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[Refurbished] iPhone 8 64GB (+ $10 Boost SIM) $359 @ Coles


Might be good for parents looking at buying phones for their kids or students going back to school.
Pay even less if you can access discounted Coles-Myer Group gift cards.

The refurbished iPhone 8 will go on sale across Coles supermarkets across the country tomorrow (27/01) for the introductory price of $359 for a limited time before reverting to the regular price of $429.
The iPhone 8 comes in a box with a charging cable and wall charger.
The iPhone 8 would have passed a 72-point inspection to ensure it is not only in great working condition but also in great physical condition as well.
Each phone has been data wiped and cross-checked with against a national police lost and stolen database.
The refurbished iPhone 8 also comes with a 12-month warranty.
Apple’s iPhone 8 has a 4.7-inch display with TrueTone, a 12-megapixel rear camera and a front 7-megapixel selfie camera.
The iPhone 8 was also the first Apple device to offer wireless charging so it can be rested on a charging mat to recharge the onboard battery.
Also included is a Boost Mobile $10 prepaid SIM which includes 3GB data and unlimited calls and texts.

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          Thanks to your experience, I think it is advisable for others to open before they go home, and return immediately if it looks bad.

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        I jumped again and got the same, immaculate! Glad I lucked out on this second one!

        • Good to hear. So it appears to be luck of the draw. How’s the battery health?

    • Did Alegre refund eventually?

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    Picked one up and returned it 5mins later. Looked like it had been dropped one too many times. Checked the battery. 83% which means its had about 3 years of use.

    • Why would Coles and Boost put their names to this garbage?

  • +2

    Whoa. Besides being in beautiful condition (space grey), battery health is 99%. I'm calling this a deal. Thanks OP!

    • Were there any colour choices or did you find out once the box was opened?

      • I didn't see what other colours were available. Mine had "space grey" included with the info sticker on the spine, and a colour dot. Seems to imply other colours are out there?

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    Gave it another go and got super lucky . Phone is from what i can tell - new. Not one single hairline scratch and 100% battery life.

    • Nice! Seems we both lucked out today!

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    Got one approx 9am yesterday from Camberwell Place store in Vic. Silver/white only available. All good except grotty volume buttons and silent switch solved with an antibacterial wipe and degraded battery saying 90% and service. Then the fun begins. Discover the device is from Japan. Wait an hour to be told by genius at Apple Store yes the battery is cactus but Apple won’t take my $79 and replace it due to being non AU stock which they could not warranty. They provided notes and suggested either return/exchange at Coles, go to authorised repairer or unauthorised repairer. Did the latter, they replaced battery for $69 in 45 minutes with 90 day warranty and advised water resistance would no longer apply which is fine by me. Device now hunky dory, total spend $428 plus $35 screen protector and installation. May sell my 12 mini

    • why you didnt return it?

      • Figured the chances of another bad battery in a Coles replacement were high and didn’t have the patience to initiate the return/exchange process given I was happy with everything else about it. Cosmetically it’s excellent and now with the new battery it’s got a new lease on life, hopefully.

  • Coles at Woden Plaza ACT had one refurbished iPhone 8 on the shelf at noon today.

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    I got one for my son. Phone looks great and battery has a maximum capacity of 100%. Thanks for the deal OP

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    This deal hasn’t expired yet, I called yesterday my local Coles and they still had 2 in stock, both space grey 64gb, I went and bought one, it was ok cosmetically but had 76% battery health, I booked for a battery replacement on Monday but today after taking a few photos I realised the that the camera shutter sound won’t stop the sound even on silence mode, I googled this issue and the reason was that the phone is a Japanese iPhone, because in Japan and Korea they have removed the option of silent camera shutter for some reason so if I take the phone to replace the battery to an official Apple authorised service they’ll refuse to do it because the device isn’t Australian stock and I don’t trust third party stores.
    I took the phone back to Coles and explained the situation to the manager and she agreed to refund me without too much trouble but then I asked her if I could take the second phone to give it a try and she agreed but upon opening the box and finishing the setup I checked the serial number and it was yet again another Japanese iPhone which I returned straight away in front of her and got a full refund so just letting you know guys that apparently all of these iPhones are Japanese and if you don’t mind you might take the risk and just buy one while stock lasts.

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