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25% Cashback at adidas ($25 Caps) @ ShopBack


25% cashback at Adidas, also if you want to you can put promo code (EDGE20) for an additional 20% off.

Note: EDGE20 is not listed on Shopback website and may invalidate cashback.

To Ensure adidas Promo Code and Cashback Eligibility
Use only promo codes from ShopBack

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  • Promo code not advertised on shopback tho

  • Can shopback confirm they'll honour the 25% cashback when this code is used?

    • No it's confirmed you can't stack the code and the cash back

      • I took the promo code down so no more confusion so 25% I guess

        • depending on how much you spend, 20% might be better than 25% since the 25% is capped at $25.

          Leave both up and let the user decide which to use.

    • I’m not sure if they can because I haven’t tried but 25% cash back is still good nonetheless. It’s your choice if you want to risk it, either way your at least still saving 20%.

  • Adidas store in eBay has some reduction as well. Might be worth checking there

  • Does anyone else think the new Ultraboost 21s are ugly? The super heel wedge is no doubt good for running but it doesn't help keep the UB at the top of the ladder for style. Add to the fact that the Ultraboost 20s had mainly terrible colour options and it's as though Adidas are deliberately trying to put off the casual wearers like me.

    • I have UB 19, and I don't like the fact that the inner sole is not glued on. It rides up your heel and eventually gets bent. Your toes will not rest on top of the sole because it's removable.

  • #No promocodes = NO shopback 🥺

    Promocodes+cashback= #cashrewards😍
  • I dont need more shoes, I dont need more shoes..I dont need more shoes..

  • BTS30 for 30% off kids.

  • Shopback Adidas link fails to connect to https://adidas-australia.pxf.io site. Anyone else getting this error?

  • You’re better off just using the promo code to get a guaranteed 20% discount rather than playing the ShopBack lottery to get 25% cash back.

    I have been using ShopBack for ages, accumulating over $1500 in cash backs. But recently lots of transactions aren’t tracking even though I have gone through the same process to ensure that the transactions are tracked properly. I always use the ShopBack app so reasons like content blockers, other clicks, etc are not applicable. Not surprisingly it is usually the upsized cash backs that don’t track.

    • Yep need to set your expectations, Many have been burned before. Treat the cashback like a "bonus" and don't factor it into the price you pay.

      Assume the worse, hope for the best.

  • Use a promo code instead of jumping through these hoops. Shopback refuses even when you provide screenshot and video evidence of you making the purchase.

  • With the $25 cap, I'd go the 20% promo code. Spend over $100 for free shipping.

    P.S. I recon they will be getting a heap of returns from the pre Xmas sale. I bought 14 different pairs. Returned all but one, found the sizes and definitely the widths all over the place (even though Adidas site says they all have the same width). No idea what the buzz is about Ultraboosts? They were some nasty uncomfortable shoes (skinny, hard and ugly). But they were the UB20s and seems they may be a dud UB.

  • You would only wear adidas if you died and your gender fluid partner sold your nike sneakers on gumtree

  • It’s a bit confusing but Cashrewards may be doing 20% cashback in the next few days according to this.

  • ShopBack sucks, be aware your credit might not honour