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Dr Martens Boots Sale - 1460 Mono Suede $83.99, 1461 Mono Suede $55.99 etc (C&C/+Shipping/Free Shipping $130+) @ Platypus


Noticed that the Platypus sale included a number of Doc Martens shoes and boots at well below their usual sale prices.

Example: 1460 Mono Suede currently sold out in most sizes for $120 at the Iconic, sold out at $220 on Asos

Suede Docs tend to not require a break in period, which might suit some as well!

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  • Where are these made in ? Anyone know

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      Mostly around South East Asia these days. They do carry a 'Made in England' line - but it will clearly say so in the product name if it is part of that line.

  • hardly any size :( suck to have size 5 feet.

    • Which ones do you like? I wanted suede but none in my size so got red lined. Wish they had the green lined ones but they’re still nice

      • anything under $70 really. the only heavily discounted ones with my size is the wanderlust flowery one. if i wanted colorful shoes i would have just bought vans.

      • thats infant size unfortunately…

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    I know its a bit dodgy but, could you order a size they have in stock and then return it for boots that are actually your correct size but are out of stock currently?
    Hard to pass up on savings like these.

  • using pigskin the shoes could be cheaper.

  • I'm not seeing the extra 30% off marked prices coming up in my payment screen. Anyone else having issues? Buying the doc 1460 if that's relevant.

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      The 30% discount has already been applied - they've just used very confusing phrasing for the offer.

      • Thanks kindly.

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    Bought one. Thanks OP

  • They're even cheaper now! I nearly just posted this

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