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CABLETIME USB to USB Type-C Flat Cable 1m US$1.09 (~A$1.42) Delivered @ Cabletime Official Store AliExpress


You can never have too many cables and this is a cheap one. It's a simple flat style USB-A to USB-C cable suitable for charging in the length of 1m.

AU$ based on current Mastercard rate, GST inclusive and stackable with cashback.

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    A present to future me thanks <3

    • You amateurs amuse me.

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    You can never have too many cables

    I have too many cables.

  • Thanks

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    What is this used for?

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      USB-D devices.

  • Good find, the micro USB version is the same price.

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    Shipped to me in a mere 30-50 days. By then I won't even remember I ordered it.

    • Last time I ordered it took about 3 weeks. Seems the shipping has improved.

    • Done that way too many times, by then you found in your drawer.

      Nice try alixpress

  • Cheers! just switched over to the S21 from having an iPhone for the last 10 years. Don't have enough USB C cables..yet!

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      Welcome to the real world

  • Would these be suitable for a wired Android Auto connection, I've heard AA can be quite fussy about the cables it supports?

    • A cable either passes through data or it doesn't.
      This one does, so will work.

      • You obviously don't own an Android Auto head unit but thanks for the reply, McFly.

        • I do. I don't use it much, but never had any problem.

          • @McFly: If you did own one you'd know about the cabling issues AA has. Again, thanks for the reply.