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Free Delivery @ Guzman y Gomez (GYG) via Menulog


Just thought everyone would appreciate some free delivery from GYG. I've used this offer in the past with no issues. No end date listed on their website so use ASAP if you want some GYG!

Get Guzman y Gomez delivered FREE to your door!
Tell your tastebuds their siesta is over with Guzman y Gomez FREE delivery!*

Guzman y Gomez are passionate about creating delicious Mexican food with real ingredients! Since opening its first store in Sydney's Newtown in 2006, Guzman y Gomez has been on a mission to reinvent fast food, and boy has it made strides.

At Guzman y Gomez we are all about using real, freshly prepared ingredients and authentic Mexican flavours. At GYG we pride ourselves on our clean menu — meaning there are no added preservatives, no artificial or added colours, and absolutely no unacceptable additives in our food. So you can enjoy our famous burritos and burrito bowls, or the best nachos this side of Mexico, knowing that you're only consuming the cleanest, best ingredients out there!

How good is that??!

*Limited time only. Free delivery automatically applied at checkout.

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  • "Free delivery" - but a $9.90 burrito in store, would cost you $14.90 delivered.
    Not exactly a bargain in my opinion…

    • Can't expect $9.90 for a burrito delivered. You pay for the convenience and time + $$ saved on fuel.

      • True - but I dislike the "Free delivery" marketing that GYG puts out.
        I'd much rather they charge me $5 for a delivery fee than to hide the cost in the food itself.

        Plus, if you got two burritos, that'll be $10 hidden fees.
        I'd much rather pay the "delivery fee".

        • Agreed. Ubereats does this also - They often have Dominos as free delivery but the pizzas are full price plus a "hidden" fee. So in effect, if you pickup with a coupon code directly you might pay $7.95 for a Traditional pizza, but it is >$15 on ubereats.

    • The 9.90 is a app special…

  • Not a bargain. They have price-jacked most of the menu to compensate for the "Free" Delivery.