PlayStation Plus 12 Month Membership Digital Code (for Brazil PSN Accounts) A$36.39 @ CD Keys


Yet another cheap 12 month PS Plus deal if you are ok with going the Brazil region route.
You could potentially create a Brazil PSN account, sign in and set your console as primary on this account and continue using PS Plus features on your Australian PSN account on the same console (this is possible with a US PSN account with deals on US region PS Plus, haven't verified with a Brazilian account though)

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  • Just be aware:

    • Brazil versions of the PS Plus "free" games are different versions and are most likely not compatible with your AU save games.
    • The same different region version issue applies to PS Plus collection games (PS5 required).
    • You don't get Cloud Save on your main AU account (because it is the Brazil PSN account that has the actual PS Plus).
    • You won't be able to access any existing PS Plus free games collected on your AU account (or USA account or SEA account or any other account).
    • Not sure whether you get English interface when you login to Brazil PSN/PS Plus web site.
    • Slightly different "free" games. Brazil would most likely follow USA PS Plus free games.

    Generally save games is the main issue with a different region of PS Plus. Only a very small number of games offer save game conversion. So before you switch to a different region, it is best you finish playing all the PS Plus games on your current account that you care about.

    Price is really tempting, just really wish Sony is more like Microsoft when it comes to digital version of the games.

  • potentiallllyyyyy!