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LEGO CNY 80106 $87.99, 80107 (OOS), 10943 $139, Bonus 40417 Ox + Shipping @ Toys R Us


All 3 LEGO CNY sets discounted + free Ox Set (gets automatically added to cart)

LEGO 80106 Story of Nian RRP $109.99, Now $87.99 (save $22)
LEGO 80107 Spring Lantern Festival RRP $159.99, Now $127.99 (save $32) Sold Out
LEGO 10943 DUPLO Happy Childhood Moments RRP $169.99, Now $139 (Save $30.99) Sold Out

I got all 3 and shipping was $15.99 or $17.95 Registered & Insured, cheaper shipping if you only get 1 or 2 sets.

I had additional CBA rewards Spend $80 get $10 back expiring today, makes it a little sweeter.

This is part of Lunar New Year Deals for 2021

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    the duplo is the weakest point here

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    Free express shipping for me if you add one item to your cart. Also lots of other sets on sale

    • Wow, thanks for pointing that out. I got that too. I had been thinking that shipping kills the deal.

    • No free shipping for me though even if i only have 1 item in cart. VIC here.

      • Try going through hobby warehouse instead.



        I got free shipping from hobby warehouse but not from Toysrus (they are like Dick Smith and Kogan).

        Some commbank offers also target hobby warehouse instead of toysrus (like mine did) :p

        • No luck with Hobbywarehouse too…. oh well…shipping just kills the deal for me :(

      • +1

        hrmmm, it was free shipping for me on these CNY sets (not duplo though) and others, but not the very large or very small sets. I'm in Sydney

        • Probably targeted suburbs get free shipping….

          • @Juicetin83: damn, i tried postcode 3000 and a couple of other 3xxx postcodes and it had free shipping on the spring latern set.

            • @Adz12: I couldn't get free shipping from Toys R Us or Hobby Warehouse….. :(

              • @nafe: hit and miss, all i know is it only worked with certain medium size sets and only when you had 1 item (plus the free ox) in your basket)

                • @Adz12: I tried a few friends' postcodes and couldn't get it to work. Oh well :(
                  I went and bought other sets from BigW instead lol

      • +4

        Can confirm free Express Shipping is only for the Spring Lantern set with the free Ox. Add any other items, shipping reverts back to standard. Exactly the same for Toys R Us.
        So if you want to buy both sets, I suggest ordering one at a time, getting free shipping for Spring Lantern, and pay $9.95 for Story of Nian. Rather than $14.95 for purchase of both sets at the same time. Hehe…

        • thanks.

        • i got free express for corner garage as well.

    • I get $5 express on the larger set alone and $17 on the medium one, must be location based entirely

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      Has it got mad cow disease or something?

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    thanks OP.

    adding this set to my cart as well LEGO 21321 Ideas International Space Station

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    just completed Story of Nian last night and Spring Lantern Festival two days ago. Both are very beautiful sets and unfortunately, I paid the RRP :(

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    Let's see how far we can go before the racist comments start coming in :(

    • Why do you assume Australian's are racist? I love the Chinese people.

      • +7

        Sadly, it's a trend on these CNY sets on OzB I've noticed. Posted a few CNY deals myself where they've come in.

        Thankfully they often get negged out of existance.

        • +7

          The way I see it is: Love the people, hate their government

          • +1

            @BigPeeper: What if you love the government and hate the people? Asking for a friend.

            • +1

              @Munki: What if the people love the government?

          • -1

            @BigPeeper: Well the Lego set has nothing to do with the government (nor will they see it), so all the negative comments are doing are hurting the people reading it.

            • @sama: Lol I hurt some racist glass hearts 😂

    • Is agreeing with the Hong Kong protesters against the CCP considered racist to you?

      • If you really want to know, I'm talking about the type of crap that got posted on this:

      • -2

        Is agreeing with Trump protestors raiding Washington DC and killing 5 people ok to you too?

        Because both were organised by the same people.

          • @sama: Actually the yanks have proverbially called the HK "protestors" as "Used condoms". They were great in causing unrest to China for sure.. but hey, they closed off all political asylum attempts by HK people to America. Ted Cruz made sure of that even though he flew into HK just to jeer up the riots.. lol

        • -1

          Is agreeing with Trump protestors raiding Washington DC and killing 5 people ok to you too?

          Looked it up and 4 of the 5 people who died were protestors, one fatally shot by capitol police:


          Ashli Babbitt, 35, a 14-year Air Force veteran from San Diego, was shot by a Capitol police officer (who has reportedly been put on leave)

          The 1 was a police officer (Brian Sicknick) who CNN have now admitted did not die from blunt force trauma:

          "According to one law enforcement official, medical examiners did not find signs that the officer sustained any blunt force trauma, so investigators believe that early reports that he was fatally struck by a fire extinguisher are not true."


          He died from a stroke he suffered several hours after the protest, and his family have asked not to politicize his death.

          Because both were organised by the same people.

          Both what were organised by who?

          • @Andard: err.. still 5 people dying regardless of whether it was rioters or police.That was ONE day's worth. Death toll of HK riots = zero for a whole year.

            Organised by same Trump's cronnies.

            • @bchliu: How did @sama instantly + your post? Are both the accounts yours?

              The same group that organised the Trump rally also organised the HK protests? Absolute laughable propaganda.

              • @Andard: Uhh… You can check my account. You can even report me to Ozbargain admins if you're paranoid. I'm just reading the thread as I'm researching.

                Btw, after Googling, I think he has a point.


                I found today very educational.

              • -1

                @Andard: Oooh.. Ran out of arguments and gone straight to "Ad hominem"? Can't argue the "Scoreboard" of 5 deaths in one day vs 0 deaths in over a year?

                Nope. Not the same person. But plenty of facts online to show the whole HK riots was funded by NED/CIA/Pompeo/Ted Cruz. They don't even hide that fact anymore and publish it on their official government sites to show they paid millions to fund it.

                Washington riots - getting heard now in the Senate. Most of it were started by Trump team including Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and even Pompeo. But hey, of course they don't bring that up right?

                • @bchliu:

                  Ran out of arguments and gone straight to "Ad hominem"?

                  The original argument was to do with the cause of the HK protestors - how is a death score relevant? Also a lot of HK protestors "disappeared" but that's another story.

                  0 deaths in over a year?

                  also this is not true.

                  Saying all the HK protestors were American puppets completely shits on their cause and their fight for freedom over CCP control. Wow look at those American puppets pulling down government facial recognition towers, they are totally brainwashed!

                  • @Andard: Lol.. Facial Recognition cameras are everywhere in America and even in CBD areas of Australia. Should we all riot and protest and pull everything down too? You got a Driver's Licence or Passport? well, you've been recognised in the system already.

                    HK Protestors "Disappeared"? like err.. evidence? Oh yeah, they have been "disappearing" recently trying to flee HK via Jetboat to Taiwan because they realised they broke the law and yeah, you have to go to jail for INSURRECTION. Just like Trump supporters at the Washington DC INSURRECTION have to go to jail too.

                    FACT: HK was 3rd or 4th on the "Freedom index" in the world. Australia is placed 5th or 6th (depending on year). America is placed 17th..

                    How is "Freedom" anything to do with it? HK (3rd in index) people getting told by the US (17th in index) they aren't free enough, so go riot? Isn't that just a tad pathetic?

    • Careful not to conflate anti-CCP gov sentiment with racism. So many amazing contributions Chinese people have made to the world. CCP isn't one of them.

    • There are surprisingly few off-topic comments on this post, probably because the title only used the abbreviation “CNY” instead of “Chinese New Year” which is certain to attract more attention.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, now I need to figure out how to explain to my wife 3 sets of Lego in 2 days…..

    • Say it's for the kids.

      Even if you don't have any, just say you're a kid at heart.

  • For value seekers I went 2 X $49 London + $7.95 postage ( probably retire this year ) and the Coles MC giving another 7.5% off :)

  • Thanks, bought those 2 CN Lego

  • +2

    21323 lego grand piano is also down to $429 from $529.99.

  • Good deals on variety of Lego’s. Bought 6 sets in 2 days. Wallet is empty and bankrupting soon

  • +2

    Nice one OP. I have to say that Lego has done a really great job with most of the CNY sets I've seen!

  • +2

    CBA Rewards $10 off $80 spend

    • +1

      Same for 28 degrees

      • Didn’t get any notification from 28deg regarding this.

        • Got a cashback email offers from them on the 21st of Jan.

    • Can you walk me through how you find this deal on CBA Rewards? Do i just use my credit card and purchase and the $10 comes through automatically?

      • I think it is only valid for credit MasterCard cards. If you have a valid card, you’ll get an email with the offers.
        If you have the App, you can check in ‘Products & Offers’ under Commbank Rewards. The offers will appear there. Just follow instructions to activate and read the conditions before use.

        • Is this specifically for the Toys R Us store? Just had a look and I see lots of offer on shoes clothes or food but nothing on toys.

          • @RudeNeigh: In my experience, CBA offers are mostly targeted. They also seem to only allow a certain number of activations because I've seen a few disappear early.

          • @RudeNeigh: I get ToyRUs and Hobby Warehouse as well.

  • I better get these in my red packet this yr

    • -2

      red packets are cash only

  • +1

    Why isn't it $88? That's a much better number.

    • +1

      so you dont get the free Ox

  • Corner Garage is cheap like $225 .
    Shame only 1 bonus ox PP or I could keep going for another 6-10 orders .

    • isnt one bonus ox per order not per person?

    • why not? you could even use different name and emails if you want to be extra sure.

  • +2
  • You can try incognito mode and see if you get $0 express shipping. Trying to break up my orders so can get more ox sets which should sell or $40 on ebay to bring down the cost of the set even more.

  • Thanks OP, I grabbed the Spring Later Festival with free express shipping + $10 cash back from Commonwealth rewards :)

  • Dunno what I’m going to do with a Duplo set but I’m going to get that.

  • Think last year's set of lion dances is better than this year's set though..

    • Not to mention that it was $10 cheaper.

    • +1

      Yeah that one was a pretty set and you could place the lions separately on your desk, monitor etc for decoration. Think I will get another set before it retires. I am surprised it is still available for purchase unlike the CNY dinner one.

      • Can you still get it? I havent seen it around other than during this time of the year.. I wouldn't mind a set myself (I gave a set as a gift to a friend / my kids Kung Fu Sifu).

        • +1

          It seems that the Lion Dance set is still available at the official Lego store. It hasn't been retired yet (unlike the Temple Fair set).

        • +1

          It‘s still available at Lego.com. Keep in mind they do charge a delivery fee around $12 and from what I heard on OzB, their order processing and shipping speed is horrid especially in this pandemic time. If you are close to a Lego shop, it is better for you to see if they have it in store and grab a set (or two) instead.

          I have just ordered a set after I looked at the pic when I was searching the link for you! Couldn’t resist!

        • +1

          Got shipping notification for the lion dance set from Lego.com. Processing speed is fast or maybe I just got lucky.

      • I think the CNY sets that came out after the Dinner set (and Dragon Dance set) are not limited to Asia Pacific region so they have much more stock. I think FOMO isn't as great with the newer CNY sets and have more time to wait for a discount.

        • I‘m not really feeling it for this year’s CNY sets honestly but I‘ve been collecting every CNY set so I still get them anyway just for the FOMO and the fact that they are on special.

          I had to google what Nian was about as it never holds any relevance to my knowledge of CNY.

          • @FrugalNotStingy: I’m not feeling it this year either. I did contemplate getting them but the spring lantern festival set went oos before I’ve made my decision, I just didn’t want to pay shipping knowing that down the track I probably have more opportunities to get these on discount. Knowing that the Chinese Zodiac has 12 animals, it will take 12 years to collect them all, providing Lego does put out sets every year.

            • @Siuto: I don’t think they did a Zodiac themed set last year or the year before apart from this year’s sets. Maybe they will do a tiger themed one next year and rabbit the next and so on after they run out of ideas. That would make it more than 12 years to collect if including the first two years without the zodiac ones.

              I don’t mind collecting them for 12 years if it’s one set yearly and it’s a nice one. Releasing a Duplo one seems a bit excessive to me, hope they would stop releasing another one next year.

              • +1

                @FrugalNotStingy: Actually, for the dragon dance set there was the pig minfig and for the lion dance set there was the rat minfig. This year they have the ox minifig of course. So in a sense, they are zodiac themed.

                • @Siuto: I have both sets but I haven‘t actually opened them or took a close look! You’re right.

  • Man!! Too late for the spring lantern! Again! I need to set up an alert

  • +2

    Since when this is called Spring Lantern Festival? It has been widely known as Chinese New Year in the last century.

    • +3

      The Lantern Festival is part of CNY - it is meant to be representative of the ways CNY is celebrated

    • +2

      It is celebrated on the 15th day of the first month of the Lunar calendar for the first full moon of the year. Also known as Chinese Valentine’s Day. After the 15th, it’s when the CNY celebrations officially ceased.