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Hisense 50S8 Series 8 50" 4K UHD Smart TV $695 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi & Harvey Norman


Looking for a 4K TV for my PS5, have been searching for a tv around 50-60” with price range around $600-800. Seems like this model is a pretty good one, and the review looks good. Although not as cheap as the previous deal (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/572078).

My plan B is the Ffalcon, Any suggestions?

Note that same price at Harvey Norman (https://www.harveynorman.com.au/hisense-50-inch-s8-4k-led-lc...)

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  • Motion is really bad on all Hisense TV's. Lag is decent though.

    • Had this TV, didn't like it.
      The motion, colour and OS were all deal breakers for me.
      Ended up with the TU8000 which I believe is a much better TV.

      • Yeah colour banding is poor on Hisense as well. OS is slowly improving each gen but I generally don't use them much on any TV. Like all brands these days, you need to get one of their top models to see a bigger difference. Otherwise these entry and mid range models aren't going to show you any sort of great picture. Along with having more defects and issues because of low quality control. Problem is these idiot manufacturers are putting all the best specs into 8K models leaving 4K with hand me down features

        • I was thinking of the Hisense 65Q8. Is the motion/colour issue a problem if you don't watch sport? What drew me to the Hisense is the great blacks and bright screen. What alternatives around the similar price or a bit less would be better proposition?

          • @placard: Motion is still an issue with all Hisense but a bit better on that TV. It's not just sport it's movies, TV, gaming. 2020 was an awful year for TV's. Far from upgrades it was more like downgrades. Hisense is easily the best price for quality but they do have issues. Maybe I'm more critical because of the TV's I have but you might not think it's that bad depending on how picky you are. Blacks are good but they have a smaller viewing angle than most, so off angle it looks worse (only in a dark room). The specs are great for the price but Hisense biggest problem is their processor, which handles motion, colour gradation and local dimming. If they can improve that then they'll be hitting with the big boys for half the price.

            • @Monstalova: I don't really want to pay top dollar for a TV, I just want the best value I can for a 65" TV for around $1700 budget (ie Hisense 65Q8 pricing). I was drawn to this model due to the good blacks and bright screen. It will be used casually on a PS5, PS4, but mainly for streaming. No sport watching.

              The current tv is a Vivo 42inch plasma, so I know anything will look amazing compared to that, but I'm wondering if the motion will be worse on the Hisense than the existing plasma due to it being plasma (ie dealt with motion better)??

              As I said, I just want a decent upgrade, not looking for the best of the best, but just a pretty good all rounder that will be a decent upgrade for what I've got.

              Thanks for your advice!

      • Did you exchange? What was the process like?

  • I got a 75 inch hisense tv a couple years ago. It's been good, but the media playback from USB is a bit hit or miss. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn't. I've played 80gb 4k movies just fine, yet it stutters on some 15gb movies. And with certain movie files, the remote stops working as soon as you start playing the video, so you can't interact at all.

  • Am I correct in that these hisense TVs are not android and that they don't have Kayo (and potential other apps) on their app store? TIA

    • Kayo will only be included in this year's Hisense TV's. You'll have to get a Android device otherwise. They do have Anycast but I've had so many issues with my Hisense, that's expected not to work :) Plus I only use it as a monitor! They do have pretty good support and warranty though. I wouldn't bother with their mid range and under TV's. Processing is awful and everything just feels cheap

    • Yes, Kayo and Disney+ are notably missing.

  • I've had a hi sense for about 4 years now. We use plex, YouTube and Netflix all the time. Occasionally use it to stream dlna.

    I'm pretty happy for the money. The only thing it's missing for me is Amazon prime video support.

    • Some of the new models have Amazon. I've bought 2 of the entry level ones and they have Amazon prime and Netflix buttons in the remote

  • Had a hisense for near on 2 years now. Can't complain. It starts up quick, although Netflix takes a bit to get started without running into network loading bugs. And it has trouble with my soundbar if we cast to the TV from our PC's.

  • These S8 are rubbish. Worst picture quality iv ever seen in person. Far worse than my ancient 55m7000uwg and much worse than the R6.