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[PS5] Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate $89 Delivered @ Amazon AU

  • Includes Spider-Man Remastered edition
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  • Guess I'll won't be buying pre-order next time.

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      In case the price drops two and a half months after it was released?

      • They also released a better version of 60fps W/ ray tracing roughly a week after launch. Those that chose 60fps only to be told after they had already completed the game that you can now have ray tracking 60fps…

        Not sure what the Devs were thinking not including it at launch if it was able to he done in a week

        • I mean, it wasnt strictly a "better version", the Fidelty mode with ray tracing at launch was 4k30. The Performance mode was 4k60, they just thought that most people would prefer 4k60 with no ray tracing, they didnt realise many people would be willing to play at quarter resolution to get ray tracing at 60fps.

          Its hard to call it a hands down "Better version" when it is 1/4th the resolution for only 2x the temporal resolution/ fps.

          • @Vinodra: I much prefer the regular performance mode. The extra resolution over the performance RT mode improves the experience way more than the cut-down ray tracing implementation (and lower render res) needed to hold 60fps.

        • The ray tracing is occasionally nice but it's not like it'd be a worse game without it. There were two or three moments where the game had some really nice reflections and precisely zero moments where I noticed the ray traced shadows. I wouldn't worry too much about it being added post launch.

        • I briefly played the 1080 60 RT version and much prefer either the visuals of the 4K30 or the visual compromise of the 4K60 performance, so i get why they left it out.

  • Miles Morales is about a quarter of the length of the main Spider-Man game. It's essentially a standalone expansion pack. Worth buying for the main game though.

    • Yep, this is only worth the price if you havent played the original Spiderman game as well. Miles Morales is only a few hours long, its around the same length as the City That Never Sleeps expansion, if not a bit shorter.

    • My six year old beat it for the second time in Game+ mode in only two days (with a little bit of help with some boss fights and stealth missions).

      That's on easy, but I was still surprised (I haven't started it yet myself, still slowly working through the last gen Spiderman while the kids aren't using the PS5)

  • Thanks OP. Missed out on $89 deal from Big W a couple months back.

  • Given how short everyone is saying this game is I’ll be waiting for this to drop down to $50 (or less). $89 seems excessive even if it does include a remaster of the first one.

    • Do you measure game quality and value by story length?

      • Yes it’s important.

      • I agree with you Hybroid. There are so many games out in the market right now. Sometimes you'll play a new game and it has 30% bad parts. I'd rather them just cut the bad parts out instead of artificially extending my game time.

    • It's about the same play time as The City That Never Sleeps expansion for the original Spider-Man game, and also picks up where the final part of TCTNS finishes off - Miles Morales should have just been an additional DLC pack for the original game. Even $89 seems a bit steep.
      In saying that, I thoroughly enjoyed Spider-Man, TCTNS, & Miles Morales so it's an overall great game!

      • With that said, TCTNS had a lot of boring parts. Screwball missions were pretty unfun, and there were too many 'crime missions' in each district to fill up game-time.

        I platinumed Spider-Man remastered, but playing TCTNS really burnt me out when I played anything optional, especially since the main plot of the expansion wasn't anywhere as interesting as the main game.

    • I really find this length to game quality equation to be odd. I found Spiderman Remastered to be a bit too long, whereas Miles Morales was almost the perfect length, enough that it didn't stretch out the story too long and it never got stale. I felt the same with Uncharted, much preferring the flow and length of Lost Legacy compared to the overly long Uncharted 4. I hadn't played Spiderman, so I found the $100 I paid for ultimate on launch to be very reasonable, but even without that, I think the RRP for Miles Morales is fair, it is a far more polished game than spiderman remastered is.

  • Isn’t it a tiny spin off?

  • Loved the first one and it was the reason why I purchased a ps4, but miles was seriously way too short for a full priced game, wait until it drops further unless you haven't played the first

  • It's shorter, but it's not that short.

    Howlongtobeat shows Miles Morales at an average of 7.5 hours to complete, with 12 hours to do the main story + extras. It's just under half the size of Spider-Man excluding the DLC.

  • Thanks OP, my kid is really interested in spiderman and I finally got my paws on a PS5, so no brainer.

  • Yeah, I'll wait until this is $69.

  • Back to $110. Glad I got my order in just in the nick of time.

  • I ordered this 5 minutes ago from Amazon for $75. I can’t paste the link, but when I searched “Miles Morales PS5” and hit the shopping link, it showed up at $75, not $89.

  • Since when is paying $89 for a game considered a good deal?

  • Would JB refund the price difference of this game I purchased 8 days ago which is still sealed?