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Men’s Splice Shred Fit Hoodie $49.95 (Usually $119.95) + $8 Shipping @ I Ride SideWays


First Post*

Found this deal today in my daily scroll. I have a jumper from I Ride Sideways and it is high quality and really comfortable ethically made clothes for stunt boarding
Definitely a bargain I will get on myself.

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    If you're paying $120 for a hoodie, hand in your frugal card

    Also, first post is for a website I've never seen.. is this sock puppeting?

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      as a snowboarder, I can say I have seen their brand around on insta/other people at the snow.

      most snow related brands tend to go for heavier/thicker material than your standard K-mart/Uniqlo hoodies and the taller cuts use more material/more pockets/more zippers

      cant speak for this brand but some other snow brands hoodies I have are much thicker and warmer than your usual surf shop hoodies.

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      Nah mate. I'm legit.
      I bought a waterproof one for warmer days in the snow season.
      I'm surprised there are websites you have never seen before. The internet is big place I guess.

    • Spent about 7 years working winter seasons and can confirm this brand is legit and has been around for quite some time.

  • Small/Large is all thats left.

    • But when you select medium it still gives you a happy face and tells you it's in stock … it isn't.

  • I don't ride SideWays, can I still wear this?

  • Cheers OP - picked up a navy/brown :)

  • Seems good for when I’m out camping (warm and big pockets). $8 postage kinda turned me down hopefully it’ll be worth it

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    this accentuates my belly, hmmm..