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[AU Stock] Teclast P80X 4G LTE 8" IPS SC9863A Octa Core 2G 32G Android 9.0 Tablet Phone US$72.99 (~A$97) Delivered @ Banggood


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Probably the cheapest it has been for Australian stocks.

Product Detail
Teclast P80X SC9863A Octa Core 2G RAM 32G ROM 4G LTE 8 Inch Android 9.0 Tablet.

Main Fearture:
CPU:Spreadtrum SC9863A 1.6GHz
UNISOC SC9863A is a highly integrated SoC platform that supports TDD-LTE, FDD-LTE, TD-SCDMA, WCDMA and GSM modes. It equips Octa-core ARM Cortex™-A55 application processor and IMG8322 for 3D graphics acceleration.

8 inch 1280 x 800 10-point Capacitive Screen
1280 x 800 resolution brings you high contrast and

This processor is better and faster in playing games and watching videos than the previous gen.

2G RAM to keep system running properly. Also 32G ROM can fully support your apps and media needs.

GPS Function
Get fast and precise positioning with large display device.


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  • ohh tempted to get for the garage.

  • Any idea if these come rooted? ie. can install magisk?

  • This seems not cheap with only 2gig ram….

  • Cheap if your requirement is covered by the low specs.
    Would be ok for movies, books.
    Probably not great for any apps that need any performance or games.

  • Even though its 2GB of RAM, based on the video below and others I've seen on youtube, plus my own use it seems pretty decent. Maybe due to Arm A55 chip. For light use it seems fine. Keyboard responsive, decent/passable web browsing and document viewing


    I game on it - Legends of Runeterra, plays alright. He plays more intense games in above vid

  • Would this be OK for a dash-mounted GPS navigator?
    Good enough display brightness/contrast outdoors? I guess it would need a shade to avoid over-heating.

    A proper Android-Auto 2-DIN unit is a few hundred, plus facia, plus steering control interface, plus hours to install. Too much.

    A phone would do the job, but afraid to touch it, even to see route overview when waiting at a red light, because of cops and $500 fines.

    I tried an old 1GB Lenovo tablet. Google Maps was useless, Waze functional but barely. Data connection to phone unreliable.

    • Google (offline) maps is useful.

    • i was thinking the same use case.. for the oldies.. Although they have enough trouble turning their phone on/off so tethering/hotspotting would be out of the question..

      does seem a decent deal though for ~$90

    • I just fired up google maps on it, set a route and went into drive mode. Zoomed in and out a bit. Its passable, not the snappiest.

      About on par to when I plug my oppo into Android Auto in my car. I'd still prefer Android Auto or even my phone mounted on the dash

    • Here maps. No internet/data required only need GPS enabled, free from the play store plus free updates. Has voice guidance etc same as dedicated GPS. I set my destination and throw the phone in the door pocket and listen to the voice guidance.

  • is the screen laminated?

    Hard to get a good 8-inch Tablet these days
    Need that Tiger SOC though

    • no, not laminated. The screen sits a little further back. Not super noticeable unless I put it side by side with my android phone which is laminated

  • would be tempted if it was 4/64 with Android 10

    • I need 8 inches and preferable under 350 grams that is the ideal size and weight for me for usage in bed.. yes I am speaking about a tablet get your head out of the gutter

  • I just received it today. Definitely worth $97. Not noticed any lagging while watching videos or switch between apps. Perfect size for my need as I don't really play games. Comes with a free screen protector already on the screen.

    • I got mine today. Seems pretty good so far.
      After performing the upgrade I'm getting a Google play store warning 'UnisocAR' may be harmful though. Did you see this too?
      Just wondering whether this is a concern? I think Unisoc is the chip manufacturer of this device.

      • Essentially a 720p panel?? whats it like as a reader, movie viewer??

        • For a 8 inch tablet, I think 720p is clear enough for watching videos and reading e-book.

      • Mine didn't show up any upgrade required tho. Regarding the warning message, I think it's got something to do with one of apps might be harmful.

    • what is max resolution is it 720p? I am assuming it cannot do netflix or disney plus HD playback

      my next tablet really just needs those two things HD playback and able to multi task.. think discord in background and other apps in the foreground

      2gb ram can't do that I am sure

  • Essentially a 720p panel??? Whats it like?

  • Thanks hope this can install ms teams work apps.

  • Was gonna jump on this if anybody can confirm Netflix, YouTube and Disney Plus max resolution supported?