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[VIC] 40% off Storewide (e.g. adidas Ultraboost 20 $109.20) @ adidas DFO South Wharf


They're having 40% off storewide on top of whatever price is displayed. Thought the price felt pretty good. Lots of stock at DFO South Warf too.

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  • Was 50% off footwear last week. I snagged a supercourt for ~$35

    • Noice

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      Why didn't you share it here instead of bragging about it?

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        The deal was still on last week. Don't blame me if you're slow…

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          Sorry I asked the wrong question. Hindsight should have asked whether the deal was posted. My bad.

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            @compound: Very classy humble return. Well done sir

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              @D6C1: Humans not killing each other and interacting with respect?!

              Y'all need to be celebrated 👏👏👏 rewarding and encouraging this behaviour will be the change we want to see in the world

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    They finally restocked the ultraboost! Thanks OP

  • This is only for the Ultraboost?

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      Store wide yo, snapped a senseboost go for $79.80 too

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    Ah, Melbourne

  • any other colours on offer beside black/white?

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      White. White black. Some white outer pink inner called Summer Ready.

      That's all the Ultraboosts. Got 2 senseboosts (grey/bright orange, black/purple holographic stripes). Can't remember the rest.

  • Triple black?

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    Don't know if other ultraboosts are like these, as they are horrible. Found the Sense boost and Energy Falcon far more comfortable.and the EF is half the price.

    • Weird right? The senseboost was so comfortable I thought I was double thinking myself cause everyone said Ultraboosts are the golden standard. Bought both in the end lol.

      Didn't notice the energy falcon! Will try next time.

      • The EF is a pretty basic / bulky/ ugly shoe. But they have cloud foam, a descent wearing sole, a bit wider than the others and were $37 + a few % cashback.

  • Will be greater saving when you stack discounted gift card, sometimes you can get it from gumtree

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    At Moorabbin today as well

  • Can you describe what a price feels like?

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      It doesn't feel like a crying wallet that's for sure 🤣

  • Bought my first ultraboost 20's on Friday for this price (Jindalee QLD DFO). Indeed my first ever Adidas shoes. I'll be returning them tomorrow. I feel that the shoe is way too high and feels uncomfortable on my ankles. I have seen similar comments from others but the vast majority seem to swear by ultraboosts. Not for me, I guess.

  • Do they have my size?

  • Any sales in Sydney? Heheh

  • Not many sizes left at Essendon DFO.

    Does anyone not like the UB20? I have a pair of UB3, I'll probably hold out for UB4.0 they look better and feel much more comfortable.

    • Yep, see above. I returned mine and got a pair of SL20 primeblue, for nearly half the price. For walking only.

  • Does anyone know when the sale ends?

  • Same thing in ADL harbour town Outlet. 40%off footwear store-wide.

  • Looks like it ended Yesterday. Called up and their current deal is buy 4 products and get up to 40% off or something less appealing. Who can I blame for me not seeing this sooner? :)

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