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[PC] Free - Metro: Last Light Redux @ Epic Games


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  • Deux.
    Well done.

      • That comment was from Christmas day. People can't stay that cheerful and happy all year round, it's unnatural.

        • Its a change from a lovey dovey cheerful gesture back to saltiness at his rival's Epic deal posts.

          The weekly Epic posts are usually worth 300 to 450+ votes each. Lys would love exclusivity in posting this weekly goldmine because most of his posts have votes that are in the single digits, < 10.

          Not surprising because most of it are just re-posts of whats in r/GameDeals and low quality Indiegala shovelware, announcing double-xp weekends, and hey, this free Epic $15 coupon can be used on game X, imma post heaps of "a new deal" for each game you can apply that coupon to

      • Well done is really not negative.
        What would you like me to say so you are satisfied?
        I really did not realise there was a speech police here. Reminds me of that Seinfeld episode with the soup, only that with you it is not soup but speech/words/language.😉

        • speech police …. reminds me of that someone who repeatedly threatened to report ozb members to the police and 'anti-bullying organisations' regarding internet comments.

          The user actually stated they had lodged police reports against ozbargain members. Must be true right, one wouldn't say something like this otherwise. Afterwards, the caller was confident the police will pursue.

          Police here is very strict on this and will definitely pursue.

          • @payton: Hey man, he works for the United Nations, one phone call and he'll have Boutros Ghali, Kofi Annan and Ban Ki-Moon over to your place to conduct a search for any Comments of Mass Destruction, offences that are punishable by at least several years of e-sanctions against posting on any online forums and the complete confiscation of all E-Peen stockpiles.

            The last person he reported for crimes against referral-linking to the UN had to go into a real-life penalty box for 48 days before confessing to his illegal attempt at out-posting Lysander's gaming deals. He's now in hiding, living under a new identity and fearing for his life.

            • @Gnostikos: For sure. When he and his fantasy legal eagle firm aren't advising the UN and giving lectures on what is his definition of 'proof', he also manages two charities for the poor and vulnerable. If only all these voiceless, invisible folks could vote on his game deals on ozb, he wouldn't be so thirsty.

              He sent me a cease and desist notice, telling me to "not make such loud noise and maybe stay away", otherwise "I might just find out" what he's capable of.

  • Thank you!

  • Thanks OP and Epic, you're simply the best.

  • Anywhere to get Metro 2033 for free? Need to play that first

  • Nice! They're giving away the redux version with all the DLC's

  • Another to add to the growing list of shame. Thanks!

    • lol. was thinking the same. I only play 2-3 regular games and now have a library of over 30 games in Epic, Xbox PC, Steam and origin which I never play.
      But hey, may be one day.

      • Retirement life can't come soon enough

      • 30? That's some rookie numbers. Most OzBargainers could add another zero or two

      • have a library of over 30 games

        Pffft, that's a small library… Epic have been doing giveaways for a while now so you should be up to the hundreds just from Epic alone. If you also include Steam, GOG, Origin, Amazon, PS, Xbox, etc., then it would be a big steaming pile of shame… Oh, not to mention having the same game in multiple formats/platforms (I think I have Metro Last Light on Steam already and also on the PS4…)

        • I have not counted them lol. I said over 30 which might be 30 or more on each platform.
          I dont get every free game. Get the ones I think I might play.

  • I think free games legit ruined my relationship with gaming. Something to do with brain chemistry. There's something great about not having enough games in your library, and adding new ones that you really want

    State of wanting to play more than you get = Good
    State of getting more than you want to play = Bad

    • +1 vote

      You, sir, have articulate our dilemma accurately…

      But Metro was one of those gems that I clocked up many hours on, and helped me forget that dilemma for a while. (it was free on steam some years ago I think)

  • If COVID lockdowns didnt increase the amount of games you played… nothing will!

  • 99 Free Games on my list (I have not taken some as dont like) havent bought a single game off them (epic)….

  • Are these free to keep after the promo period?

  • Played this out so many years back and still remember it was an brilliant! Thanks OP!

  • Thanks!

  • Neato, redeemed it, thanks!

  • truly nice find op

    it's refreshing to find an actual deal in here amongst all the spam posts