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Enterprise Blend 1kg Bags $29.97 & 500g Bags $18.72 + Free Express Post @ Airjo Coffee Roaster


Save 25% off 1Kg bags and 500g Bags only


Use Code AIRJO25 at checkout.
Enterprise Blend Only - Our most popular Blend!! PLUS Free Express Post.

500g Bags $18.72 - 1Kg Bags $29.97

All Orders get FREE Express Post

Sale Ends Midnight Tuesday or when Out Of Stock.

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Airjo Coffee Roaster
Airjo Coffee Roaster

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    • Outstanding Davo!!!!

      Thanks for sharing 👍🏼

  • Thanks, got mine delivered in Melbourne yesterday and bonus jelly beans too. Auspost are improving a little.

  • My beans don't taste that great. Would ambient heat affect the taste? I'm worried they spoiled sitting in my parcel locker all day. It gets direct sun.

    • Hi there itsross - sorry to hear they are not great for you.

      Heat is definitely the enemy of good fresh beans. In saying that, you wouldn't expect that it would create any negative flavours in such a short period of time as much as just dull their original flavours.

      Touch base with me on DM or email at [email protected] and we can work through what your experience is and see if we can help.

      Kind Regards

      • They are tasting a bit better this morning. Maybe they needed degassing after a commented below said. I'm no coffee expert just know if I'm enjoying it or not. This morning it was definitely getting there.

        • Thanks for the update - keen to hear more going forward.


  • +1

    Tried these this morning and honestly found them to be awful. The most sour tasting espresso I have ever got out of my machine at home. Even with steamed milk it has an overpowering fruity (not pleasant fruity) sour/acidic taste.

    Went through about ~150 grams worth of shots playing with grind size, amount and temperature and could not get anything close to drinkable. Will try them again in a few days to see if they still need a bit of degassing. First impressions not good though!

    For reference, I usually enjoy Inglewood’s Sunset Blvd blend.

    If coffee taste wasn’t so subjective (how do you know if it’s ‘defective’ vs you just don’t like it) I’d be asking for a refund…

    • Hey there midgetboxing - sorry to hear these are not working for you. Please contact me through DM or email [email protected] so we can work through your specific experience. We will certainly help where we can. We are super keen to have every experience as positive as possible so please don't give up on us just yet.


      • For anyone curious on the follow up,

        PM’d Dan, and he has responded very promptly and was able to offer me a refund which I very much appreciate. I may not have liked this particular blend I got but to their credit their customer service has been very good.

        I will try their beans again, but maybe a different blend next time :-).

  • Hey dan, wondering if your subscription will ever offer every 4 weeks as an option. Gonna set one up next week but I know every 3 is gonna be slightly too fast so will need to pause it randomly at times

    • Hey freestyle16 - yes indeed - you can choose from weeks or months on as many subscriptions as you set up.- so you can go "every 1 month".

      Hope that helps.


      • ohh there's a week —> month dropdown. i'm blind. thanks.

  • Dan, just wanted to say how much my family and friends have enjoyed the beans we've got from Airjo over the last couple of months (Enterprise, Sumatra, Pegasus). They're superb. Thanks for the OZB discounts (which is how I discovered you). .

    • Hey Gotchacha.
      We sincerely appreciate that. Thank you.
      Big thanks to you also for trusting us to serve you well.

      Looking forward to more in the future.

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