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RM Williams Comfort & Dynamic Flex Craftsman Boots $460 (RRP $595) + Shipping @ Everything Australian


A good sale for RM Williams that includes all the popular Comfort and Dynamic Flex Colours and sizes. Also, the female Adelaide boots in Rubber and Leather soles. RRP is $595. The downside is shipping is not included (calculated at checkout)

This is the lowest price you'll find for these core styles right now.

On Sale:

RM Williams Comfort Craftsman Chestnut - $460
RM Williams Comfort Craftsman Dark Tan - $460
RM Williams Comfort Craftsman Black - $460

RM Williams Dynamic Flex Chestnut - $460
RM Williams Dynamic Flex Black - $460

RM Williams Women's Adelaide Rubber Sole - Black - $465
RM Williams Women's Adelaide Leather Sole - Black - $450

zhenjie's RM Williams FAQs:

Q: Can I trust Every Australian
A: Yes, they've been an official RM William stockist for decades and have a warehouse located in Moorabbin, VIC. Their service and shipping are head and shoulders above Nungar (another popular retailer who sold RM Williams cheap year-round).

Q: What's the difference between the Dynamic Flex Craftsman vs the Classic and Comfort models?
A: The Dynamic flex has a combination leather/rubber sole and a very supportive removable insole. You can use orthotics in these boots if you have them. The Classic Craftsman has a leather outsole and insole. The Comfort Craftsman as a rubber outsole and fixed 'comfort' insole.

For me personally, the Dynamic Flex is the most supportive and comfortable Craftsman around.

Q: What colour should I get?
A: The Chestnut Yearling is the recommended colour for your first RM Williams Craftsman boot. It offers the best versatility in most people wardrobe; you can dress it up or down. Ultimately the choice will come down to your aesthetic.

Dark Tan is a nice brown for casual and some formal occasions. It will scruff and show off marks more easily than the darker Chestnut brown.

Q: What size am I?
A: RM Williams is in AU sizes, similar to UK Sizing. Usually 1 full size down from US sizing/Brannock sizing. It's best to get fitted instore if you can, as a whole cut Chelsea boot will bit differently to normal shoes and boots. It takes into a lot of variables like your instep, shape & width of the foot, etc.

The G width is standard, similar to a D width US shoe. The H width is wider, similar to a US size E/EE width.

Q: OMG, why would I pay this much money for boots when I can get $50 ones from Rivers
A: It's all about the long term investment. RM William boots are Goodyear welt constructed, allowing you to resole and recrafts the boots when required. The Dynamic Flex soles should last a few years of decent year, mine is 3 years and still going strong, due for a resole next year ($160, cheaper if you use 3rd party cobblers). There are many examples of people wearing RM Williams even after 50 years.

RM William boots also hold their value, unlike other brands. Second-hand pairs can sell for $150-$400 depending on their condition.

Q: Are RM Williams boots truly Australian?
A: Yes, the Craftsmen line is made in South Australia. The RM Williams brand has recently transferred back to Australian ownership, under Andrew 'Twiggy' Forrest's investment company.

Q: Older RM Williams were built better back in the good ole days!
A: Perhaps, but the current Craftsman boots still represent excellent value, quality and materials, especially at this price.

Q: What makes this such a good deal?
A: The lowest you previously got RM William's Craftsman Boots for is $445 + shipping from Nungar Trading Co. Nungar is known for their poor service and long wait times and have now lost their rights to sell RMs. The usual 'street price' for RM Williams boots online is $505 to $545 from most retailers now. RM William Factory Seconds retail for $450 at their outlets, and usually have defects/issues and a hole punched through them. The Colour, Size and width selection available make this a very good sale (the best I've seen in decades).

Q: Where can I find out more about RM Williams and good quality boots/shoes?
A: The RM Williams Appreciation Group(facebook.com)
Welted Shoes Australia(facebook.com) Group on Facebook
Reddit /goodyearwelt(reddit.com) for those going down the rabbit hole of quality footyear.

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    • +11 votes



    Can anyone else comment on getting 3 years out of the soles?

    I've had nice shoes (not RM's) a couple of times but had to replace the soles every 1.5 years (daily work wear). I decided to start buying new "shitty" shoes once a year.

    • +1 vote

      Depends on the sole itself, where you walk and how you walk (gait). Leather could wear out quicker, but high-end leather soles like JR Soles have very good longevity.

      RM Williams has average wear for their leather soles. If you walk in the wet, it can wear down very quickly. The rubber soles are really good and can last a few years for some.

    • +1 vote

      An easy 3 years for me, with wearing them to work 3/5 days/week.
      Plus a few overseas holidays, where I practically lived in them, in all sorts of underfoot conditions.

      (Note: rubber soles)


      leather can wear out quickly depending on regular terrain. rubber is the way to go.

    • +2 votes

      You probably would get three years out of the rubber Comfort soles, but I found mine lost a good amount of grip after about six months of probably twice weekly city wear. This is compared to an English shoe that uses a rubber Dainite sole, where I’ve got nearly five years’ wear. If I bought another pair of RMs, I’d get them resoled with Dainite come the time to change.


    Is it true Nungar have lost their rights to sell RMs - still showing up on their website? That's a shame as I've been eyeing a pair for a while. Pity the Tambo isn't on sale (have broad feet and been sized for them).


      Yep, one week before I was about to place an MTO Dynamic Flex craftsman.

      The fact he hasn't removed or posted a notice on his site reflects his bad customer service and promptness. I feel sorry for anyone placing an order now and not being able to get in touch with him.


        oh what ?! Nungar was the Go -To for Rm…


        Sorry to ask but what's your source for this?

        • +1 vote

          Steve at Nungar


          Based off ozbargain chatter?

          Go to for price. Only found out now the service was lacking.


        Oh damn, I was about to place an MTO order from there too - and they said they were still accepting orders a few months ago?


    What's the width of the listed sizes? H, G, F etc

    EDIT: Nvm had to pick a size first before picking those.


    What are returns like with these guys?

    I might be able to go into an RM store tomorrow but then I'd feel bad about deliberately just using them for sizing lol


      You sir are a shame to other ozbargainers


      The sale runs for another 4 days.

      90 day returns, but you're paying shipping both ways: https://everythingaustralian.com.au/returns

      RM Williams staff are very friendly I found, even write your size on a card/slip to take home.


    $445 + delivery at Nungar… Useful if you need size F and it's their normal price.



      Ignore my suggestion, posts above say Nungar is a no go now….


    "Leaves Warehouse in 3-4 Weeks (out of stock)" for nearly all H-width fitting…sigh