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  • Yes!!!

  • Don't bother
    No stock
    This is the same ruse HN is doing they did with the PS5 last week
    There's no actual stock
    My ps5 was a pre order only with no ETA of when it will be in stock and shipped.
    Save your money for another retailer guys!

    • What really, I should check my order!! That is ridiculous. I've been waiting for the PS5

  • +4 votes

    It’s hardly normal to see these in stock.

    (This is something JV would say, only he’d bold the pun.)

  • Where’s the stock?

  • 'Out of Stock: 6 - 14 days delivery'

  • Yeah right "in stock". My ps5 from last week is still in ETA limbo.

  • XBox vs PS5 which one is better?

    • Given the Xbox is nearly 20 years old now, I’d say the PS5.

    • Xbox for Game Pass, PS5 for exclusives. Pick your poison.

    • Last gen, established library of games, cheaper all round and still not so old that most people will have moved on.

    • Ps5 for exclusive games. I have a gaming pc as well, so i wouldn’t bother getting series X.

    • Ps5 for sure.

    • If your getting an Xbox then Microsoft has shifted to pushing you into game pass (it's all over the dashboard) and as someone who has been an Xbox fanatic from Sega America days go with PS5 the UI and feel is just better

      If your getting a PS then just remember

      We don't know Microsoft plan with gamepaas just recently they pushed an increase for gold prices 100% to get people to switch to game pass and had to reverse it they are a business at the end of the day but if they had plans for 100% increase then obviously a increase will come for game pass

      Personally after playing game pass for 4 months Ive been using PS5 much more (never had a Sony console ) and the psn collection is much much better. Also the sales Sony has are insane sometimes.

      However if your friends are on Xbox or if you are a Bethesda fan or in general like WRPG's then it's looking likely Microsoft will dominate it this generation. I recently started Persona 5 as my first JRPG and I'm starting to like the formula more.

      Racing games will probably also be better on the Xbox with Forza

      FPS/Sport/Dark souls lik games have larger playerbase on Sony.

      We also haven't seen the hard counter from Sony for game pass and personally I hope we don't I don't want to be paying more subscription stuff on-top of psn, Xbox, Netflix, Stan, mobile, internet etc

      Game pass is good value but options start to thin out the longer you have it..it's good value for what it is now but would I eventually pay 20+ per month once Microsoft fixes all these loopholes with cheap gold conversion? Probably not unless they managed to get all major titles including third parties then that would be insane value.

      Tldr: Ps5 if your moving into this generation alone from Xbox one/PS4. Xbox Series X if your coming with friends from Xbox one and Ps5 if your friends are on PS4. Maybe a Xbox down the track when we start seeing bundles once stock starts being normal (if you selected ps5 first option)

      • I've been following Xbox and PS sales daily for two years - that's mostly what I'm on OB for - and I can tell you the sales between the two consoles are the same. I have both consoles.

        Sometimes PS has great sales, sometimes Xbox. Usually the lowest prices are equivalent across both consoles. Very often, publishers drop their prices on both consoles at once and they are within a few bucks of each other.

        For example Streets of Rage 4, digital only, lowest ever price on PS is AUD 26.56 - it's on sale right now. Lowest ever price on Xbox, funnily enough, AUD 26.21 (December 2020). SoR4 is free on Gamepass.

        And I don't know why the comments about being "pushed" into Gamepass. It's generally a good deal, people subscribe because they choose to. There is nothing in GP or PSN that cannot be bought separately if you choose to. There aren't any subscription exclusives (yet). I only subscribe periodically because I prefer to own games outright.

      • Conspiracy theories and possibilities.

      • the UI and feel is just better

        The UI on the PS5 is average at best compared to the PS4 and XSX

        • Xbox UI isn't even 4k and I've had friends over who've just flat out been confused when experiencing both consoles the first time. Plus the cards system works out much better you can hop into QM for siege straight from the dashboard (while skipping all the intro loading videos)

          • @Bootyborne: Does the UI need to be 4k? its just some thumbnails.

            My son has both Xbox and PS4 now the Ps5 and the Ps5. To his experience, the ps5 have 'hid' a lot of the menus and make you have to click so many things to find them. Mainly your friends list.

            • @Danstar: I have the SX, whilst 4K isn't absolutely necessary (imo), it definitely needs HDR for the dashboard. Switching between a game (with HDR) and the dashboard (SDR) results in black screens/flickers as the TV switches between the modes which is a little jarring.

            • @Danstar: ?? You press the PS button once and go to social it's right there lol even in the quick menu

              • @Bootyborne: Do you have a PS5?

                He only
                Me this on day one, but still says you have to press and scroll a few times before you can just access your friends

                • @Danstar: I've had both consoles day 1.

                  Not sure what you mean press and scroll you press the home button once to go to quick menu then go to base and the friends list is there it's literally the same as Xbox series X in fact I went an extra step and counted you have to scroll two more on the Xbox to get to friends list vs the ps5. On my base PS4 it's 1 less scroll.

    • To quote Henry Cavill: PC!

      • +2 votes

        To quote my wallet: "But I'm empty!"

      • PC all day. I have a few gens of consoles (Sony, Nintendo and Xbox) but honestly, PC destroys them by comparison in every way, even with the additional cost.

    • Depends on your situation and what you are after.

      XBox Series X: If you are able to get cheap XBox Live Gold deals and then convert to Game Pass Ultimate, you get a cost effective way to play a large collection of games at cheap price. The quick resume does make switching between games more pleasant. However, right now, there isn't any true first party exclusives. The question is in 2-3 years time, will there still be cheap loopholes available.

      PS5: It is mostly about Sony first party exclusives, whether they are enough for you to commit to buy it. The new controller is nice, but it is still too early to tell whether most games will support all the features. It really comes down to do you want to play those first party exclusive titles.

      Then, there is another twist, PC. Games do play best on high end gaming PCs. In 2-3 years time, we will have a new gen of graphics cards. Series X could potentially run into the same issue that XBox One had (some people prefer PC + PS5 combo). While Microsoft will have more first party exclusives this gen, it has now shifted to concentrate more on cloud services / subscriptions and those exclusives will be on GamePass PC / Ultimate.

      If you are only getting one, you need to decide what you are after… basically your definition of better.

    • I think Xbox, gpu is 30% - 40% stronger. And they bought Bethesda so you are prob not gonna the next The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, etc on PS5.

  • get ps5 if you have a good pc, get both if you don't
    if you have to choose from one, would say ps5

  • Genuine question: what games can a series x play now that a PC can’t? Why the rush?

    • not everyone has a good pc, and game pass has much more games on xbox than PC.

    • No interest in PC gaming, consoles are cheaper and easier and play best from my couch.

      • Coming from a person who has both, this is false. It's as easy if not easier to have a PC and play from your couch these days.

    • +1 vote

      Red Dead Redemption 1

    • A lot of people like me prefer no-fuss on-couch gaming with consoles. I was a PC gamer almost exclusively for 30 years until I bought an XB1X in 2019, and I haven't looked back. I work at my computer all day and it stopped being relaxing to sit down in front of that same machine to play games.

      Also I used to get into such a fuss about PC performance: do I have the best settings, am I getting the best framerate, are there background Windows processes sapping my performance, should I buy that new graphics card etc etc. I know that's a bit neurotic, but I don't like the lagging suspicion that I could tune or boost my PC for better performance. And the cost of those new cards or the coveted PC upgrade. That's not to mention random crashing and issues depending on individual PC setups.

      I appreciate with a console, I just boot it up and it works. If you have the latest gen, you are always getting max performance for those games on your console, no mucking about. Everyone else has the same setup as you.

      • I see, I guess looking at it that way it makes sense. I do agree that there’s a bit of a hassle when it comes to PC. Often times I find myself spending time deciding wether my RAM should be 2666mhz or 3200mhz or stuff like this. Guess console players never have to think about it

      • Kids these days dont know the pain of dir/w

  • HN are the scalpers. They put up such "preorders" to gauge the inventory required then wait to pounce on Amazon and Big W.


  • no more available ?

  • Yeah don't buy from HN.

  • Back order with 6-14 days delivery. No thanks

  • Page Not Found. Ozbargained…..

  • They change the page to Xbox series S