iPhone SE Battery Issues

My original iPhone SE is just about gone (82% battery, only charges on a certain angle) so it's time to upgrade to the 12.

Now I appreciate no-one has a crystal ball etc etc so I'm not asking you to predict the future, nor do I want to wait until the next iPhone comes out as my trusty SE won't last until then. I'm trying to anticipate as many responses ahead of time as possible :)

So my question, even though I know it is highly unlikely, is there any major event coming up in the near future which might see some discounts offered on the iPhone 12? I'm after 128GB so the Big W sale is no good to me and outside of perhaps getting a JB price match on Costco's price and using discounted gift cards, I can't think of another way to save a few bucks on this model.

So light up those flamethrowers and let me have it!!!!!


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    You're that guy.

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    Don't be that guy.

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    It's that guy….

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    Just buy a generation behind - I really do not know why people fork out so much for frankly unnessary powerful tech.

    I only just upgraded from a pixel 2 to a pixel 4 , lose the feeling of having the latest and greatest it's the silly man's game. Made sense 8 years ago when there was actual changes and improvements.

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      Like why do you need 3 cameras, you'll take a few nice photos at the beginning then forget about it - innovation is desperately needed in the mobile world

    • The screen on the 11 is terrible so I won't buy that. I was thinking 11 Pro but it's overkill and I can get a 12 for the same dollars. I'll keep this new phone for 5+ years again

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    Its been a couple of hours since last release, they should be due for another to keep the iSheep happy by 4pm today.

    • Great, I'll check in tomorrow and see what is available

  • Lucky for you, I do have a crystal ball. And its currently clear. Sorry.

    Maybe it's broken. Any chance you know about any deals on working crystal balls?

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    You don't need it, as you don't have enough reasons on why you should get a 12.

  • iphone 12 mini if you want a similar size to the SE. Great phone for me.

    • Yeah I almost went that way but my eyesight is getting worse so I'm going for a larger screen. Also concerned about battery life of mini

      • def go larger for the screen size then. battery life isnt an issue for me - i get 1 1/2 days easy. But if you are a heavy user then go bigger too

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    If you are happy with your current SE, I recently changed the battery on my 6s and it's been fine since. Not sure about the SE, but 6s was straight forward to change. Just purchased an $11 battery on ebay. Or you can pay someone to change it for u. Still ends up cheaper than buying a new phone.

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    If the phone only charges at a certain angle, it's possible the lightning cable has gone bad. This happened to me with a iPhone in the past and a cheap lightning cable that costed a few bucks on aliexpress fixed it.

    • I have the same issue with multiple Apple cables, and also non-Apple cables so pretty sure it's the connector on the phone. Not worth getting it looked at given the age of phone but appreciate your suggestion

      • Check to make sure the connection isn’t filled with lint or crap.

        • Fantastic advice. Removed some lint and easy to charge now. That of course doesn't help the 82% capacity battery :)

          • @hindo: Good to hear that it helped.

            Im using a 5s now and ueah the battery life is a tad poor but still ok.

            • @Kiro: But at $79 to replace the battery, it would be worth more than the phone itself!! :)

              • @hindo: For the older phone I would replace it myself.

  • I got 15% off https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/595845?page=1#comment-9906...

    First buy giftcards at 5-10% discount
    then buy when someone drops the price slightly and pricematch to the store your giftcards are from
    least thats what i did

  • With big stimulus handouts in the USA, there might be some light headline discounting but nothing big, as people will be flush with spending money.

  • Make sure you don't buy an overpriced iPhone 12

  • May change the connector. Not that complicated, just follow those online instruction videos. I’ve changed the battery and a few components by myself.

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