What to Do with a Lithium Power Bank That Has Started to Swell?

I have a RAVPOWER powerbank that I have just noticed has started to swell, enough to crack the plastic enclosure. It doesn't appear to be heating up, but I'm not sure how quickly that happens. It contains prismatic cells, which is what most of the videos you see online seem to have.

I need to dispose of it safely. I can't put it in my household rubbish or street bin in case it suddenly catches fire. I probably shouldn't put it in one of those battery bins that some stores have, for the same reason. I guess taking it to the local tip could cause the same issues.

I thought about burying it a couple of feet deep in the ground away from anything flammable, but that's probably not very environmentally sound.

What do people think I should do with it?


  • Electronics recyling

  • Some battery stores will accept it, ring your closest and check.

  • I saw battery recycler at Watergarden Officeworks. Should be all states.

    • Officeworks just have a bin that you can put any battery into, don't they? That doesn't sound safe to me, particularly if the bin is inside the building or adjacent to it.

      I can't check their web site at the moment, it's giving me a "406 Not Acceptable" error. Unless that's their answer to the faulty battery question, lol.

      Edit: It seems that Officeworks just don't like the VPN I was using it. Without it, I could connect to their web site just fine. Their site doesn't mention faulty batteries at all.

  • Most of the Australian battery recycling or ewaste companies don't seem to have any information about accepting faulty batteries on their web sites.

    Some USA web sites do have specific information about what to do with faulty batteries, and some companies don't allow or severely restrict acceptance of faulty batteries.

    • I can assure you battery recyclers have accounted for faulty batteries. You generally don't want to dispose/recycle functional batteries….

  • Mobile muster bag?

  • Your local council will have a waste collection point for batteries. They will be able to handle the unlikely event of a fire.