

    Costs per night $200 so a total of $400 doesn’t include the $200 off.

    • I phoned them. They said $200 rebate will be paid out when you check out, and you won’t get charged before you check in. So on the day you check in you get charged $400 for 2 nights and on the day you check out, you get $200 back.

  • I wanted to book the QT - $300 for two nights with $200 inhouse credit but gave up - couldn't find any dates but I don't know if i was supposed to use a discount code.

    ended up booking the hyatt for $300 with daily breakfast, sparkling wine on arrival, parking and evening canapes both nights. Cancellable up to 24 hours before arrival if I need to.

    • I checked QT dates are available but price is higher (not $300) as it says for two nights?
      Did you use any voucher while booking? and i couldn't find Hyatt in the list?

      • The Hyatt is there, and it's a club room which is good

        Shame that the breakfast is room service, and not in the club lounge. And 1hr of drinks is shit (note, comparing this to the Parmelia Hilton Club lounge that I went to in 2019, pre-Covid)

        • @spackbase Thanks, I still not able to see Hyatt in the list for some reason. could you please share the link and also is there any promo code do we need to use?
          Price are showing different when try to book.

    • does hyatt have inroom spa?

  • Booked the Duxton, similar offer to the Hyatt

  • I was thinking about mandoon estate anyone know if its good?

  • Crowne plaza deal doesn't include the $200off. I am doing something wrong?

    • I phoned them. They said $200 rebate will be paid out when you check out, and you won’t get charged before you check in. So on the day you check in you get charged $400 for 2 nights and on the day you check out, you get $200 back.
      A bit odd but that’s what they told me.

      • Thanks. Yes seems odd, not following the process as other hotels. Some risk of not getting refund. Have you booked it?

        First I thought it is crown hotel at Burswood. Noticed that afterwards that it is the hotel in the city, not in the Burswood.

        • Yes I booked it and made sure I took lots of screenshots where it clearly said it should be $200 for 2 nights everywhere. The only reason I booked this one is that I thought I could also use the Amex offer on IHG group bookings which expires in 2 days. Then I only found out after the booking that they did not charge my card, not until the day I check in… oh well…

  • This is not a good timing with the lock down just been announced