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Sunbeam Coffee Grinder EM0450 $76.07 Inc Postage


This is a good entry level grinder according to some coffeephiles.

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  • **coffee snobs. More apropriate :P

  • This is a very good deal. The 450 is the same as the 480 apart from having a plastic body. So you still get a good quality burr unit and strong motor.

  • Great entry level grinder….just note that the grinding becomes inconsistent as the hopper gets low on beans, so try to keep a few in there, rather than let it get too low ;)

  • I'm 2 years grinding beans for over 4 coffees a day (using the 480 which is the same apart form ascetics).
    Great for domestic machines. I've now got a commercial so I grind on the finest setting which works well, but I can't choose a finer grind when I want.
    Great grinder. Replaceable burrs if you ever get to that point.

    • If you call up sunbeam support line and explain, they will send you out a paper thin washer that after installed (just fits under the bottom bur) will give you a much finer grind.

  • Fantastic deal. This has been one of CHOICE's recommendations for a while.

  • Great grinder. always use setting 14 on my EM0480 and it produces a great coffee out of my machine

  • Anyone know how this compares to a Breville baroma coffee grinder (BCG450)? I've found the breville to have rather course grinds and hoping the sunbeam would be finer

    • there are 25 settings on the Sunbeam. If you go down to 1 it is VERY fine like sand.

      If you are using it on an espresso machine then the manual reccomends a setting of 12-16, I have found 14 to be perfect.

    • Some of the Breville grinders can be modded to remove the last stop, which then results in a very fine range of grinds.

      • The BCG450 can be easily modded (google it) as mentioned. Having said that mine seems to grind really fine for espresso unmodded so they don't all seem to be equal…

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  • That in combination with :

    Saeco Aroma

    would be a good cheap little setup …

    the Aroma is 138 euro delivered to Australia (aka $178 AUD)

    Articoli: EUR 118,01
    Costi di spedizione: EUR 20,00
    Totale IVA esclusa: EUR 138,01
    IVA: EUR 0,00
    Totale ordine: EUR 138,01

    btw.. here is the exact same coffee machine on (not…

    Cost of entry level coffee machine and grinder then would be
    $178 + $76 = $254

  • Great deal. I've already got the Sunbeam EM0450 (or 480 I forget) and have been very happy with it. Buying this as a possible gift for parents or GF. Keep in mind that even if people don't drink espresso a good grinder and fresh beans will make all coffee better.

  • I use a Rancilio 'Rocky' doserless - and it produces nicely ground coffee with good results through a 'Gee' machine at home. It cost $400+ though. At the price quoted, the EM0450 is really good value for a proper grinder!

    • …and so I've bought one too. For the office. Shame that the coffee machine that I'll be grinding for is so ordinary - but as ndenham (hereabove) points out, fresh beans and a decent grinder should make an appreciable difference.

      • My Sunbeam machine only cost $200 (and just saw it on clearance last week for $100!) but paired with this grinder it produces a far better result than many of the local cafes.

        • Hey nubzy, which Sunbeam you got and do you know if still on clearance sale and where? I had a friend ask about a coffee machine combo for $200(ish) and I told her she was dreaming…

        • Hey nubzy, which Sunbeam you got and do you know if still on clearance sale and where?


        • Hey mooboy,

          It is the Sunbeam Cafe Crema

          I saw it for $100 in Target Macquarie centre, could only see one box though.

        • Thanks heaps, will pass the info on :)

      • How do you find the GEE machine? At this price, I'm kind of tempted to get one for office too, then just combine it with a plunger…

        Then again, my desk is messy enough without grinds everywhere…

  • This item is not in stock and looks like it will be delivered early next month (no solid ETA) as I just called.


  • Amazing price for a great grinder!!!

    • I wouldn't call it a great grinder. But, as lostincanberra says, it's a proper grinder. But yeah, still an amazing price.

      • "…and here in the ozbargain forums, we have the exotic specimen of a coffee snob. Observe the high standards this particular snob lives by…" - David Attenberough

        • Lulz! I can almost hear Rabbitborough's voice saying that too! :)

        • lol no need to neg mooboy though - I do agree with his statements, we are all at different stages of coffee appreciation!

        • Nah, neg the hell outta him schwinn…I've got my Xmas pitchfork all sharpened up! ;)

        • ha ha, I laughed when I read that. Just glad I resisted all temptation to comment on some of the Nespresso posts… I would have been negged to oblivion.

  • Nice find. An excellent choice for anyone looking to spend <$80 on a grinder. This is a conical burr grinder vs a flat burr, which gives you a more precise grind and even grind, especially useful for use with domestic espresso machines.

  • I ordered…I can finally say goodbye to my 20yo cheapo 'coffee & spice' grinder :)

  • This + $14 Target popcorn maker = coffee adventure.

    • Yes yes yes…Coffee adventure indeed…..Time for everyone to get second cracking!*

      *6-8 minutes in, 1st crack (sounds like popcorn)…not roasted enough……8-12 minutes start of second crack (cellophane crackling noise)..STOP! Its just right…hellow 120g of roast coffee!

    • the smell that fills your whole house after embarking on this adventure is worth it :) especially come xmas with visitors, beats fruity candles and incense hands down…

      • but then a rotten egg would beat fruity candles too. It really is hard to beat the smell of fresh coffee though.

      • I don't. The chaff that fills the house gets everywhere…roasting is best done outside…..Also the coffee roast stink lasts about three days…..Strangely, I always feel a bit wired after an evening roast.

    • is that the normal price, and does it work ok for roasting?