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[PC] Steam - Borderlands 3 Standard $29.68 / Super Deluxe Edition $49.47 / Ultimate Edition $71.37 @ Steam Store


First time poster, be gentle!

Found this 2K Publisher Sale on Steam, great prices for those who wants it on the Steam platform.

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  • Why is it the case these when console games are much cheaper than their PC counterpart? This has been $9 on PS4/Xbox for a while now

    • It's obvious, PS4 and Xbox One are last generation now so retail stock needs to go. This isn't the cheapest that we've seen it on pc either.

      • The game got free upgrades for both consoles to better optimise them for the new systems however.

        As for the $9 price, that didn’t get you any of the DLC so there’s a decent chance the game devs would make money there, particularly given this games so heavily geared towards online co-op.

    • Apart from what's already said it's because PS4/Xbox is last gen so their version isn't exactly comparable to PC. E.g Cyberpunk 2077 on PS4 with potato graphics.

      It's also the fact that you can resell games on console so price has to be competitive against used market.

      • But BL3 gets a free PS5 upgrade so that point of being last generation does not apply.

    • I managed to get the Ult. Ed. via family members overseas (local store) for that price ($9). So there is a chance that the price here will also hit say $15 for PC towards the end of this year.

  • price matched at jb hifi using eb games and got the standard for $10 lol

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