Hyundai Palisade Pricing & Discounts

I've been researching and pricing the new Hyundai Palisade this month and thought I would share my info and pricing results.

Manufacturer RRP (Drive away): $82,401.70 - Spec'd to the search criteria listed below. No accessories.
My best quoted price: $79,000 Drive-away inc all accessories listed below.

What did you pay / get quoted for your Palisade?

My search criteria:

  • Hyundai Palisade Highlander - 8 Seat
  • 2.2L Turbo Diesel, All Wheel Drive
  • Must be a 2021 build
  • Metallic Paint

My Inclusions/Accessories ($RRP):

These items are all included in my $79,000 price above.

  • Metallic Paint ($695)
  • Tow Bar (~$1500)
  • Side Steps (~$1100)
  • Weather Shields (~$200)
  • Rubber Mat Set (~$500)
  • Rubber Cargo Liner ($unknown)
  • Cargo Net ($unknown)
  • Roof Rack Kit ($unknown)
  • Tinted Windows (Front) ($unknown)

Manufacturer Source:


Some details below about things that are not obvious or easy to find

Current floor stock = 2020
  • At the time of writing (29/01/2021) all MY21 floor stock at dealers are 2020 builds (Oct-Dec). Not an issue now, but it'll be treated as a one year older car when it comes to trade-in or resale.
  • "In transit" means mid-March ETA. Unsure if these will be 2020 or 2021 builds.
  • New order 2021 builds have about a 3 month wait.

MY2022 specs & stock expected ~June/July 2021.

Limited colours & trim

Base model: 8 seats only
Highlander: 7 or 8 Seat option
- 7 seats = 2nd row Captain's chairs (2-2-3 config)
- 8 seats = traditional bench (2-3-3 config)
- Same price for 7 or 8 seats

7 seats are really comfortable and classy, but…
The config leaves a large gap between the 2nd row seats for the walk-through to the back.
No factory accessories are available (even internationally) to fill the hole between the Captain's chairs.
Probable issue with groceries/luggage rolling through the gap from the boot to the front.

Australian specs are limited to the following colour combos:

Highlander spec:

  • Black with burgundy interior
  • White with burgundy interior
  • Burgundy with burgundy interior
  • Steel graphite with light beige interior
  • Moonlight Cloud with light beige interior

Base model:

  • Black with black interior
  • White with black interior
  • Burgundy with black interior
  • Steel graphite with black interior
  • Rainforest with black interior
  • AWD = Diesel only
  • 2WD = Petrol only
USA specs not equal AU specs
  • Australian base-model Pali's are generally higher spec'd than the equivilent USA models, but USA, Canada & Korea gets some pretty sweet extras that we can't get.
  • Be careful what you read on US forums about available specs & options.

USA specs that AU can't get:

  • 12" full-screen LCD Electronic Dash
  • BlueLink remote start
  • Electric folding 2nd & 3rd row seats
  • Optional tow-upgrade kit w/ auto-levelling dampers
  • Colour-coded lower body trims
  • Probably others, tag me on comments below if you find any and I'll update this post.

Australian specs that USA can't get:

  • Electric folding mirrors
  • 3-node LED Headlights (Highlander only)
  • Full size spare wheel
  • Probably others, tag me on comments below if you find any and I'll update this post.


  • Apple car play & Android auto needs a USB cable. NOT wireless in 2021 model. USA MY2022 model will (apparently) have upgraded infotainment with wireles AA & car play.
  • Highlander 8 seater: 2nd row seats are heated only, not cooling.
  • Highlander 7 seater: 2nd row seats are heated & cool ventilated.
  • USA & Canada get "BlueLink" mobile app with remote start, tracking, etc. NOT available in AU at all :(
  • Highlander = Darkest legal tint factory installed to 2nd, 3rd row & rear window. NOT factory installed to 1st row driver & passenger windows.
  • Base mode = No factory tint.
Pre-Paid Servicing:
  • 5yrs = $2345 - no discount to fixed-price PAYG servicing @ $469 per year.



  • +12 votes

    What did you pay / get quoted for your Palisade?

    I'm going out on a limb here and guessing that no one on this forum has purchased a Palisade.


      I bet you're wrong :)

  • +9 votes

    That thing is 80k?

    I need to get out more..

  • +8 votes

    Ask on Whirlpool. Everyone on here drives a white camry.

    At the moment car prices are sky high. ANY discount off advertised drive-away price is an achievement. Pretty much every popular model has zero or near zero stock available.

    • +3 votes

      10 year old white camry*

      • +4 votes

        Big indentation in the bumper. One scrape on bumper. One scrape on passenger side. IF washed (big if), washed with Meguires gold class. The wheels have never been cleaned. Every tyre is a different brand and level of tread, none of them are any brand you have ever heard of before.

  • +7 votes

    Imagine traveling back in time 15 or so years and telling people you were spending $80,000 on a Hyundai…

    • +4 votes

      At the same time tell them they wouldn't be able to buy a Commo or Falcon anymore either.

      I saw a new Palisade the other day cruising through an intersection and honestly, it looked great. I'd buy one. Strangely though, I am drawn to the Kia Carnival even though I have no kids and never intend to carry that burden.


        The courtesy car at my local dealer is a Kia Carnival. I hate to admit it, but it's pretty pleasant to be in. And in the era of forced induction, it's refreshing to hear the engine note of a crisp 6 cylinder petrol engine.


          I had one in Mexico at the end of 2019 for a week-ish of short and long trips. So much better than I expected. We crammed 7 adults and a lot of suitcases into it and still managed to overtake trucks and go through big mountain ranges without hassle. If I was buying here though, I'd probably get the diesel if it's not too agricultural sounding.

  • +1 vote

    good way to make people believe the cost of electric cars isnt so bad after all.

    • +2 votes

      In the US, Kia are charging $2k more for hybrid on their new models. Absolute no brainer. Hope they do the same here.

  • +1 vote

    It’s an $80k Hyundai. It’s hardly going to be a volume seller.

    I see it going two ways:
    it’ll sell ok and Hyundai won’t drop the price much because it’s meeting expectations
    Or it won’t sell well and they’ll discount to get rid of stock.

    It’s a big vehicle that doesn’t have the advantage of big tow capacity so I don’t see it selling well in Aus.

  • -1 vote

    Looks can be subjective but that is not a pretty car by any measure! Is there a Kia sibling for the Palisade? In the last 10 years IMO Kia styling had been quite great (and pleasing to the eye) compared to their Hyundai counterparts.

    Well found it - Kia Telluride and that is a decent looking car. It is a pity we get the ugly ducking and not this.


    I own a Kia, Stinger is expensive but ex demo its doable at $50K

    but $80K schoolbus just wow


    Darkest legal tint factory installed to 2nd, 3rd row & rear window.

    Privacy glass is often actually darker than legal tint. Interestingly rules on factory glass are almost nonexistent compared to those imposed on tint film.


      Also the problem is that the tint is just coloured glass. Aftermarket tint is much better at heat rejection.

      But really, I have 5% on the rear and cops don't care.


        I wouldn't ever call privacy glass "tint"

  • +1 vote

    Hmm new Kluger due in the coming months, and available in 2.5L AWD hybrid.

    Just sayin


      Good to know.
      Would be interested in how the size of the new Kluger compares.

      The Palisade is substantially larger internally than the current Kluger.
      8 seats for a start, but shed-loads more internal luggage space too.

      Edit: Side-by-side comparison video.


    Wow. What an expensive palisade 😷


    Hyundai has certainly come a long way from the circa $10k Excel back in the early 2000s.

  • +1 vote

    The lead actor in "Good detective", a korean drama on Netflix drives this car and all thru the series, along with the story, this car is what was fascinating to my eyes.. lovely built and look on the road with the actor driving it … Cant spend that much on it but will buy when it comes to seconds after couple of years …

  • -1 vote

    Good Lord what a waste of cash. Why are we importing US style mega cars? This boy is massive. Looks like it's made by GM.

    • +1 vote

      Customer demand. Different people want different things from cars. Who woulda thunk it?

      • +1 vote

        I totally get that as I drive a niche car, but who's wanting an $80K 2.2L diesel AWD Hyundai?


          That’s my thoughts too. While I am seeing a lot more US pickup trucks, RAM, Tundra, Silverado etc they have a bigger tow and load capacity. The palisade only adds an extra seat. You’d be better off with a people mover.