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10% off Coles Mastercard Gift Cards ($5 or $7 Purchase Fee Applies) @ Coles


Not a bad deal - some free money. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

Limit of 5 gift cards per customer. 10% discount will be applied to the value of the card including the applicable purchase fee. While stocks last, no rainchecks. Offer valid from 10/02/21 to 16/02/21. Refer to individual gift card for terms and conditions. $5 purchase fee applies to $50 & $100 GCs. $7 purchase fee applies to $250 GCs.

As per the terms, the purchase fee is included in the discount making the final price even better:

  • Buy a $50 gift card for $49.50 - $0.50 profit - ($55 x 0.9 = $49.50)
  • Buy a $100 gift card for $94.50 - $5.50 profit - ($105 x 0.9 = $94.50)
  • Buy a $250 gift card for $231.30 - $18.70 profit - ($257 x 0.9 = $231.30)

And thanks to RichardL for the percentages:

  • Buy a $50 gift card for $49.50 - 1.00% discount
  • Buy a $100 gift card for $94.50 - 5.50% discount
  • Buy a $250 gift card for $231.30 - 7.48% discount

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      • The second self checkout machine had no problems processing 5 cards in one transaction.

        There was a difference in the messages on screen between the two machines. The locked up machine asked about buying the cards for scammers with a Yes/No option. The second machine just had a warning about scammers with an Okay button. It looks like there are different versions of software loaded on various self checkout machines.

        • I did one transaction at an operator assisted checkout (the old way), she needed a manager to allow the 5th card, not sure if it was because the transaction hit over $1K.

          The later transaction I did was in self check out, they had to authorize the cards, but I didn't see anything special for over $1K transaction.

    • +2

      Similar issue here at the SCOs.

      The fifth card triggered the scammer alert (>$1000). I think the supervisor entered the password again after pressing Yes but then left as she was busy. At this point neither of the Yes/No buttons would do anything!

      I was sent to the register at the Service Desk where all five $250 cards went through just fine.

  • Bought several $250 in Wodonga today, not all the stores had them - the one in the plaza did, and there's still plenty there.

    Didn't have any issues. :)

  • Only the bonus points for DJ cards advertised in store and also not printed in the catalogue- how did OP find this offer?

    Managed to get 5x $250, big boost to help meet my Qantas AMEX spend!

    • +1

      Still being advertised on the digital catalogue - last page (page 48)

      • You're right, odd that it's on the digital catalogue but not the physical copies.

        • Yes, but they are not distributing physical copies these days in the mailbox — you can see physical copies at the shops though and it is true that there is an online only /magic/ page.

  • Could not find any 250 at Rose Bay, both bondi junctions and edgecliff

  • Are these things swipe only?

    • -1


    • If it's swipe only, it cannot be used for online shopping?

      • No it can

      • Oh, I thought the person was wondering whether it supported chip or contactless.

        It has a CVV on the back of the card, so you can use it for (most) online transactions.

        • +1

          Yeah that is what i was wondering actually, physical use when going to restaurants and watnot.

          • @Dowhatuwant: you must swipe it and use the pin when using it in a store.

  • For those still looking out for one, definitely give them a call first. Saves you from taking trips to multiple stores.

    I went to one in a less populated area where I thought things like this wouldn't be too well known. -But all the cards were gone.

    I thought "if it was sold out in that coles, then the coles in more populated areas would probably be sold out too", but I gave them a call just in case and they actually had tonnes in stock. Bought 5. Thanks OP.

    • On Tuesday, I was told the cards cannot be reserved for tomorrow (Wednesday). If I call them now and they told me there are in stock, how can it be sure that the cards will be there when I drop by?

  • +1

    This is one of the most frustrating deals ever. Really want to change my vote to a Neg.

    Tried 5 stores in Greater Sydney. None have any $100 or $250. Pyrmont only has the $50 ones.

    In the Parramatta store, there were none on the shelves even on Tuesday evening. Either hidden by other customers, or by staff.

    Coles should either make more stock available or not make the deal as generous.

    • -1

      Try calling them first. Really easy if you own a smartphone +a plan with unlimited calls.

      Just open maps and search coles, then tap on the call icon. Ask the staff if they have the $250 Coles Mastercard gift cards available. Swipe to the next one if they don't have any. Save your petrol.

      • -1

        actually call someone and speak to them over the phone?? That's crazy talk man! Millenials don't communicate by voice!

      • No wonder the staff are always so busy because people call up for things like this

        • -1

          Not sure if you are trolling me or just a drunk negger, but I wouldn't have needed to make that 1 call to the 1 other Coles, if the Coles I visited 1st had them in stock in the first place.

          • @Outsider: I'm just surprised that people do actually call up to check on stock, not referring to gift cards in particular. To me, if the item is there when I'm shopping, I buy it. If not, next time. Don't even bother with rain checks.

            • @kyle: I got used to giving shops a call for low quantity items ever since China virus. If I'm heading out and risking myself and the people I meet after that, I at least want the item to be there. +Petrol.
              If the gift card was stocked normally like I expected when I visited my first Coles, I wouldn't have called either.
              Each to their own I guess.

              • @Outsider:

                Crowdmapping availability of Coles MasterCard

                Setting up a crowdsourced mapping using ushahdi

                Please click https://excelcius.ushahidi.io/views/map (Is ushahidi.io safe?) for availability of MasterCard $250 and $150 cards.

                Also if you're at the store please add in your contribution.

                This is a Work in Progress.

                Need some reviewers as well. Please PM me if you want to help.

  • +5

    Thanks OP.

    Just got back from Coles, didn’t even bother with gift card section. Just went straight to frozen section and found 5 $250 cards stashed next to the magnum ice creams.

    Bought all 5!

    Don’t even care about the discount but enjoyed the treasure hunt!

    • Lol, have you taken photo before you take it? So this is not a joke afterall!

      • No I didn’t think to doing that 😂

      • I personally would have hidden the cards next to the condoms. They're better than the cards themselves. It's the gift that keeps on giving if you neglect to use it.

        • Are you implying the people hiding gift cards never get any action?

    • Cool story.

    • In an alternate universe, you hide the cards. Now you get them in this reality. :)

  • Hi guys anyone tried cash withdrawal at ATM?

    • No but I tried sending via PayPal and it fails.

      • beem maybe?

        • nope doesn't work with Beem

  • Hi May I ask, does this promo applicable to Coles Express? Do I get the discount is I get it form Coles express?

    • A friend works at Coles Express and said there is no discount offer.

      • Thanks.. Lol.. Don't get the logic..

      • Is this really true? The 2 Coles Expresses I went to both had their $250 cards sold out, would be very suprised (and very hilarious) if they weren't part of the promo

        • +1

          they may not even have $250 in the first place.

  • Tried to buy some and they are coming up as item not found. Perhaps this has been ozbargained.

    • same thing happened to me when trying to buy last 3 cards on the shelf at a store today

  • cannot use them to pay my rego for a year as they only accept 1 full payment. luckily there were only 3 left at Beldon WA, I’m now using for fuel, private health internet and water bill, get some credit refunded through those accounts,it says in t&cs you cannot use them for direct debit or they will block the card and you lose all balance.

    • +2

      ha ha was that you that came in at 8.01..

      • yeah they opened your entrance first…
        also FYI I never asked for the lady to keep them behind the counter, although she did say there were heaps and heaps referring to the visa ones.

    • You can still use them to pay rego at Australia Post. Just some Australia Post will try and force you to buy products instead of paying bills. They saying it's Australia Post company policy.
      You can use multiple payment methods to pay one bill at Australia Post. Just you need to make sure the multiple payment methods in the end equal the rego value in a single transaction.

      • nah I went to post office, they would only accept 1 payment

        • Thanks for heads up, I was planning to do the same with my rego, wonder if Aus Post in VIC will accept split payment…

          • +1

            @Craze: For VIC rego you can pay it with split payment at post office but if you have a Pensioner Concession card you can only get the discounted rate at VicRoads. For other normal concession card or full payment you can pay at post office, their is surcharge for credit card payment surcharge 0.54%.

            If you go to VicRoads to pay they can only let you do maximum 3 cards payment then remaining balance have to be in cash.

        • just incompetent staff didn't know how to use their system. You can split payment at Auspost for your bill but only if that bill accept credit card payment method. Some billers at Auspost only accept EFTPOS payment (Saving option) only.

          • @samehada: Either incompetent or just lazy. Went to one this morning and was refused outright when requested to pay via 4 split payments, said could do 2 but not more than that. Didn't want to make a scene so decided to leave. Went to an LPO closer to home and got it done no problem (although some customers were looking at me with suspicion paying with 4 different gift cards.

    • Mate, can you please clarify what do you mean by direct debit?
      Can we use these cards to pay for rego or rates notice ? Ta

      • I was able to pay council rates with 10 cards today at Australia Post. I went there before buying the cards and asked them if I can pay with multiple cards. They said no problems.

    • You can pay rego at Services NSW and get them to split payment. The fee for MC will trip them up though.

      • I save the $500s from Zip Dec 10% cashback for these events.

        My Rego, CTP are both under $500. Pretty sure that there is no way to split pay CTP.

        • CTP would depend on your insurer, as in if they have a method to split payment on their end. (I know NRMA doesn't)

  • Bought 5 and wife bought 3. All went to WW gift cards. Had to buy $260 worth to use $249.60. Losing 40c per card. Bugger!!!

    • well you can use those 40c at self checkout

      • Maybe I should give them to the missus… let her buy herself a lil something nice? I’d be in the good books, right?

        • +2

          let her buy herself a lil something nice? I’d be in the good books, right?

          40c x 8 = $3.20

          Not even enough for a happy meal =\

    • Coles will hate you that you bought their gift card and shop at WW

      • The data analytics would be great to be part of eh!

    • +1

      where did you get discounted WW gift cards? I tried with Suncorp App but failed, also deducted with verification fee of $2.50 lol

    • 4% on WW cards? That must be one of the best rates still going lol

    • I'm pretty sure you could just buy exact value, no?
      If it redirects you to woolworths giftcard portal, you can buy 260.42 (less 4% = $250)

      • Yeah the portal through unionshopper. Wouldn’t let me go into cents… had to keep the whole dollar hence the 40c. Better than suncorp tho. I used Suncorp for a few jbhifi ones that I could get the exact figure taken… minus the verification cash. Will be a pain using them up. Hahaha

  • I'm taking $100's if any stores have them as $250's are history .

  • +1

    Plenty of $50/$100s and maybe 15-20 $250s in Cowra just now. Perks of living in the country 🤣

  • FYI for those buying >5 cards
    I am not sure if Coles track credit card details, but my card got declined when I tried to buy another 5 cards the same day using the same card
    It worked though, when I used a different card
    Anyone with a similar experience?

    Is it 5 cards per customer per day? I wonder if my first card will work tomorrow

    • I don't think Coles are that clever. My bank stops the transaction if I try to do two transactions the same amount at the same store in one day.

    • did you use savings or credit? daily savings limit is typically is around $2k, credit (debit card) should only be limited by your available balance.

    • Very odd. Used a credit card with $16000 limit and daily limit of $5000. Definitely under the daily limit. I will call the bank and suss it out. Thankfully I had another card, otherwise I would have lost 5x$250's!

    • I bought 7 with the same card and never had any trouble.

      The second store I went to wouldn't let me buy more than 4 in one transaction, but the next store I bought a couple more no issues.

  • +1

    No I went first thing in the morning to buy 5 and then returned later for another 5, used the same card both times.

  • Got the last 2 $250 this arvo and deducting $10 flybuys dollar from my account. Even better savings. Should transact one by one.

    • +2

      deducting $10 flybuys dollar from my account.

      Hmm how did you manage that? I guess your flybuys has Coles financial services on it?

      • There is a payment option of flybuys dollars

  • Paid using my Coles credit card because my HSBC visa card returned a purchase limit error even though I inserted it. Does anyone know if I will get flybuys for buying gift cards using a Coles credit card?

    • +1

      With HSBC 2% cashback, you can only buy a $100 each time and the attendant will be fed up with approval.

      Also make sure you use digital wallet, not physical card. Some Coles reroutes trxns to EFTPOS, which invalidates 2% cashback.

      • Some Coles reroutes trxns to EFTPOS, which invalidates 2% cashback

        Really? Have you confirmed this by yourself? Coles and many shop now can use Least-cost routing for debit card transaction, I will use the Google Pay next time.

    • If you scanned your FlyBuys card, and paid with a Coles credit card, you could potentially earn 3x points if your card is a 2 points per dollar one.

      I bought 5 $250 cards for $1156.5. 1156 x 3 = 3468 FlyBuys points = an additional $17.34 "discount"…

      • The cashier said no flybuys points on these cards so I didn't scan it… Can you get points???

        • +2

          I have always earned FlyBuys points on the dollar spend, both through FlyBuys and the Coles credit card. If you are put through to the payment screen, cancel payment, scan your card, then complete the transaction.

        • +4

          You'll get pts, but the less times you scan flybuys, the better offers you'll receive. Scanning flybuys for these points will potentially reduce good offers in future. Having multiple cards is the way to go.

  • +1

    Stock update:

    Westfield Marion SA: Zero $250 and $100 cards. Three $50.

    Noarlunga SA: 17 $250s, whole rack of $100 and $50.

  • +2

    What's really strange about this offer is there's no sign anywhere near the cards about the discount. I've been to two Coles stores today and you wouldn't know the special was on. Is this some sort of social media advertising test?

    • It happens all the time. Ads can be missed out at any stores. Giftcard sale is always not major event.

    • +1

      It’s on page 48 of the digital catalogue on Coles’ website.

      Neither of the two stores I visited this morning were advertising it (and only one store was advertising the David Jones gift card promotion).

  • +1

    Can confirm you can pay for these in self checkout with physical Coles gift cards. Potential for stacking!

    • With eGift card as well, confirmed

      • I didn't have enough balance on the eGift card to even try this time. I did get Binge cards at Woolies, but they wouldn't accept payment with their eGift cards.

    • Yeah I been using my 10% off Zip purchases of Coles card to buy these $100 cards. Stacks to about 15% and no longer locked into Coles.

  • for those who managed to snag $250 cards, you can add them to paypal and send $250 (minus fees ~$7) to your friends/family who can then send this back to you. Unfortunately this will absorb roughly half of the profits though

    • Can you add multiple $250 cards to your PayPal account, and if so do the amounts stack? Wanting to buy an air conditioner, but trying to figure out a way to do so if the retailer doesn't allow split payments.

      • +1

        Only use one card plus balance on Paypal.

  • Do people think I could buy and load an Australia Post Everyday Mastercard, with these cards? It costs 7.95 to initially purchase but I have to pay for rego and if they only take one source of payment they could be a good option.