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Dell Essential Backpack 15" – ES1520P $16.10 Delivered (Was $46.10) + More @ Dell


Looks like a cheaper + nicer version of those cheap anti-theft backpacks you see everywhere now.

Shipping from Dell ebay appears to be several weeks whereas from Dell website is a few days. Check the shipping on the backpack you order before ordering to make an informed decision. Looks like backpack in question shipping date estimation has changed since posting. Thanks barge-in hunter.

Apparently also comes with up to 5% coupon back for your next purchase and don't forget cash rewards.

Other offerings in no particular order (some are cheaper on Dell ebay but delivery times/stock)

Dell Pro Slim Backpack 15 $39.24

Dell Pro Backpack 17 $62.40

Dell Venture Backpack 15 $65.40

Dell Gaming Lite Backpack 17– GM1720PE – Fits most laptops up to 17" $27.90

Dell Premier Slim Backpack 15 $84.37

Dell Pro Hybrid Briefcase Backpack - PO1521HB $75.60

Dell Roller Backpack 15 $81.40

Dell Energy Backpack 15 $86.41

Alienware Vindicator 2.0 17" Backpack $97.35

Alienware Vindicator 2.0 15" Backpack $91.30

Alienware Vindicator 2.0 13"-17" Messenger $80.30

Alienware Vindicator 2.0 17" Slim Carrying Case $64.35

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    Is there any backpack for mATX PC? Asking for a friend.

    • +20

      Yes its called a Dell cardboard box

    • No sorry, only for ITX PC.

      • Even ITX cases come in different shapes and sizes

  • Anyone know which bag is suitable for high school kids - waterbottle, lunch box, books, Macbook?

    • +11

      If you actually clicked the link, there is a list of features of the backpack. It does have a water bottle pocket on the side

    • +3

      For a kid who is carrying books plus laptop, I would get a proper backpack with good back panel and proper hip support to carry the load on the hips.

      Whatever Osprey is selling around 20L to 35L these days would be worth the investment.

      • +4

        I went to Essendon DFO and looking at quality i came to the conclusion that bags provided by the school shop are the best option for the price.

        • highly agree

      • +7

        Alternative option: get the rolling one :) Not sure if the makes them more or less cool though.

        Give them a pilot costume to go with it.

    • Don't high schools require students to use a standard issue bag?

      • +1

        No, do high schools even offer school bags?

      • +1

        Private schools generally do. They’re Huuuuge.

    • +1

      2nd take - I recently bought this from Amazon for my son starting high school.

      Matein Travel Laptop Backpack, Business Anti Theft Slim Durable Laptops Backpack with USB Charging Port, Water Resistant College School Computer Bag Gifts for Men & Women Fits 15.6 Inch Notebook, Grey

      • Ok. Is it good?

  • +2

    Thanks OP! I’ll add this to the NASA bag I got from the deal at CottonOn that is still in the cabinet and haven’t been used. 😆

    • That was quick! Already got the bag. Nothing spectacular to it though.

  • +2

    Buyer beware - "Ships in 6+ weeks"

    Found this out the hard way with one of the other dell backpack deals. I'll be waiting until mid March for mine to ship, unless I run out of patience and cancel beforehand

    • +2

      Buyer beware - "Ships in 6+ weeks"

      Maybe it's like their monitors. My friend ordered that 27" 4K dell monitor on Tuesday. It said "Ships in 25 days". He's receiving it tomorrow. 🤷‍♂️

    • I've actually bought 2 Dell backpacks recently. One in the Dell ebay sale and this one. Ordered the ebay one a few days before this one also.

      Dell website
      ETA 5 Feb

      Dell ebay
      25 Feb - 9 Mar

      Although I'm guessing it's possible they could run out of stock on hand and put you on back order.

    • +2

      I got "Estimated Ship Date: Feb 2, 2021 ; Estimated to Arrive By : Feb 6, 2021". May be they will change it later.

      • Yep same…although i dont actually "need" this bag so could have waited 6 weeks…

  • It looks so big

  • +1

    Thanks mate! Got one.

    • +1

      bazinga why you got one lol…..any for xps model? I got 2011 XPS 15 inch but very advanced like in 2023 model configuration directly from dell as i was dell employee, still its a gun like performance

      • +2

        lol it is for a Lenovo laptop :D

        • cheers mate i like your name bazingaa lol cute and manly ;)

  • +1

    Cheers, got one! Think my crap one can last another six weeks :D

  • +5

    I bought one and…

    Estimated Ship Date
    Feb 2, 2021

    Revised Ship Date
    Not available

    Not available

    Estimated to Arrive By
    Feb 6, 2021

    • same

    • +1

      Mine arrived today (almost a week before the advised date). Bag is smaller then i was expecting but looks well made.

  • +8

    why do i have a bag coming but no laptop
    why do i have new balance soccer shoes coming when i havent played since under 14 division 2
    why am i still waiting for my 5 buck amazon shirts

    • +7


      • good one, that's how Samsung should do it.

        We need a OzbargainFE starter pack

    • +1

      link to these shirts though?

    • +1

      Indoor soccer shoes are pretty good for the gym. Very stable, good for most lifts and awesome for functional training 😀

  • +2

    Thanks. Bought one to keep my Inspiron 15 7501 in.

  • Good deal, scored one as well.. legend OP.

  • Thanks. Picked one up

  • Thanks op. Grabbed one

  • Thanks, got one.

  • Just got one Thanks OP

  • Thanks OP, I didn't need one but hey what the heck it'll be for my Lenovo

  • Thanks OP, got one!

  • Thanks OP, got 10! Xmas presents sorted

  • Thanks OP. Got 2

  • You're a Legend OP. Thank you.

  • Also this Alienware M15/M17 Elite Backpack 17" Take off 20% with code PDLL20

  • i would buy, but i only have apple products :(
    it won't be compatible

    • I am heavily into macs since 1985, but credit where it is due. Dell make good monitors, mice and keyboards, and yes cheap business laptops.
      Just don’t touch Latitudes or Inspirons.

      • +1

        My Latitude has been great.

  • Thanks OP, got one. Now I'm in the office and WFH half and half I need a decent backpack to carry my laptop back and forth. This is the perfect solution for just $16 bucks!

  • Thanks OP. Mine is expected to arrive on Feb 5

  • Service & Support
    Limited warranty - 3 years


  • Thanks OP. bought few.

  • Thanks OP!

  • They say it was $46.10 but I bought it 2 weeks ago for $29.90

  • +1

    I prefer backpacks with a waist belt, even a very basic one will be good for cycling or heavy load. Those dell bags don't seem to have that.

  • Thanks this looks good for the tiny price tag! Got one too. 5/02 delivery estimate.

  • Shipped
    Shipped: Feb 1, 2021

  • How accurate is their description of only fitting up to 15 inch laptops. Got a xiaomi 16 inch laptop.

  • +3

    None of these have enough padding at the bottom, so if you accidentally drop your bag then it might damage your laptop. Happened to me recently :(

  • Shipped yesterday night from Sydney, received today in Melbourne

  • Mine came in today despite the shipping estimation! (I'm in Sydney)

  • +1

    Mine arrived today too. I only ordered on Friday.

  • +3

    Bit of a crappy design. The backstraps feed over the back pocket, so they're a little bit in the way when opening and closing the zip to put the laptop in.

    • +1

      I think this thing is useless. Terrible design.

      Incredible postage though (if you're around to collect it) - if not …not so much…

      they took mine for a drive past my home yesterday - left a note to say they chose not to drop it off and that I'd have to find them and get it myself - between the hours of 6:30 and 4pm!
      Today I took the day off work. I had to drive past 2 post offices to get to the startrack office (which isn't, it's outsourced to another transport company). Then ring the number on the counter to get someone to come in and serve me. Australia Post, you continually outdo my expectation of you.

      • Use parcel collect service, which they send the parcel directly to the post office. My LPO open 5.5 days so it’s more convenient for me.

  • thanks. bought one

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