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$120 Coles Mobile Pre-Paid Plan 60GB 12 Month for $99 @ Coles Mobile


$120 365 day plan with 60GB down to $99 back again

Details from the site.

  • Unlimited standard national talk and text
  • Unlimited standard international calls and text to
  • 15 selected destinations
  • Rollover up to 50GB

New customers only. Limit one per customer. All data allowance is applied upfront after $99 payment and activation. Offer ends 09/02/2021, unless withdrawn earlier. Ongoing recharges revert to standard price of $120 or as otherwise advertised. Activate within 30 days of purchase or by the date advertised on a promotion, whichever is earliest. Optus Fair Go Policy applies. Coles Prepaid is supplied by Optus Mobile Pty Ltd (ABN 65 054 365 696) under Optus’ standard agreement. Optus 4G Plus Network is available in selected areas with a compatible device and plan. Check coverage

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  • +1

    Solid deal. hopefully some more specials on higher data 365 day sims

  • Including sim??

    • +1

      I think this is the Starter Pack with SIM

    • Yes. Good customer service too.

  • Easy to port over from Optus?

    • Yep took me minutes to port over

      • +1

        do you need to port out from optus, or can port straight into coles?

        • Also wondering this as I'm on Optus prepaid

  • +1

    Hi all
    Catch connect has the same deal for $89
    Which one is better? Not sure if the catch connect one needs to be activated by 4th Feb

    • -1

      Catch connect has unlimited international call?

      • +1

        Zero international calls. You have to purchase additionally.

        • -1

          International calls make little sense nowadays, considering poor voice quality, lag and increased availability of Internet.

          • +1

            @alenpln: Actually international voice calls quality has improved due to less traffic for me anyway.

            • @skillet: I'm glad to hear, because even domestic same-city voice calls from telstra to other networks are sometimes terrible

    • +2

      Unidays code 10% off, pay the remaining by GC (currently on sale at Coles) for another 15% off. Final price is only about $68. If you don’t care about international calling.

      • Are you sure Catch gc can be used for Catch Connect ?

        • If you buy it from Catch website (not directly from CatchConnect), you can use the GC, obviously.

      • Hi hawkeye93
        Great find, do you know how many COTD GC's i can use at once?
        I'm not a student so i wont be able to use the Uniday 10% code for COTD

        • +1

          There’s a thread in the forum to request the Unidays code from other users. You can use up to 5 gcs to cover the balance of purchase, according to catch.com.au/gift-card/

          • @hawkeye93: Hi hawkeye93
            Got the unidays code off my neice and purchased 4x $50 cotd gift cards at 15% off. Purchased 2 sims, the 60gb and the 120gb
            Thanks for the tip to save more $$$

      • Are Catch Gift Cards on sale at Coles (instore) at 15% discount or can it be bought online ? Tks

        • +1

          Instore. I reckon you can even use Coles GC to buy Catch GC (for further discount). I have done it successfully with iTunes GC.

    • +1

      if you dont need international calling then you can go for catch else this is better

    • Looking to get a sim for a spare home phone. Will this $89 be the cheapest I could get for a year?

      • +1

        $68 atm after using code and GCs.

      • +1

        If you only want one for incoming and emergency calls, the Aldi [$5, Teltra wholesale] or Amaysim [$10, optus] would be the cheapest.

  • Am I missing something, it does say Unlimited international calls?

    • unlimited to only 15 selected countries , other countries you need pay as use

  • +1

    $3 more expensive than previous deal ?

    • This is normal price for the Starter pack. The $96 last week was actually for Recharge. There’s a way to get around buy purchasing a $2 SIM and ask them to recharge it.

      • Last deal was $120 recharge plus $2 sim card included for $96

  • Is 60 gb a year sufficient?

    • only you know that. how much video/downloading do you do outside of your home wifi? it's not hard to work out

    • It is for me.

    • Not for me. Rollover is a nice feature, but is pointless on 60gb. The 120gb plan will work better for me.

  • +2

    60GB for $99 is a bit expensive ($1.65 per gig)

    • +2

      What are you comparing it to though? A better way to look at it is - $8.25 per month for unlimited calls/sms 5gb.

      This seems like a good deal for someone who doesn't want to sim slut around for 12 months and doesn't need much data.

      • Agree, if 5GB pm is enough. Sometimes I am spending 10-20GB per day when travelling, which means at some point I will run out of 60GB and need to purchase another plan, which will increase $8.25 to at least $16.50

  • Is the coles sim limited in someway compared to Optus prepaid?
    Is coles service ok!

    • +1

      All Optus MVNOs use the same Optus 4G plus network. Unlike Telstra, there is no wholesale or retail network. Reception really depends on your area.

      • Do you know if it is the same for Vodafone?

        • Vodafone is now owned by TPG Telecom since the merger. It has a retail and wholesale network but I'm not sure of the speed & coverage differences. Their website claims 96% coverage in Australia.

  • Everything is underwhelming after the $30 catch deal

    • which deal is that?

      • +1

        Was a couple days ago

  • +1

    Can I port my number and still get this deal?

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