This was posted 8 months 23 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Extreme Milk Chocolate Various 4.55kg $85.45 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Hi All

I received an alert from camelcamelcamel this morning about a price drop on optimum nutrition

this is the lowest price I can see historically for the 4.55kgs

Two flavours available Extreme Milk Chocolate

Edit- $76 with S&S.

Vanilla Ice Cream

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    $76.50 for subscribe and save!

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    $76 with S&S. Very good deal.

  • Subscribed! Thanks for posting

  • Doesn't work

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    Anyone know how this flavour compares to the double chocolate one?

    • I got the double choc by accident, tastes like dry cocoa powder. I didn't realise vitamin king would have refunded me within 30 days.. too late and trying to decide what to do with it!

      Extreme milk choc is creamier, mixes very well with almond milk.

      • Maybe mix with something else with taste that you prefer. This is what I do with the unflavoured casein I have (from the Amazon price error last year), mix half and half with normal WPC/WPI mix and it's much more tolerable.

    • Extreme milk chocolate is way better than double chocolate!

      • Bah! I should’ve just ordered first and questioned myself later!

  • Not working and seems like full price for vanilla

  • Coming up as $155 for me

  • Damn doesn't work

    Doesn't add to cart or subscribe

    That's a crazy good price congrats to peeps that got it!

  • Still 155 for me..

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    Is that a price error? Anyway, still 155 for me as well.

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    Damn, this only happens once a year I think. Was due for some more, the aminoz one goes quick with that huge scoop they've provided

    • You need a smaller scoop

      • Yeah the one in their protein was tiny, probably a 5g scoop so they provided separate ones with my order. These weigh around 40g of powder. Not sure how things like the small scoop happen when they do their own manufacturing..

      • Or just half fill it…?

  • Anyone noticed the quality gone down from couple years ago? Trying to find an alternative…maybe I'm just over the brand

    • Yep, felt the same about ONGS myself. Trying Myprotein now. picked it up from a recent 45% off deal that was going on (a fairly regular occurrence)

      • Been thinking about moving away from ON myself. How's Myprotein? Any good? Also, heard Bulk Nutrients is good too. It's aussie.

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          Yea, pretty good actually. I found that it mixes and tastes slightly better than ON.

          The only catch is its UK based, so need to order $150 worth for free shipping.

          Can't comment on BN, but I have tried their free samples, which were decent.

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          I've also moved from ON to Myprotein years ago, they've got some amazing flavours too so I'd highly recommend them. Would only get them at 40% off, they have a huge range as well.

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            @sbeecs: Thank you to both @sbeecs and @starbearer. Will give Myprotein a shot once I'm done with this current batch of ON.

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    Either that or the resellers has been adding random shit inside lol

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    must have been a error from intern. i can see them selling 2.27 kg boxes for this exact price

  • do they inform of expiry date?

    • mine arrived today, expiry 07/22