Thoughts on Nigel Ng (Uncle Roger)?

So, there's been some controversy about Nigel Ng (Uncle Roger). What are your thoughts on him?


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    I enjoy his videos. I find them entertaining.

  • Who is he?

    • Nothing, the china haters are looking for a reason to start a discussion like this one for the lols

  • Never heard of him.
    Did he actually do something or is it a case of the perpetually offended being offended?

    • he deleted a video he uploaded where he collaborated with another YouTuber who said stuff about China. he then apologised on chinese social media for collaborating with him.

  • …there's been some controversy

    What controversy?

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      Made a colab video with Michael Chen, then mainland Chinese netizens complained because Michael Chen is critical of mainland China.

      Nigel then removed the video and made a statement that he was sorry for posting the video as he "wasn't aware of Michael Chens incorrect opinion"

      • I think deleting the video and then apologising is worse than actually making that video in the first place! It shows a weak character on his part.

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          I'm fine with that part.

          The part I take issue is saying that Michael Chens opinion is incorrect, it is not like he has extreme views about China, hes just not a bootlicker unlike Nigel.

          The list of human rights abuses in China are very long, and denying things like the Tiananmen Square massacre is like denying the holocaust

        • If you had to chose between losing money (his job is a reputation-based business after all), and your principles, it would be a hard decision.

    • its literally a non event.
      Media that is reporting on it is sites like "yahoo" LOL

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    Uncle Roger is a one trick pony.

  • My wife loves him as she's Asian and can relate to how he portrays Asian parents or older Asians in general and their modus operandi.

    I generally don't mind his videos.

    As for that China video, what I gathered was that he doesn't have enough of a following amongst mainlanders to really care what's in his content. It's different from say a Mack Horton or Daryl Morey.

    The 'controversy' in this case however is basically Nigel Ng protecting his income stream at any cost after being poor for so long.

    • where did you get that he was poor? On Wikipedia it says he was a data scientist who graduated from Northwestern

      • He only recently hired help to manage his youtube chanel as he could now afford it. There are also accounts on reddit of people who have dealt with him (he's nice, apparently) and say that he was struggling before he blew up late last year with the Fried Rice thing.

  • His accent is fking annoying.

    Russel Peters one is better.

  • He is smart.
    Deleting it protects his income stream

    • Nah he can't delete the multitudes of comments and videos by other YT creators calling him out as lacking a pair.
      His subscriber count is going to take a hit.

      • It hasn't though and this "incident" was over a week ago.
        His Youtube is unaffected as most of his youtube videos are not viewable in China.
        he uploads them to a chinese version and thats where he was getting the hate.

        on one of his recent podcasts he said chinese youtube earns him 3 GBP to every 1GBP he gets from Youtube.
        So as i said.. he is protecting his income stream

        Looking at his most recent uploads, maybe 10 comments about his deleting the video vs the hundreds about the video they are commenting on.

        he will be fine.

        While we may "hate" china for what ever reason, they are the biggest consumer market for many things and companies, content creators and the like are smart to protect their interests

  • Don't care to much about what happen, as a comedian hes just okay. Hes funny but some of his jokes well most of his jokes have already been done by mychonny years ago. I guess its probably harder for YouTubers from Australia to make it.

  • He's the best.
    You will be reciting his expressions when you least expect it.

  • Indifferent. I like some and not like other videos of his. As long as he doesn't continue to use his "fame" as a platform for more political or religious agenda that's okay. He needs to be a sport champion to get away with this shit ;)