Which Phone Is Better - Samsung A20 or Oppo AX7?

Hi guys, I have both of the above mentioned phones.

Which one would you consider to be the better handset of the two?

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    Samsung A20 is the best
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    Oppo AX7 is the best
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    Both are on par with each other


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    If you already have both phones which one would YOU consider to be the better handset of the 2?




      The second link seems to be for a different oppo device..
      I will check the first link tho


    tbh i've used the s20 for a year or so, but i have the ax7 still in the box (unopened)
    Trying to work out whether i should sell off the samsung and keep the oppo or vice versa


      S20 or A20?


        My apologies A20


    My takeaways.

    A20 has amoled and NFC.

    Both have headphone jacks.

    I'm guessing cameras are about on par. Using MP as a metric is a bit silly.

    Oppo is a lot faster and has more ram but is more than 2/3 times the price.


    Simple - Oppo because it's not Samsung!


    I didn't like color0S when I had the ax7. Too many limitations compared to Samsung os