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[PC] Free - World of Warships — Exclusive Starter Pack (Was $34.95) @ Steam


Requires the free base game to play.

Exclusive Starter Pack DLC offers you a wonderful set of bonuses, suitable for all these situations… and more!

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    There was a problem adding this product to your Steam account - sad face

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        Seems you can claim it by going through the main page on the store and not searching for it, that worked for me


      If you haven't already, you need to click play on the base F2P game (don't need to install). Usually it comes up with a message saying you need the base game but I was getting this error instead.

      EDIT: hah I totally missed the below comment.

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    I think you need to click the 'free to play' link on the main game before you can grab this pack.

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    If you are getting the error "There was a problem adding this product to your Steam account" when trying to add this.

    Firstly add the base game to your account from this page and start a download.

    Then go back to the offer page and add that to your account.

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      You don't even need to start the download. Just cancel the install dialog and then claim the offer.

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        Thank you! Can confirm what stealthpaw said works

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    Always good to get stuff for free but I should warn, as a long time World of Warships player, the monetisation is scummy, all the items in the pack are exorbitantly overpriced (the ship + all the premium currency is only worth $14 so the original price of $34 is ridiculous) and all other items (or similar) can be earned with very little effort just by playing (minus the ship which is frankly terrible and is likely to turn new players away from the game due to how punishing it is). Additionally, while this won't be apparent to new players, the game has largely taken a turn for the worse with very blatantly imbalanced ships/classes and the most recent patch only exasperating the issues.

    If you pick up the game and enjoy it, more power to you. I would just recommend due diligence before taking this as a sign of the developers generosity.


      It's a shame they're getting as bad as Gaijin with War Thunder. That game is broken and they're way worse than WG with their money hungry schemes. At least WG gives you a little sugar before they (profanity) you.


    I only ever hear bad things about world of <whatever>. The grind is too much, the paid vehicles are OP, etc.

    Maybe give MechWarrior Online a go. The past few years have been a bit dead, but the developers have recently put together a roadmap to instill new life. And to top it off, for the month of February they are promoting some new Razer keyboard by giving away free in-game stuff. You just need to pew pew some stuff with a stompy stompy robot. Even the trial mechs are decent i.e. this game is not P2W.

    Just don't think you can play with a joystick. This is very much a keyboard and mouse game. And is CPU bound more than GPU. That said, it was first released like 8+ years ago so chances are your peecee is good to go.