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Monopoly Lunar New Year Edition - $39 C&C or + Shipping @ Target


Inspired by the colourful and lively Lunar New Year festival, the Monopoly Lunar New Year edition board game has players buying shops, collecting gifts, and finding good fortune.

Move around the board buying shops such as a Jade Shop, Flower Market, a Firecracker Shop, and more. The more shops a player owns, the more money they'll get when opponents purchase gifts from those shops. Feeling lucky? Fortune Stick and Pinwheel cards can be game changers! At the end of the game players can store the tokens, cards, dice, and money in the red envelopes. What a fun way to celebrate the Lunar New Year!

This is part of Lunar New Year Deals for 2021

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Target Australia
Target Australia

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  • +26

    is there an option to buy an uighur re education facility?

    • +39

      No, but there is a chance card which is ‘You talked about something on internet against to CCP, go to jail.’

      • +9

        The downvote branch of the CCP army is a strong one.

      • +15

        i asked my wife to share a news article on wechat re the recent bbc report about rape and torture of uighur women. we're both of chinese ethnicity and it really hit home this time that "our people" are doing these alleged crimes. i wanted to know whether our friends there knew about these allegations and if there is truth in the reports.

        no one responded.

        f me

        • +5

          As someone said, ignorance is bliss.

        • +1

          Thank you for being compassionate and activist! you are a legend.

        • +5

          What do you expect from your friend? Are they living in Xinjiang or in charge of those "re ed camps"? Sounds like you have already taken this BBC article based on just one side of the story as the fact. I am not saying there ain't such crimes committed, I am just curious about your way of judging fact from just another story, isn't "innocent until proven guilty" a fundamental legal principle in western common law system? Your way of accusing others reminds me of how CCP acts towards its own people…sad but true…

          • @UCB: Mate. Read my comment. Alleged. Allegations. Looking for truth. How is that taking one side as truth?

            Get off your high horse. If you come across info that someone has been raped or assaulted, you would (insert your answer here).

          • +1

            @UCB: That's the point of investigative journalism, collecting evidence and collating them into a report. There is overwhelming evidence that these crimes are being committed on a daily basis.

            • @eggboi: Would you mind showing pieces of your "overwhelming evidence", 'cause after reading the BBC article I found nothing but this line"It is impossible to verify Ziawudun's account completely because of the severe restrictions China places on reporters in the country"

        • -1

          Many of the news from western outlets are just "fake news", designed and used by western governments as geopolitical tools.

          Examples include "Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq" (proven to be a complete fabrication), 'Chemical Weapons used in Syria" (photos and videos showing child actors laughing and playing after they have taken the footage needed for their fake news) and many others.

          I won't be surprised if those Uighur incidents were also fabricated by the CIA.

          • @ju2au: so what do you suggest - ignore the allegations? on the basis that there have been a trove of fake news in the past?

          • @ju2au: I'm not surprised that you wouldn't be surprised. In FACT, a lot of the western media regularly dismissed the claims of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq - based on reliable information from reputable inspectors on the ground. Both Hussein and Assad used chemical weapons against their citizens. Search, read, and make up your own mind.

    • +12

      You do know it's more than Chinese than celebrate Chinese New Year…

      • -16

        Such as?

        • +13

          Really? Is this not common knowledge? Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, North Korea, Singapore, South Korea, and Vietnam. It is all public holidays in these countries.

          • -1

            @MissTamriel: There are many lunar calendars around the world so to abbreviate this one to 'Chinese New Year' seems reasonable. Unless you'd prefer 'Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, North Korea, Singapore, South Korea, Vietnam, and China New Year'? But hey, knock yourself out

          • -9

            @MissTamriel: It’s a shame then that the Chinese put their name on it to imply ownership, just like they do to independent nations and other countries’ waters. The CCP and their drones are bringing this hatred towards their government on themselves. They’ll have few friends left at this rate and it won’t be long until the survivors of their repression start rising up.

            • +5

              @The Almighty Dollar: It's literally just called Spring Festival in China. It's western countries adopting the term 'Chinese New Year'.

              • @MissTamriel: western countries including… taiwan?

                /offtangent TAIWAN NUMBA ONE

                • @inamberclad: Taiwan is neither western nor a country, wake up son…

                  • -1


                    neither western

                    Exactly my point. According to wiki, Taiwan refers to it as Chinese New Year. To add to this assertion, without use of /s.

                    In fact, wiki also refers to Taiwan as a country.

                    Go check for yourself. Son.

                    • @inamberclad: Lol, I ain't got my degrees from wiki, so no thanks…taiwan is part of a country that is still in a civil war officially, so no way it's gonna be an independent country.

            • +3

              @The Almighty Dollar:

              the Chinese put their name on it to imply ownership

              hey you might want to fact check this bit you wrote

              • -1

                @inamberclad: Not particularly. I’m fully aware it’s not called CNY in other countries that culturally celebrate it, but do you think just because western countries call it CNY that a white male with no links to the CCP decided to just call it that? Possible, but it’s beside my point. The more pressing issues are in my points about stealing territory and disregard for international law and diplomacy. Their attitude has never been more obvious and more and more people around the world now dislike them, and that’s why people carry on whenever a product referencing China comes up. Can assure you it wouldn’t happen if they acted reasonably.

                • @The Almighty Dollar:

                  more pressing issues are in my points about stealing territory and disregard for international law and diplomacy

                  couldn't agree more

                  • @inamberclad: Regardless, they seem to be taking everything they do from the Nazi playbook. The points you mentioned along with mass surveillance of all citizens and “re-education camps”. “Communist party” is a misnomer and they love it because it makes it sound like they are a benign, obsolete form of government.

          • +1

            @MissTamriel: And Christmas Island of Australia.

        • +6

          It's a celebration of the Lunar Calendar also known as Spring Festival celebrating the first new moon.

      • +1

        i'm not sure i follow your point?

        • +10

          Because you literally assumed only Chinese are celebrating Chinese New Year and commented about anti chinese information and Uighur re-education camps in China on a post about a board game, completely off topic. The creator of this website is Chinese even.

          • +7

            @MissTamriel: Mate please calibrate your targeting system because it is way off.

            Anti Chinese? Give me a break You are reading your own biases into this forum.

            If you perceive the words Uighur reeducation facility as anti Chinese, are you feeling guilty? Coz personally I do feel guilty. People are allegedly being raped and tortured and your response is calling out anti Chinese sentiment? Omg

            • -2

              @inamberclad: Then what made you want to comment any of this on a post about Monopoly of all things.

              Why would I personally feel guilty for something I did not do and am not at all involved in since I am an Australian woman? It is not called 'guilt' to feel empathy towards people…unless you're literally a CCP spy?

              • -3

                @MissTamriel: His comment was topical and quite reasonable - unlike many things the CCP does as part of its quest for world dominance, unfortunately. We should all be disgusted and abhorred, irrespective of our ethnicity and/or which country is involved. Myanmar's treatment of the Rohingya was similarly disgraceful.

                • +2

                  @DisabledUser67242: You can be outraged and get into political discussions outside of an Ozbargain post about monopoly.

                  • @MissTamriel: His initial comment wasn't outrage, it was sarcasm - and perfectly targeted.

                    So we can presume from your comments here that YOU aren't "outraged" because you weren't involved? What a sad state of affairs. Ever heard of the golden rule or 'there but for the grace [of God] go I? It's simply inexcusable for anyone - including Chinese nationals and even members of the CCP - NOT to be abhorred by the inhumane treatment of others.

              • @MissTamriel: whoa hold up
                first i'm accused of commenting anti chinese information (re the uighur re education facilities)
                now i'm accused of being CCP spy?
                mate, figure out what your argument is. then come back to me. i'm seriously confused!!!
                and saying @scotty is chinese.. what's that got to do with anything?

    • +5

      Or perhaps an Aussie Aboriginal Genocide Edition that shows the 2 faced nature of Australia? or perhaps a US Black Lives Don't Matter Edition for the Whites who like to criticize others but not acknowledge their own evils?

      • Lol. Your scattergun approach to argument needs quite a bit of work fella. PLENTY of "white" people worldwide acknowledge and abhor past and present treatment of ethnic and other minorities.** The fact that our own governments / officaldom (eg USA police) are also guilty of human rights abuse is no reason for us to ignore/condone abuses elsewhere.**

  • +1

    How the the Chinee feel if it was made not in China

    • +6

      It is definitely made in China.

    • -1

      Doesn't matter. It's either made in China or some other places where most are friendly to Chinese people.

    • nothing…it ain't take rocket science to produce these card games…why bother?

    • it doesn't matter whether made in China or not…

      however the majority of investors of the manufacturer to the made from whatever countries still Chinese…

      Chinese have expanded outside their territory & country.

      Made can possible not from China but the maker still Chinese…

  • +1

    Is this RRP

    • +1

      Not bad if you claim flybuys points.

    • +1

      I’ve seen it for $45 usually, but most of them are out of stock.

  • +28

    Instead of "Free Parking" it's "Free Tibet"

    • Negged by 8 CCP supporters 😂🤣😅

  • +1

    I'm curious, does this change designs year on year?

    • +1

      Hmm. It looks like this is the first year for its release. I guess they could reprint it every year?

    • one of the figurines is an ox, so that changed

  • +13

    There's no jail in China, just re-education camps…

    • +3

      Where they do delightful things such as rent out the imprisoned women to local men apparently (see BBC news site, Australian coverage pretty pitiful).

      • -2

        Don't believe everything you see

    • +1

      theres also more than 1 country & culture that celebrates the Lunar New Year.

    • +2

      There's no humour in China either from some of these other replies.

  • +1

    What’s wrong with Target, the board says Lunar New Year and they have to change their title to Chinese Lunar New Year.

    • +1

      Such audacity.

    • +4

      Hehe everyone gets mad when Merry Christmas changed to Happy Holidays but when Chinese New Year gets changed to Lunar New Year…oh it's fine, more inclusive they say

    • AFAIK, Lunar New Year is a bit different across some Asian countries. One of simple examples would be some countries have a bit different zodiac signs/animals for each lunar year. The lunar new year we "celebrate" in Australia for decades is Chinese version Lunar New Year, the elements printed on the board are mixed by Chinese and Monopoly elements. A few years back, we changed the term "Chinese" New Year into Lunar New Year officially for not offending anyone from different cultural background who also celebrate their own lunar new years.

    • Nothing its meant to CNY, other countries or culture force it to be LNY.

      No Chinese will buy a Board named LNY

  • +9

    Whoever came up with this board just googled different types of shops that exist and chucked it on this….

  • +2

    Looks like national security threat…

  • -1

    Got an extension pack "War of Afganistan", seeing killing Muslim civilians stuff…does it work with this Monopoly? I guess no :)

  • +5

    It's just Lunar New Year. Not Chinese Lunar New Year :)

    New Year celebrations for many countries in Asia, not just China.

    • -8

      Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, same same. Rice is rice.


    • why not both?

    • +6

      The product of this listing is related to Chinese Lunar New Year. 恭喜發財 is printed on the board.

      • "LUNAR NEW YEAR" is printed on the box and the board.

  • +8

    Go straight to Xinjiang. Do NOT fraternise with international media. Do NOT collect 200 social credit points.

  • +3

    Monopoly Chinese edition:

    Throw dice, Buy
    Throw dice, Buy
    Throw dice, Buy

    • And?

    • Well that is one thing the original Monopoly rules predicted well - bid at an impromptu auction and buy properties outright with cash.

  • Isn't this just RRP?

  • +1

    Can we get an Australian Wine Monopoly Edition please?

    • I have a feeling the COVID 19 edition will be out soon with only essential shops and face masks, hand sanitizer are gifts etc. Oh and toilet paper as bonus.

      • Do not pass Go, do not collect 20kg of rice.

        • *do not pass go, do not collect hong bao

  • +2

    The shops are a bit silly. Would be more realistic if they used the properties and utilities from this board.

  • +7

    Jokes about communism aren't funny..

    …Unless everyone gets it.

    • If you believe the news, we're all going to get it sooner or later…

  • +27

    It still amazes me the attraction of some OzBargainers to focus on an item’s cultural attachment, rather than the item itself.

    Mostly though, the attraction to bash anything Chinese is starting to become a social norm on here. Look at some of the comments in posts about soy sauce.

    So I’m taking a stand and saying NO to racism.

    • -9

      So I’m taking a stand and saying NO to racism.


    • -4

      It's important to see the intention. Don't conflate Chinese (Nation) with Chinese (person). It's not racist to make fun of the former.

      • +2

        Sorry it is. You just don't get the point. No to racism full stop.

        • -2

          No it isn't lol. Quite literally isn't, objectively and by definition.
          That's just as stupid as claiming closing the borders to China being racist just because it is China.

          You're a CCP shill

          • @Blitzfx: Wasted effort Blitz. When he gets more years under his belt and takes more notice of the world around him he might appreciate there is a VAST difference between people, their race/ethnicity/nationality, and the actions and policies of their rulers.

    • It's racist to acknowledge genocide???

      CCP shills

      • +5

        It’s racist to blame it on everyone of its billion+ citizens

        • -1

          I blame China.

          Ok, consider me racist then.

          Now what?

          China still committing genocide

          • @Whomastadon: It's not racist and I agree with you.

            What they're REALLY saying is that China (nation) = 100% (by their implicit definition) ethnically Han-Chinese, which is false. There are at least 55 other ethnicities in China.

            Therefore, they are assuming that just because they look asian or are from China must mean they are Han-Chinese, and therefore racist themselves.

            This is by definition racism and discrimination against minorities.

        • Classic CCP shill whataboutism

          Imagine dismissing genocide because another country did something a century ago.


      • +11

        Hypocrisy knows no bounds. Do you go to any thread about goods or services even vaguely western and start harping on about the treatment of indigenous tribes? I have no love for the CCP but this is just a thinly veiled excuse to dump on a culture that's shared by so many communities other just those under the CCP.

        Your internet warrior effort would be better served writing to your elected reps about your concern with the absolutely horrid things they are doing in Xinjiang but hey, much easier to just shit on others because they're different and now you've got an "excuse".

        • -1

          It's almost as bad as denying it's happening or ignoring it.


          • +2

            @Whomastadon: Get a grip, and no I will never call you racist for criticising the CCP but keep believing you're actually doing something other than casual racism by vomiting all over deals that are even vaguely Chinese.

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