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LG 55 INCH 4K Smart OLED TV OLED55CXPTA $2725 + Delivery (Free for Selected Metro Area) @ Appliance Central


Best price available now.
Cheaper on the goodguys commercial but needs account.
Must be able to price match at goodguys and jbhifi

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    at this price for 55" people should boycott LG until prices are more realistic for this stage in the cycle or if you're in no rush wait for the 2021 range & atleast pay up for the latest model, just getting ripped off imo

    • But I heard the latest model isn't much of an improvement anyway. And you still gotta wait a few more months before it's released.

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        Covid has changed everything, retailers can barely get enough stock into fill demand so there is no reason to discount.
        LG is defiantly not the only one in this regard although there arent as many players in the OLED market so the effect might be magnified.

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          Part of it is covid, but another part of it in my opinion was the economic response to covid: i.e printing a lot of money and dropping it out of helicopters to people.
          That is always going to cause inflation - and even if it causes prices which usually deflate over time - such as prices for tech goods - to not deflate - then guess what I still consider that to be inflation.

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            @Gamer Dad Reviews: Agreed. Bit of A and bit of B. There's buckets of money in the system now. Inflation should follow soon.

      • It's not a huge improvement over the 9 series, true.
        They always become available in Australia around July-August each year roughly, so I'd expect the 2021 models to be the same!

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      lol, it's not a boycott if you just don't buy the thing you want because it's too expensive

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        should be aus wide protests lol

  • Sony OLEDs are catching on. We need some competition in the OLED sector.

  • https://www.videopro.com.au/p-13344-lg-55-oled55cxpta-ultra-...

    I don't know anything about videopro but that's the current 'best' price that i can find.

    • Shipping 65. So 2745. Go figure

    • Videopro is where I bought my 65” C8 and picked it up. Still using it and works great even with PS5.

      There was an eBay discount promo when I bought it.

  • Yeah I saw some sony oleds in jb the other day and was hard to tell the difference with the cx

  • goodguys commercial sold out of 65" CX's?

  • Still not the best price. It was available on GG for $2545 for consumers a few months ago. It was on OZ Bargain too.

    • That was ebay 15% offer. And I said best deal now.

    • i 'member…!!

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    I'm actually glad they haven't discounted, otherwise I would have bought one, rather than now be determined to wait for the Sammy QNEDs in a few months.

  • Just ordered one through David Jones for $2600 including delivery. They still have stock apparently.

    • Please explain how you got that price

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        Phoned up video pro who said they would price match gg commercial but would have to charge delivery. Then went to Myer, whom beat the price with $2600 and free delivery but on back order, then went to David Jones who said they would price match Myers and had stock interstate and free delivery. Hope this helps?

        • I have pm'ed you
          Please take a look

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