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Xiaomi Portable Air Pump $45.99 + Delivery @ Gshopper AU


PM Gshopper OP and they are happy to run this deal again

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  • Waiting for under $40

  • Thought it was the illegitimate love child of the G5 MacBook and an iPod!

  • I bought this and it kinda struggles to pump my tires (presta). I have to hold the tube and the main pump in a specific manner for it to pump, and the battery refuses to hold a charge over a period of time which means if you want it ready you need to be charging it consistently(maybe every few days), or you'll find it sputters out midway.

    I wonder if I got a dud because if you don't hold the tube in a certain way it seems like there isn't a perfect seal around the valve, which means air leaks and you can't get the tire up to pressure.

  • ive got a wired type on pre-order at banggood for @ $33 shipped

    this ones a little bigger but you get a battery as well - which is a double edged sword as another person has already pointed out

    if xiaomi designed this thing properly and also allowed you to power this thing directly via 12v cigarette plug it would be an easy decision, hard to justify spending an extra 35% for something that is just as much a con as it is a pro

  • Argh just bought off them via Amazon yesterday for a lot more