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10% off Coles Mastercard Gift Cards ($5 or $7 Purchase Fee Applies) @ Coles


Not a bad deal - some free money. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

Limit of 5 gift cards per customer. 10% discount will be applied to the value of the card including the applicable purchase fee. While stocks last, no rainchecks. Offer valid from 10/02/21 to 16/02/21. Refer to individual gift card for terms and conditions. $5 purchase fee applies to $50 & $100 GCs. $7 purchase fee applies to $250 GCs.

As per the terms, the purchase fee is included in the discount making the final price even better:

  • Buy a $50 gift card for $49.50 - $0.50 profit - ($55 x 0.9 = $49.50)
  • Buy a $100 gift card for $94.50 - $5.50 profit - ($105 x 0.9 = $94.50)
  • Buy a $250 gift card for $231.30 - $18.70 profit - ($257 x 0.9 = $231.30)

And thanks to RichardL for the percentages:

  • Buy a $50 gift card for $49.50 - 1.00% discount
  • Buy a $100 gift card for $94.50 - 5.50% discount
  • Buy a $250 gift card for $231.30 - 7.48% discount

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  • +13

    Free money yes!

    • All right… who knows the place we can find $250 value card? I’ve never seen any since Jul 2018. I usually go to Sydney city, Zetland, Eastgardens, Rockdale in NSW but never find $250 value one.

      • There were plenty of $250 giftcards on display at my local Coles today. (WA)

        • Same here. In fact, they only had the $250 ones.

    • +3

      @n3ih8 Congrats on being quoted in 7news


      • Ops…

      • Well, that's unfortunate….

      • +6

        I'm not sure when this happened (probably always) but 7news feels like such a tabloid, so many of their articles are just quotes or tweets from social media..

  • +4

    am i missing something? purchase a $250 card for $225 plus $7 fee = $232?

    • +2

      ~7% savings on everything.

      • it seems to be too good to be true. I have some huge bills due in the next few weeks so just wondering how useable these cards are

        • +10

          Bills usually have a higher fee to use cards over bpay etc. But you'd still be out ahead.

          The game is something like, use money to buy these cards, then use these cards to buy gift cards from CR/SB, and you will then stack them, for example, for ebay.

          • +1

            @ATangk: Use Credit Card with Travel points to buy these cards…

        • +2

          it seems to be too good to be true

          Your comments made it into 7news…


    • +3

      10% discount will be applied to the value of the card including the applicable purchase fee.

      So you will pay $231.30 for $250 worth.

    • +14

      And then use that card to buy another card and then use that card to buy another card etc. and perpetual money machine.

        • +19

          It is a Master card, not a Coles gift card. You select "Card" on the payment page.

          • @theBestBastion: Thanks to TA of course, but also to WWW, J, and TBB, above who have helped to clarify.
            There are so many deals on OzB. any of us can forget/get confused - especially Le Peckerhead.
            I will test to see if my AMEX Plat $400 rebate works too. Although Alarm bells may go off at AMEX if I spend ~ $694 at Coles (3 X $250 cards)

        • +20

          What did did you just say about me? I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I've been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I'm the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my words. You think you can get away with saying that to me over the Internet? Think again. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm.

          • +16

            @watwatwat: @watwatwat: Haha Guerrilla not gorilla 🦍

          • +7

            @watwatwat: I can't believe people are correcting you on your spelling of gorilla XD

            is this their first time seeing navyseals.txt?

          • +1


            trained in gorilla warfare

            Sounds like monkey business to me …

      • +2

        And then use that card to buy another card and then use that card to buy another card etc. and perpetual money machine.

        I find it hard to believe that Coles didn't think of this scenario, and put in some controls.

    • -3

      loaded up on all the $250 cards I could find. Will go back in and buy and then be using to pay the rent for quite some time!

  • +2

    how do they limit per customer? we dont need flybuys account to get the discount

    • Per transaction?

  • +2

    buy a $50 gift card, save $5, but pay $5 in fees.


    • +1

      Lol for that much trouble

      • +10

        it's a way to use amex or point earning cards for bills etc

    • +24

      This are handy after being emptied to keep around for trials as they can’t charge you once the trial ends.

      • Interesting ta

        • +3

          Or one time use Zip virtual card for the same purpose. Or same thing via Revolut. Also useful for services that give discounts / bonuses to new customers and use credit cards as part of their process for identifying past customers.

          • +2

            @ely: I refuse to give a cent to Zip Pay or anyone like them.

            • +1

              @PainToad: Fair enough; if it makes it better, I don't give a cent to them either, just take advantage of their services and pay the bills so as to give them nothing. If you don't like them, that's an even better option than not using them!

              What are the "like them" criteria? Not sure whether Revolut is still a viable option for you or not.

      • Can we use these on onlyfans? asking for a friend.

  • +16

    I wish Z1p would bring back their 10% off Saturdays. So much easier than having to do gift card shenanigans.


    • +1

      there wont be anything left on Saturday.

    • Pretty much $10 now!

    • that was shit anyway, had to buy a massive amount of stuff to get anything back and then they just deleted all of it if you didn’t

      • I had a bunch of stuff I had to get. Plus banked some amazon credit and Prezzee cards for future use. Used it on my dentist bill too. $30 back, not bad.

      • It was easy. And great.

    • it was like $10.30 today?

    • I wish they'd bring back their 3% on all purchases! :-( It's the main reason I signed up in the first place.

  • +2

    Best ensure you can use these for what you want..

    Limitations on the use of your Gift Card
    You must not attempt to use your Gift Card to
    make direct debit or recurring or regular instalment
    payments. If you attempt to use your Gift Card in this
    way, we may suspend or cancel your Gift Card and
    you’ll forfeit any remaining value on your Gift Card.

    Would have thought that would be one of the prime reasons.

    • +2

      Just use the GC for all your everyday spending while direct debits go to your normal debt/credit cards.

      The one thing that makes me wary of this offer is the issuer can cancel your GC and confiscate the money. I mean, WTF! That's theft.

      • +1

        AFCA wouldn't have a bar of it.

    • Still usable. Just leave a few cents on your cards for when you sign up to a deal that is free in the first month and you don't want it to roll over.

  • When you buy things on the gift card does it charge transaction fees? Can you use it to pay for overseas sellers?

    • +1

      No fees for Australian sellers unless they charge any fees for mastercard(as this one is not a gift card but a mastercard)

      3% fee for foreign transactions if my memory works well lol

      • many shops charge a transaction fee for use of Mastercard, so yes there will be.
        Aldi for example.

    • do ebay process locally or overseas? it's hard to guess nowadays. you might get screwed with a 3% foreign transaction fee

  • +1

    I'm on my bike I have a few thousand's in rates to pay and don't mind saving just over 7% on the bill :)

    • Likewise

  • Anyone know if they accept Amex for purchasing these?

    • Why worry nothing going to be there !
      I lied maybe a $50 lol .

      • +5

        My Amex has the spend $400 and get $400 back deal right now at coles so yeah even better :)

        • Wow, new card offer?

          • @Maxxjet: Nope third time they have run that deal this year on selected amex cards

        • Which Amex card do you have, if you don’t mind me asking?

    • +1

      They do.

  • +4

    I buy these cards regularly but looks like this deal will clean out stock, so may be difficult to find stock in the coming months.

    Also, you do get flybuy points, so $250 card is worth another $1.25

    • +2

      Hope you don't mind me asking why you would buy these cards all the time, given there is the activation fee?

      • +1

        I guess if you work in an industry where you can get paid by customers cash in hand you can buy these cards for online purchases without having to put the money through your bank account.

        • So it's just for dodgy 'cash in hand' people

    • That's the OzB spirit.

      You might as well use your Citi Diners for 500 points which gets you 500 flybuys for $2.50 AND another 250 flybuys points for $1.25

    • +3

      But remember to pick a flybuys card you don’t use for groceries. Giftcards don’t count towards your spend for bonuses but the defiantly will jack the spend $$ amount up.

      • +1

        or don't scan one

        • +1

          They're replying to a comment about earning flybuys points. You can't get them if you don't scan ;)

  • Buy mastercard Gift card, then by more gift cards with that gift card…?

    • -2

      Can't buy gift cards with gift cards.

      • +3

        Normally yes, but these are mastercard, so its not like a normal gift card

        Edit, I didn't down vote you

        • but many staff still just treated it the same and don't let you.

          • @samehada: Buy it at the self checkout :). Buy egift cards.

            • @ATangk: still need staff approval and some are just a PITA just trying to act smart.

          • +3

            @samehada: They really shouldn't do that but you can just not tell them that you are using a prepaid mastercard, if they ask just say its your bank card, they can't stop you from using your bank card.

            It is put through the system exactly the same as a bank debit/credit card

            • @freoleo: Some staffs are just being nosy and instead of looking out for shop lifting they are overjealously annoyed everytime seeing someone buying GC. You just can't argue with them because they won't listen and they think they are the smartest ;)

              • +8

                @samehada: Yeah but you are paying with a mastercard so there is no prompt that will not allow it, just tell them its your Coles debit card and they won't stop you, all us staff know about coles mastercards because we have to hear the stupid jingle on coles radio all day

                • +3

                  @freoleo: you probably didn't experience enough, some shit staff keeps staring at what card I use to pay and keeps insisting on Coles MC Prepaid Gift card is gift card and don't let you pay.

                  You just can't win arguing with them. I can tell you the amount of stupid staffs and including their manager I have encountered are many not just one or 2 but in many different Coles.

                  Same shit thing with Woolworths staff during the Only1 GC promo back then.

            • @freoleo: I tell them my gift cards are redeemed from my velocity frequent flyer points…they then allow them to be used to buy other gift cards no problems (but has to be through an operated checkout, self checkout no longer allows it).

  • I used them all the time. I would say 90% of the time it works so pretty good to have, the problem is that you cannot use tap and pay and carrying too much “cash” on the wallet

    • +1

      It's also a PITA to track the balance if you use it for smaller items

      • -1

        Yeah logging into a website is really hard.

        • +1

          then you should try only1, you need to solve a damn IQ Captcha question to login. It is the most annoying Captcha ever.

      • +2

        I use this Android app called "Gift Card Balance" to track their balances.

        It's a really good app.

        • Could you link to the app? The app for the top result was terrible.

          • @baskinghobo: there is always risk for handing over login credential to a 3rd party.

  • Are these activated instantly?

  • +1

    kind of 'too good to be true' that you save almost $20 by getting $250 Mastercard credit?

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