Does Any Shop Sell Physical eBay Gift Cards?

I want to buy a physical eBay gift card but couldn't find in any shops, tried Coles, Safeway, Myer and the Post Office.

Auspost do sell them on their website but I was hoping to get one for the coming weekend which won't get to me in time.

I know you can get a digital one also on eBay through the PayPal digital store but as a actual gift I want to gift it in a envelope along with a birthday card.

So it looks like physically, no stores sell them in Australia?

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    Pretty sure Coles have them. Might have to try another branch.

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    "Celebration Gift cards"

    These are stocked at Auspost, WW, Coles. They can be swapped for eBay gc's.

    Native eBay gift cards can be found at pretty much all the major supermarkets.

  • Try search harder in supermarkets!

    • I did, looked through the whole shelf near checkouts, had google play, itunes, prepaid visa etc.

      But anyway this is good encouragement, means they exist I'll have to check another shopping centre then


  • A friend got them end of last year from ww or coles.

  • Woolworths have them - I get them from Woolworths South Yarra

  • Coles , Australia post

  • Buy Coles Gift MasterCard instead, close to cash. 10% off if you can find stock.

    • yeah but last time I got one there was a 2 or 3 dollar activation fee

      • But Coles is having 10% off now which brings it down and with the activation fee included it is still less money than the value in the card!
        So free money

        • I will look into that, thanks

  • My local ww has a lot of ebay gc

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