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James Squire 2x 6 Pack for $22/ $24 - 150 Lashes Pale or Broken Shackles Lager (Possibly More) @ Liquor Legends


I walked into a Liquor Legend in a small country town expecting to pay way too much for some terrible beer. Instead, I found an excellent deal on James Squire. This is where the story gets a little confusing - I got a six pack of Pale and a six pack of Tropical Ale for $24. However, the current catalogue actually advertises the deal for $22 but with the Lager instead of the Tropical Ale (page 8 of the catalogue, not sure how to link to it). In any case, the deal is good. You could walk, nay, strut out of the store with a case of 150 lashes after having only spent between $44 and $48.

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