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Valvoline Fuel Injector And Carby Cleaner 2 Pack 350mL $9.99 @ Supercheap Auto


Cleans and lubricates fuel system to increase performance, fuel economy and reduce emissions
Eliminate hard starting, rough idle and hesitation
Suitable for use in all petrol and ethanol blends (e10, e15, e85)
Twin pack offer treats up to 160L of petrol

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    • Wow what a scam, this was like $12.xx during their sale last week and now $10 I thought it was a bargain.

      The only saving grace is if you get a club membership for $5 to give you $10 credit, hence saving $5.

      I definitely wouldn't have posted this if I knew Bunnings had them.

  • Change your fuel filter first otherwise it just liquifies all the boogers in there and lets it through to the engine.

    • Instructions don’t say change fuel filter first…

    • Unfortunately my car has the fuel filter in the tank and not really replaceable. Poor design imo.

      • That is indeed a crap design.
        Fuel pumps are in the tank for cooling but putting the fuel filter in there is nuts. Are you sure?

  • Waste of money, can't believe people actually get fooled by all these additives 🤦

    • I noticed better fuel consumption after use…

      • Thanks Brockie

    • It's comments like this that put me off using this type of product but eventually bit the bullet. It most certainly works just depends on what you are using it for…

      • Ive used many before, tried inject cleaner, dpf cleaner. Not once or twice but many times and have never noticed a difference.

        Never better than applying heavy gas pedal to clean out engine and getting everything flowing properly like injectors etc.

        Fact is if your car's not running right, don't hope for a miracle fix with these gimmicks, you either need your parts repaired/cleaned properly or changed

        • I agree no miracle fix in a bottle exists. However i have used the following:

          Nulon injector cleaner - more responsive for the tank it was in but little after effects after 2-3 fills
          Liquimoly fuel conditioned and cleaner (gold can) - literally the bees knees (used 2 cans back to back). Irradicated dead spot, more pleasant acceleration (not sure how to explain it but it felt as i was pressing the pedal the delivery felt more linear/equal), car felt like it had more pep and fuel efficiency increased - this has lasted since using it

          I have yet to use but own the valvoline and rislone cleaners but after the liquimoly i haven't needed it yet.
          Yes i haven't tested with a dyno etc so no objective testing however some of the changes were very clear i.e. fuelling up much less frequently and erradication of dead spot on acceleration with smooth acceleration at all positions of the pedal

          My car is 15 years plus. As i say i think there is a place to use it but wouldn't expect magic on a brand new or really young car as there is no need to use such products. I am no mechanic so can only provide anecdotal advice

          I do agree with what you are saying about parts being replaced i.e. if i got the fuel injectors professionally cleaned/replaced then the car would probably run better/be less prone to further problems however it is an old car

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    I actually remember when this was on special for 1.99 at Autobarn, I bought a few.

    • Does it work?

      Only one I've noticed a difference with was their own (SCA) brand, felt like car had more power/acceleration was better… but I did use (lower octane) BP 95 vs my regular 7/11 98, so either my normal fuel is crap or it's all in my head.

      • Edit: didn't read your comment properly.

      • I don't have a lab to provide any real data. I just used it on a car which had a carb and had been sitting. I changed the before doing this too (and then after).

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