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10% off Coles Mastercard Gift Cards ($5 or $7 Purchase Fee Applies) @ Coles


Not a bad deal - some free money. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

Limit of 5 gift cards per customer. 10% discount will be applied to the value of the card including the applicable purchase fee. While stocks last, no rainchecks. Offer valid from 10/02/21 to 16/02/21. Refer to individual gift card for terms and conditions. $5 purchase fee applies to $50 & $100 GCs. $7 purchase fee applies to $250 GCs.

As per the terms, the purchase fee is included in the discount making the final price even better:

  • Buy a $50 gift card for $49.50 - $0.50 profit - ($55 x 0.9 = $49.50)
  • Buy a $100 gift card for $94.50 - $5.50 profit - ($105 x 0.9 = $94.50)
  • Buy a $250 gift card for $231.30 - $18.70 profit - ($257 x 0.9 = $231.30)

And thanks to RichardL for the percentages:

  • Buy a $50 gift card for $49.50 - 1.00% discount
  • Buy a $100 gift card for $94.50 - 5.50% discount
  • Buy a $250 gift card for $231.30 - 7.48% discount

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    • I found 2 x $250 tucked in with the $100 purple colour packaging. Who knew they were also purple? I feel very lucky :) Power & gas bills paid :)

  • It's not very hard nowadays to have two product barcodes, on the gift card packaging, both let's you buy the card, but one will change the security code to the last 3 digits of the recipient number. So depending on the purchaser peace of mind, they can opt for more security.

  • Coles Express sells these too (if you dare to do something).

    • Tried getting one at a Coles express today but no discount was applied so I left it

  • Remember the Chubby Ladies toilet paper war footage . I reckon if any $100's or $250's are there at the opening there could be a sequel :)

  • Was in the local Coles this arvo - they had at least 30 of the $250 cards in stock.

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      You probably should start hiding them in the freezer.

      • +2

        geez, that was cold…

      • +3

        Why the negged? It was meant to be a joke, chill out guys…

      • lol you should do stand up :)

  • +2

    People don’t take jokes really well on here coz they all on edge about them. I’ll upvote ya for ‘chill’ sense of humour

  • What about using these discounted cards to buy other gift cards through Suncorp App? e.g woolworths/coles/amazon GC etc
    Would this be legal?

    • I think it is waste of time for this deal. There is purchase limit too, $200? Only if you can find the stock and just buy more.

      FYI, three Coles I have been to only have $50s or none left. Buying $50s is waste of time IMO, too.

      • I think this deal is meant for the staff haha.

        • +1

          They probably hiding them in the freezer… (pls don't neg me!)

      • The best deal would be $250 version, apart from that, is just waste of time.

        • I have seen $250s instore before, but never bought them. I think some people are buying them even without discount. I always buy $100s when 2k pts offer occurs.

          • @Neoika: Why would anyone want to buy these without discount. MIght as well use personal card.

            • @jspan: Gifting?

            • @jspan: because buying with a discounted egift card more than cancels out the fee.

    • +1

      Would this be legal?

      You've paid for the gift MasterCard & legally own it, and if Suncorp accepts it as payment, then there's no question of it not being legal.

      I used it in this way, a few months ago. The only drawback is that Suncorp will put in a charge of a couple of dollars to verify the card. Until this charge is removed, which can take a few weeks, then you won't be able to use the full $50/$100/$250 to buy another gift card.

      • Thanks for this info. It was not a while ago and just tried and made it acceptable.

      • There are terms and conditions that do limit it's use, no gambling for one; still most ordinary service providers accept it as just another form of payment and I've had no trouble using them anywhere.

    • +1

      I misread your post in the 1st time. Suncorp can not verify this card. In other words, you can not add it. It must be an ID verified debit/credit card.

      It could be added to Shopback before (for giftcard portal), but not any more.

      • +1

        Suncorp takes it after verification now. It was not a while ago.

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    Deal available at Coles Express?

    • They stock them but they're not on special.

  • +1

    Just tried at a Coles Express, it is still scanning with the normal price :(

    • -1

      Just grab some undercovered and activate them @ Coles.

  • Just got 2*$100 from Coles Eastgardens. The staff was putting the 10% off banner on when I got there. Only $50 cards left on the shelf but not many. Asked the counter, only have $100 value (a few, no $250 value staff said). Ended up paid $189. Good deal still. Don’t forget to scan your flybuys and AmEx card offer.

    • The $250 was just stocked at Coles Eastgarden. I have bought some :)

  • "No shipment in yet" at Coles Norwest

    Will retry at 7am with different stores 😂

    • +1

      Surprisingly, shipment arrived, only in $100. Early birds did not catch the worms.

  • +1

    No stock of any denomination at Clemton Park, NSW. Spoke to store supervisor who said "We're not getting any stock at all. We're not putting the banners up."

    • just went there and can confirm the same

      Earlwood NSW has none, and they have no idea if they're even getting any …

      wtf Coles ?????????

  • -1

    why don’t we buy them and then use them to buy the very same gift cards with discount again? loop of discount

    • Giftcard-ception?!

      Amazing idea if you can find stock (and the stock is still there by the time you walk back in the shop)

      • The annoying thing is you'd have a whole bunch of cards with left over balance.

        • this is not the first, and also not the best inception deal up to now. This probably can rank 2nd.

    • No split pay. Need too many times approvals.

      • So it could work if you just buy one card of the same value?

  • You guys early alright !

  • No $250 in St Mary's

    Plenty of $100

  • Melbourne Elizabeth St still has plenty.

  • Only 100s and 50s left at Broadway NSW.

    • One ad up but no stock at all at Leichhardt NSW.

  • Check the checkouts as well, just got two haha

  • No stock at all in my local store NSW, no banners up either. There were 3 suspiciously empty racks on the gift card with none of the Mastercard ones to be found anywhere. Asked staff, they "had a look" and couldn't find any either.

  • Only $50 cards at Mona Vale NSW. Couldn't be bothered getting them.

  • jump in your car and get to fringe suburbs, heaps :)

  • +1

    Top Ryde has none available

    West Ryde none available as well

    Edit: Macquarie centre gone too


    • +1

      As someone who would have tried those same stores, I appreciate this post.

    • there were $50, $100, $250 when i was there at 8:30am in mq centre

  • +1

    Snagged 5x $250 at unley Coles. About 7 left. Lots of $50’s. No $100s on the stand

    • You probably live in an honest area. Here all $250 are hidden away!
      There were some $100 left though.

      • Spoke to the guy on checkout, he basically said they normally get cleared out. So anticipating it wont last for long

  • tipped by a friend that Goonellabah NSW has heaps, not driving down from Gold Coast though lol

  • No $250 ones left, literally the first shopper in Coles.
    I do some shopping get at the checkout, magically a lady shows 6x $250 cards.
    I asked her where she got those "oh over there at the water bottles!"
    So there were none at 7am, but she arrives and there are 6. I check it out again, no $250 ones, of course.

    The cashier even told her to split in 2 transactions, otherwise it wouldn't work.

    • the cashier should of told her maximum of 5 per customer……..

    • -1

      That was me :) I was third in store and waited for the manager to finish taking photos of the display before getting the cards. I got 5 cards, as per their limit. The cashier said she had to split the transaction, not sure if that was necessary.

      • So at 7am there were none of $250.
        And in between 7:00 and 7:10 (when I checked out) they had exactly put 5 there?
        Because I was curious about the $250, but at the water bottles only $50 were there.

        • #waterbottlegate

  • +1

    hope this is not another TCN episode, but at least this is from Coles so they cannot just keep on telling us to refer to 3rd party which is also themselves in case of any issues

  • +1

    There are couple in Dernancourt Coles, plenty of 50s, 100s and 250s, though did a fair bit of drive around this morning. Snagged 4x, so fair go for others.

  • what are the best ways to utilise these cards for extra savings?

    • +1

      Paying government related bills that don't earn frequent flyer points, like council rates.

      • did that lol, can we get discounted Woolies or Coles gift cards by any chance? or top up Amazon account etc?

        • or top up Amazon account etc?

          Why not?

          Buy Amazon eGift directly with this gift card

          Redeem Amazon eGift against your own account?

          • @cwongtech: I am thinking about it, gotta collect more $250 cards first, then get Amazon eGift and wait for next sales lol

    • +18

      Not trying to stereotype

      Yet attempts to guess nationalities for no reason

  • +1

    Around 20 x $250 remaining at Coles Queens Plaza Brisbane :)

    • That’s only enough for 4 ozbargainers. Lol

      I didn’t get any at Willowdale NSW :(

      • $100s or $250s?

  • +1

    got me 5 x $250 in Croydon North, Vic ! at 6.59 am. was plenty left at that time.

  • +7

    I was at Coles Balaclava, Vic, around 8:00 AM. No banner and I looked at the display, only $50 ones. Then I thought to look all the way through and found a stack of $250 ones at the end. If it had been me I'd have spaced them out …

    Anyway, I bought five and then had the idea of coming back to try the gift card -> gift card cycle with the remaining three. Unfortunately there was only one checkout person so I decided against it. I came back to the display and there was someone sadly looking through the cards for any high denomination ones that might be left. I made his day by giving him the three I had decided not to buy. He was rapt! So if you're reading this, you know who to thank. :-)

  • +1

    look all the way through and found a stack of $250 ones at the end

    Same at one of my locations and I thank them for 8 :)

    Always ask the service desk at locations with none on the shelves is my best advice .

  • None in stock at forest hill vic. But didn’t ask at service desk

  • +6

    Coles Manor Lakes 0 cards at store opening
    Staff said sold out but I was the 1st person to enter at store opening today

    So still guessing who bought them possibly the hollow man or Invisible Man

    • +6

      Definitely an inside job .

    • Same with Werribee. Cards were already not on shelf since yesterday.

      • Not all the shop has this gift card anyway. $250 is new card and not all the shops have it.

        • It's more an inside job or the GC hidden away, than not given stock. Asked the question and am told sold out.

          Poor distribution. Would be better to sell OTC so it's first in best dressed.

  • None at Coles St Leonards in Sydney. Coles have put a table out near the cashiers advertising both the Coles MC and DJ deals. The table is full of DJ cards placed in such a way that no MC cards were ever put on it. Asked a few staff members where the MC cards were but all claimed no knowledge of the offer.

    Interestingly the Coles specials brochure at this store does not have the MC offer in it! However the DJs offer is on page 29.

    • Its in the Coles Online Catalogue .

  • Does anyone know if I can pay bills at Australia Post with multiple Coles Master Cards. My Council rates are due in a month and wondering if I can use this offer to save some money. Thanks.

    • Any bill that allows split payments can be paid using multiple cards at Australia Post but be prepared to be treated with suspicion by the cashier who might think you are doing something dodgy.

      Better to pay your council rates online with these Mastercards.

      • Thanks. Can I use multiple cards when paying online?

        • depends on which council, mine allows

  • Coles Brighton Le Sands - only $50 cards on the shelf

  • +2

    about 6 $250/- left at Lynbrook Vic coles

  • can you use these cards to load up your bet365 account. then withdraw the funds?

    nevermind, T&C's state cannot be used for gambling :(

  • Only $50s at Coles Kew and Glenferrie.

  • +1

    I call shenanigans! Been to 3 stores today. Loads of $50 gift cards. I scored 2 x $100 gift cards and saved $11 (not too bad, but not worth the effort). I'm skeptical they have $250 cards at all. Stores didn't even have empty space where they would have been.