Can You Port out The Number if There Is Amount Owing?

Just realized I have been charged $15 per month late payment fee for most of the last 22 months.
I have requested all the fees to be waived, still waiting for the reply from Optus.
I didnt bother to check the itemised bill except for last month.


  • You can still port, however it wont stop the account going to collections/debt collectors.

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    They will probably waive it, but you really should be checking your statements often enough so that this doesn't happen.

  • $15 a month for every one of the last 22 months?

    • I am assuming OP owed Optus some funds before porting. And that amount has not been payed amounting in a $15 a month late fee on that amount. Stupid it took so long for Optus to click on, but not surprised.