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Enterprise Blend 1kg Bags $29.97 & 500g Bags $18.72 + Free Express Post @ Airjo Coffee Roaster


Save 25% off 1Kg bags and 500g Bags only


Use Code AIRJO25 at checkout.
Enterprise Blend Only - Our most popular Blend!! PLUS Free Express Post.

500g Bags $18.72 - 1Kg Bags $29.97

All Orders get FREE Express Post

Sale Ends Midnight Tuesday or when Out Of Stock.

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  • How does this blend compare to Sumatra / Pegasus blend?

    Any good for milk based coffees?

    • +2

      This is our biggest seller and great for milk and black.
      It's a slightly darker roast than Sumatra and Pegasus.

      We run this one in our coffee van and it never disappoints.

      Hope that helps and thanks for asking.


  • +2

    Code isn't working for me! It says:

    Enter a valid discount code

    I don't want to alarm anyone, but I've only got about 150g left of my Pegasus blend

      2 Feb 5:00am–2 Feb 11:59pm Tomorrow

    • +2

      sickllama - starts tomorrow morning my friend - now I am a little alarmed at your low stock. Let's get that Express Shipping happening tomorrow morning!

    • Ok thanks all, I'll try and remember to order tomorrow!

    • Same thing happened to me, I got about 3 days of Airjo coffee (from last deal) left before I start getting the shakes.

  • +1

    Great coffee, would certainly recommend.

  • When is the roast date? My beans will probably run out thursday, so ideally just put them straight in,

    • +4

      Roasting tomorrow Kah.
      Always same day roasting for OzB deals 👍🏼

      • Just bought. Very happy with previous bags.

  • +1

    How’s this compared to manna beans, alchemy etc?

    • I haven't tried those, but I like Airjo's Enterprise Blend so much that I have no need to investigate further.

  • +1

    Have got a few diff mobs on the go but I'll always come back to these guys when there's an offer (sticking to budget) it's legit coffee beans.

    • Thanks so much. Really appreciate you sharing and great to hear you enjoy the beans.


  • Great timing, I'm nearly out of beans and the last lot were really good.

  • How is this blend with filter?

    • +1

      Works well kicha. We have a good number of customers who use this for filter and always give positive feedback.

      Hope that helps and thanks for asking.


      • Thanks! I'm not an expert, but I usually enjoy blends with nutty/chocolate-y descriptors rather than fruity. Would this fit the bill?

  • +1

    Love these beans and shipping is crazy fast. Less than 2 days to Sydney normally.

    Just wish I could place an order tomorrow for a later shipping date (like Friday or so).

    • 2 days to Tassie with the Pegasus offer last month! :-)))

  • +2

    You hit home runs with Sumatra and Pegasus. Family and friends loved them both.
    Will order this one for sure.
    Thanks OP, very happy to have discovered you and look forward to many more orders from you!

    • Great to hear that Gotchacha!! Thank you for such positive feedback.

    • IMHO the Enterprise blend is better than both of those. My wife likes Sumatra better however.

  • Any decaf? :)

  • Big fan of Air Jo. About due for an order. Thanks Dan.

  • Is this any good for cold brew? If so, should i choose espresso grind? Thanks!

    • Hey there. Thanks for asking. Yes super tasty in cold brew.
      We have a Cold Brew grind option for you to choose when you are ordering. Be sure to choose that one.

      Hope that helps.

  • How long do you recommend letting the beans de-gas after roasting?

    • +1

      Hey Zander46. We would recommend 2 to 4 days depending on your preference. So by the time they get to you after shipping they would normally be ready to rock.

      Hope that helps.

  • a very good bean for iced latte, just finished 1 kg

  • code not working

    • +1

      Tomorrow my friend

      • +1


    • Sale is tomorrow glutamic 👍🏼

      • “Enter a valid discount code”

        Doesn’t seem to work, despite it being tomorrow.

  • +1

    This coffee is great, bought the 1kg last month and nearly finished

  • +1

    Tried Sumatra last time it was on sales, really disappointed (threw the remaining half in a bottle for deco) at its acidity / sour taste (it's nutty tho), I may not be the best of those who make coffee using a manual entry level espresso machine (Barista Express with Smart Grinder), but I do make much better coffee using Di Lorenzo's Speciality blend Barista (strong taste but well balanced, nutty, sweet finish, thick crema. I've been using it for the past 3.5 years) and Forte - the Tripple R ($44/kg is not cheap) - this is darker and have a much stronger taste and sweeter after-taste.

    Maybe Store Rep can tell me which of your product is closer to what I have described
    - dark roast
    - flavour: nutty, deep coca, caramel
    - body: strong silky
    - finish: sweet

    • Hey there terrywang. Sorry to hear the Sumatra wasn’t for you and appreciate you letting us know.
      This one is slightly darker than the Sumatra and may be more to your liking given your description above. Hope that helps.


    • +2

      @terrywang I find that the Sumatra is pretty sensitive to grind size, go too coarse and it is very acidic, but get it right and it's fantastic. I find I need about 5 shots to tune it in.

      • Good to know, thanks m8. It's too late for me as I pour out the remaining into a vase as decoration lol

      • Yup - have noticed the same.

    • Hi terrywang - I had the same issue with the Sumatra beans from early Jan, to me it tasted very sour no matter what grinds I tried and was pretty much undrinkable. Like you, I ended up ditching those beans. But since then I have also given these Enterprise beans a shot, and there is a huge difference, I am happy with the taste of Enterprise. You might want to give it a shot next time there is a deal on Enterprise and see what you think.

  • +2

    If I order a 1kg bag would it be possible to have them in 2x 500g?

    • Hey there cocopops10 - thanks for asking. You would need to order 2 x 500g bags for that one.

  • +1

    Bought a kg of the "Sumatra" last sale; I would describe it as a dark roast with burnt caramel aroma and sweet after taste. I don't own an espresso machine (weird right) and brew my coffee with an Aeropress. I like to drink my brew black, and I wouldn't recommend it for fellow immersion brewers. The bitterness is like a burnt black caramel, with acidity that doesn't pair well. Adding milk doesn't fix the problem. Wish I'd gone for a blend.

    • Thanks for your feedback BullishBuyer - always helpful for us and others to hear individual experiences.

  • Am trying to purchase but get "Enter a valid discount code" error message at checkout….

    • Kickoff was scheduled for 5am OrionAU - Apologies if that wasn't clear.

      • Yes, I was trying at 5.30am….

        • Airjo are based in QLD - potentially daylight savings kicking in if you're NSW/VIC.

  • Found these beans very plain. Not bad just nothing interesting. Fyi. Maybe it was just the name though making me think thank 😅

  • Purchased! Looking forward to see how they go in my moccamaster.

  • Perfect timing!

  • +1

    Finally ordered. Hope I don’t get disappointed like many other “custom seller beans” (compared to supermarket blends).. probably better to lower expectations and be proven otherwise..

    • Yes, I've wasted money on so many exxy duds in the last 2 years, but I like the Pegasus blend I got last month from Airjo, despite it being a bit mellower than I usually go for. I'm having a double espresso latte with it instead of my usual double ristretto latte.

  • Any chance I could get the delivery delayed by a couple of weeks OP?

  • Recommended brew temp for espresso?

  • Customer service is exemplary with these guys! Have purchased the Sumatra, Pegasus and Enterprise blends! Love em all! Highly recommended

  • just grabbed 500g- hoping its good!

  • Just past half way on my previous 1kg of Sumatra beans. They're nice and I personally prefer darker roasts too, so just ordered this. Thanks guys.

  • Are these 100% Arabica? site doesn't specify

    • Yes snynx - 100% Arabica 100% Organic.


  • Can anyone compare these beans with the Aldi Lazzio beans, I have been using Lazzio blends from sometime and would like to get a comparison between these.

    • I'm currently using Lazzio and looking for something a bit stronger/fuller - hope this fits the bill

    • +4

      major step up. can't beat the price point of aldi but not even in the same league.

      • Thanks mate

  • At the risk of sounding pedantic, 500g comes to $18.72 on the website. This post says $18.69.
    It also appears to be rounding up, as 25% of $24.95 is $18.7125.
    When I put in 2 x 500g, I got one at $18.72 and the other at $18.71.

    • Thanks jmchin - I will adjust the title.

      • Hi Store Rep, I just accidentally ordered whole beans and don't have a grinder. It is for a french press. Any chance you help get this changed if I give you an order number? I have also submitted a contact form on your website. Thanks.

  • ordered. hoping these end up being good.

  • Ordered! Looking for advice… just got the Breville Smart Grinder Pro and have a DeLonghi Dedica. What grind settings should I start with on these beans?

  • Hey @AIRJO CoffeeRoasters - I ordered yesterday, and I have a tracking number, it's not here until Friday, clearly not Express Post?

    • It’s Auspost with the delays even with express shipping.

      You can check the shipping type when you track it in the Auspost app. Mine shows as express.

      Ordered yesterday expected delivery tomorrow in Melbourne.

    • Hi picklewizard and thanks so much for your order.
      Super keen to get your feedback on the coffee when you eventually get it.
      If you are asking if we sent is Express Post, yes we did indeed.
      We can lodge an enquiry for you with Auspost if you would like us to ask why it’s scheduled for Friday.
      Just let us know here or in DM or you can email me directly any time at [email protected]


      • Hey Dan, my tracking number still says the order is being prepared. Order number 8750.

      • Thanks Dan, apologies it seems that OzPost are still trying to blame COVID on their shitty service and still aren't guaranteeing next day on Express Post :(

        • No apology needed pw. It's still pretty quick compared to standard post. Good news is the beans will be perfectly de-gassed by the time they hit your palette :)
          Please let us know how they go for you.


    • Mine is also due Friday, I'm in Melbourne. Maybe that's why

      • mine ended up coming today, can't wait to try it when my Sumatra beans are done.

  • I ordered mine early Tuesday and it arrived Sydney Wednesday evening.

  • +1

    Thanks for the jelly beans ;)

    • +1

      Also came here to say the bonus jelly beans were appreciated lol

  • Owh no, missed this :(

  • Tried these beans for the first time this morning. So good!!!!!

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