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Uber Eats $7 Bonus Cashback on $10 Spend, Stack with Ongoing $3 Challenges (Excludes Pickup Orders) @ ShopBack


Shows up on the home page of the Shopback app for those who are eligible. Limited to the first 1000 people to start the challenge.
This stacks with the ongoing $3 Bonus Cashback on Uber Eats, so all in all $10 Cashback for today, 26-Jan-2021.

To activate this, go to the Challenges tab on the Shopback app, and further select the "Perks" tab.
Purchase must be made between 23rd January 2021 12:00am and 26th January 2021 11:59pm AEDT.

Not valid for pickup orders, cancellations, returns, exchanges, using unapproved coupons, or purchasing excluded products/categories.

Referral Links

Referral: random (3482)

$30 for referrer and $10 for referee with $20 referee purchase.

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  • Targeted?

  • Must be, I don’t seem to have either offer.

    • Try in your App
      Account > Challenges > Perks tab.

      Also, it shows up on the App homepage, so likely that it is targeted.

  • "Don't gamble what you aren't prepared to lose" - Shopback, probably.

    • Haha, been seeing a lotta complaints about Shopback on OzB lately. Any idea if I will get Cashback if I am also using the eats4598 "free delivery" promo code?
      If I order through Shopback and this promo (is applied by default), then will I get Shopback Cashback? The T&Cs in Shopback states:

      Cashback is calculated based on the order value ( excluding delivery, orders paid with credits, discounts, delivery discounts and other fees. )
      Cashback is calculated on the amount after the use of Credits & discounts ( including delivery discounts )
      DO NOT Apply promo codes or voucher codes not approved by Shopback.
      Cashback cannot be used in conjunction with any promotions offered by Uber

      Aren't these contradicting each other?

      • If it's not on the Shopback Uber Eats page you definitely won't get cashback.

        If it's on the page, you'll probably still not get cashback but at least there's a chance then.

        Edit: just tried to search and no results came up. Puts a great confidence in getting cashback if you can't even find the store doesn't it?

        • Shopback's UberEats page never shows any of the PromoCodes. Earlier, UE used to run promotions of "Share with a Delivery Partner" and offer free delivery. I have used then and have got Bonus Cashback and usual Cashback as well from Shopback. That time too it was a "promotion" offered by UE and in the receipt/checkout, it appears as "promotion -$4.99" just as it appears now (due to the eats4598 promocode).

          I think it should work since the Cashback is calculated on "Order Value" and excludes any delivery charges. So if I pay $0 or $7.99 for delivery, Cashback shouldnt get impacted.

          But well again as you said, its a gamble. Confused if I should go ahead.

        • Yes, Uber Eats is not showing up in search in the Shopback app. Very weird.
          If u search on the desktop site, it says "Cashback temporarily unavailable"

          Have been noticing Shopback is becoming more and more sus these days.

          • @djoz: My advice would be if you're not planning on ordering it anyway then don't bother.

            Think of it as a nice bonus if it does track and don't do it purely for the cashback.

            I agree Shopback is very sus these days.

    • Last couple week that $10 Uber eat challenge, they don't reward me. Give up this time.

  • I've been doing alot of the $3 ShopBack challenges if you spend a minimum of $10 I am yet to see any of the $3 ShopBack rewards. I don't know what's happening with this company but they used to be better than this. I've signed up to cashrewards as I heard they are better than ShopBack. I'm considering closing my account

    • Cashrewards is a lot better. The only reason I've still got my Shopback account open is a naive hope that I'll get back some money that's owed to me.

      I've already had the delight of Debra multiple times in my inbox though..

  • The $10 one never tracked for me and emails are just saying they are investigating. That was almost 2 weeks ago.

  • Shopback has missed a lot of my payments lately. Very disappointed. Avoid Shopback.